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Biz mcq for newbies

  1. 1. 1. The term Economics means a. Policy Making b. Science of Wealth c. Estate Approximation d. Management of Household 2. Wright Brothers owned the company WCC which manufactured a. Cars b. Cycles c. Carburetor d. Chassis 3. 4Ps of Marketing are _________, Price, Promotion, Place a. Product b. Payment c. Point d. Prestige 4. Jeff Johnson and Steve Prefontaine were the first to be associated with which brand? a. Nike b. Adidas c. Puma d. Reebok 5. Who is the president on 1$ US note? a. Thomas Jefferson b. George Washington c. Abraham Lincoln d. Benjamin Franklin 6. Sameer Gehlaut, IIT D graduate, is the founder and chairman of which firm? a. India Bulls b. Tally Academy c. NIIT d. Redbus 7. “Business as unusual” is the autobiography of which business lady? a. Anita Roddick b. Indira Nooyi c. Oprah Winfrey d. Liliane Bettencourt 8. The retail outlets for what are known as “Scoop Shops”? a. Baskin & Robin b. KFC c. Subway d. Ben & Jerry’s 9. Old Monk brand of rum is produced by a. Mohan Meakin Brewery
  2. 2. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. b. United Breweries c. DeVans Modern Breweries d. Iceberg Breweries Which brand means destiny in Latin? a. Lotto b. Nokia c. Rovio d. Volvo Name of which brand in Indonesian translates to “Salt Warehouse”? a. Samsung b. Gudang Garam c. Jhandu d. Kaayam Churna “You press the button, we do the rest” adline for? a. Kodak b. Xerox c. Havell’s d. Xbox NOIDA stands for ‘New _______ Industrial Development Authority’. a. Okhla b. Organic c. Operational d. Ordinance This term was first coined by Sir Walter Scott in his famous novel 'Ivanhoe'. a. Freelancer b. Tycoon c. Software d. Magnate With which watch making company would you associate Calvin Klein jewellery? a. Rado b. Swatch c. Rolex d. Tissot Which hotel occupies the first 37 floors of Burj Khalifa? a. Hilton b. Armani c. Taj d. Holiday Inn Whose quote, “Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Bijli and Bandwidth”? a. Devang Mehta b. Sanjay Gandhi c. Azim Premji
  3. 3. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. d. N R Narayanmurthy Complete the quote by Ted Turner, “Early to bed, early to rise – work like hell and _______” a. Compromise b. Prioritize c. Advertise d. Motorize Which Ludhiana based company owns the brand Monte Carlo? a. Oswal b. Arvind Mills c. Vimal d. Mohan Clothings Which brand gets its name from the Japanese god of mercy? a. Mitsubishi b. Toshiba c. Canon d. Fuji "Tel Bhavan" is the corporate headquarter of which Indian PSU in Dehradun? a. Oil India Limited (OIL) b. IOCL c. ONGC d. BPCL Which cleaning product first appeared in 1904 as an off shoot of monkey brand soap and has the meaning “Force”? a. Ariel b. Vim c. Punch d. Harpic The smallest of this species is Ispidina lecontei, the largest is Megaceryle maxima. Which brand? a. Mozilla b. Kingfisher c. Penguin d. Thunderbird What was created by Alexey Pajitnov that has sold more than 40 million copies, but did not benefit him monetarily? a. Rubik’s Cube b. Tetris c. Hot Wheels d. Snake With the Basmati rice brand ‘Season’s Harvest’, which company entered Indian markets? a. Cadbury b. Pepsi
  4. 4. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. c. Britannia d. P&G Which brand’s slogan is “Life is a journey”? a. VIP b. American Tourister c. Samsonite d. Safari Which brand name was suggested by Dhirajben Ruparel, in a contest held for the purpose, with prize money of Rs. 5? a. Lizzat Papad b. Kurkure c. Kachhi Ghani d. Amul Dairy Dada and Co. were the first distributors of Hindustan Lever Limited in India. Which brand was named after them? a. Dabur b. Dalda c. Dhara d. Dandi Salt Which is the most traded spice, in terms of monetary value, in the world? The “International _______ Exchange” is located in Kochi. a. Pepper b. Saffron c. Turmeric d. Garlic “Statistics are like ______. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital” is a quote by Aaron Levenstein. Fill in the blank. a. Bikini b. Bra c. Miniskirt d. G-strings 31. USP stands for a. Unique Selling Point b. Unique Selling Proposition c. Unique Selling Price d. Unique Selling Prospect 32. Namesake of Vodafone is a. Voltage, Data & Frequency Phone b. Voltage, Dabble & Frequency Phone c. Voice, Data & Frequency Phone d. Voice, Data & Phone 33. Colonel Harland Sanders' autobiography is titled
  5. 5. a. b. c. d. Finger Lickin’ Good I’m Lovin’ It The Red Coke Eat Fresh 34. Transformers toyline, consisting of heroic Autobots & evil Decepticons, is manufactured by a. Mattel b. Lego c. Hasbro d. Disney 35. At the request of Mohd Ali Jinnah, which person started building ship ports/shipping industry? a. Ghanshyam Das Birla b. Jamsetji Tata c. Nizam Mir Osman Ali d. Walchand Hirachand 36. Virginia House is the headquarter of which company? a. ITC b. BBC c. Virgin Group d. Virgin Mobile 37. BRICS nations are a. Brazil, Russia, India, China and Spain 38. 39. 40. 41. b. Brazil, Russia, India, Canada and Spain c. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa d. Brazil, Russia, India, Canada and South Africa What term was given by Lou Montalli in 1994 of Netscape communications which is also a food item? a. Spam (Mail) b. Bacon c. Cookies d. Candy The book From Bankruptcy to Billions by Sudhir Kumar & Shagun Mehrotra is the story of the turnaround of which organization? a. LIC b. Indian Railways c. BCCI d. Satyam Which multiplex chain has in house food and beverage counter called Refuel? a. PVR b. Inox c. Eyelex d. Adlabs Which company was founded in 1938 by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-_____ and Soren Kristian ___________?
  6. 6. a. Larsen & Toubro b. Procter & Gamble c. Baskin & Robin d. Johnson & Johnson 42. Finish the advertising slogan “Don’t just book it, _______ ____ it!”? a. First Look b. Always Hook c. Thomas Cook d. Out Look 43. Dilip Kalra founded which successful Indian travel company? a. Clear Trip b. Trip Engineers c. Trip Planner d. Make My Trip 44. As per GOI the per capita income in india crossed an important figure in 2010-11. What is the figure ? a. Rs. 25000 p.a. b. Rs. 50000 p.a. c. Rs. 75000 p.a. d. Rs. 100000 p.a. 45. “We don’t build services to make money. We make money to build better services.” Whose Quote? a. Warren Buffet b. Bill Gates c. Mark Zuckerberg d. Steve Jobs 46. Under what name has Amazon started a online shopping service in India ? a. Junglee b. Bazee c. Flyte d. Myntra 47. Name the Indian city that has been declared as the first smoke free tourist city in India. a. Chandigadh b. Varanasi
  7. 7. c. Ernakulam d. Ooty 48. What is the signifiance of the number 24902 in Richard Branson book Capitalism 249O2 ? a. Circumference of Earth at Equator b. Initial Investment(in British pounds) by him in Virgin Group c. IPO (in thousand British pounds) of Virgin Group d. The approximate Year 24902 A.D. when all the countries will be capitalists 49. For TV commercial of which brand had Dhanush sung and written a jingle for Sachin Tendulkar ? a. Pepsi b. Boost c. Toshiba d. Aviva 50. Which insurance co appeared to be opportunistic when it showed Yuvraj Singh talking about his health often in the TVC ? a. Birla Sun Life b. PNB Metlife c. Bajaj Allianz d. ING Vysya 51. From whom is Marico acquiring the personal products brands of Paras pharma to whom they had sold earlier? a. HUL b. Reckitt Benckiser c. Johnson & Johnson d. Ranbaxy 52. A specific color features prominently in this company because of owner’s color blindness? a. Pepsi – Blue b. Coca Cola – Red c. Yellow – McDonald d. Blue – Facebook 53. Which country is launching space vehicles to clean up space junk ?
  8. 8. a. France b. Switzerland c. Germany d. USA 54. Kellogg’s had put in a 2.7 billion $ bid last year to acquire which snack brand ? a. Pringles b. Lays c. Cadbury 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. d. Uncle Chips Which Microsoft hardware product, launched in 2000, was created by Seamus Blackley and Kevin Bachus? a. Mouse b. Keyboard c. Xbox d. Webcam Which R&D organisation started Projects Garuda, Setu, Veda, Vyasa, Vidwan, Vidur? a. C-DAC b. C-DOT c. NIC d. DRDO The Codex Leicester (also briefly known as Codex Hammer) is a collection of largely scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci. Who purchased it in 1994 for 30.8 Million $ making it the costliest book ever? a. Bill Gates b. Mark Zuckerberg c. Barack Obama d. Larry Ellison Which computer industry billionaire owns Valley Crest Companies, America’s largest landscaping firm? a. Miachel Dell b. Larry Ellison c. Bill Gates d. Steve Wozniak Which company started as Haloid Corporation? a. Xerox b. HP c. Nokia d. Motorola This Company is credited with introducing the concept of ‘Friday Dressing’ almost two decades back in India. a. Monte Carlo b. Cotton County c. Lee Cooper
  9. 9. d. Allen Solly 61. This Company’s name was coined from two Kanji characters meaning “sun” and “rise”. Identify the company ? a. Toshiba b. Hitachi c. Mitsubishi d. Canon 62. Poppin’ Fresh is the mascot of a. Pillsbury b. Michelin c. Yahoo d. Parle 63. In Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom this product is named Lynx due to conflicts regarding the trademark. a. Axe b. Matrix c. Oryx d. Phoenix 64. Which brand gets its name from the Latin word "I-Roll"? a. Volvo b. Mazda c. Suzuki d. Honda 65. Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer who are the grandsons of the early _______ partner Pierre Wertheimer. Which famous fashion house do they own? a. Chanel b. Armani c. D & G d. L’oreal 66. Who is the main owner of private investment company Millhouse LLC? a. Carlos Helu b. Roman Abrahimovic c. Akon d. Oprah Winfrey 67. In Indian economic scenario what was introduced by the Indian government on April 1, 1957? a. 1st 5-year Plan b. Decimal Coinage System c. Public Distribution System d. Railway Budget separate from Union Budget 68. Charles Dow and Edward Jones are credited with foundation of what? a. Forbes Magazine b. Fortune 500 list c. Wall Street Journal d. CNBC news channel 69. Which bank sells Laddoo (prasadam) at Tirupati Balaji Temple? a. Bank of India b. Bank of Baroda
  10. 10. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. c. State Bank of Mysore d. Andhra Bank Name the legend who first coined the word Privatisation in his book "The age of discontinuity". a. Peter Drucker b. Leo Burnette c. Ram Charan d. David Ogilvy What is the term for “sale of a product or brand in one country market generating demand in another country”? a. Spillover b. Crossover c. Copycat d. Cross Demand Which international soap brand was marketed as having a purity of 99.44%? a. Nivea b. Lux c. Dove d. Pears What's the term used for adding nonessential features to make a product more appealing than it is? a. Bells & Whistles b. Rings & Crings c. Helter Skelter d. Hodge Podge Which online Business was named after a word from the book Gullivers Travels? a. Quora b. Orkut c. Reddit d. Yahoo Which company’s ticker symbol on the NYSE is “C”? a. Coca Cola b. Citi Bank c. Chevrolet d. Chanel The Great Depression is attributed to the sudden devastating collapse of US stock market prices on October 29, 1929. This day is known as _________ __________? a. Black Tuesday b. Bloody Monday c. Black Friday d. Bloody Monday Who is known as the “Orcale of Omaha”? a. Warren Buffet
  11. 11. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. b. Larry Ellison c. Peter Drucker d. Barack Obama This bank HQ has two towers which have a very crafty name- Debit & Credit. Which one? a. Royal Bank of Scotland b. Citi Bank c. Deutsche Bank d. HSBC Security paper Mill is the manufacturer of the Paper for the Indian currency notes. Where is it located? a. Bhopal b. Hoshangabad c. Noida d. Mysore Which is the only country having paper currency and have no coins and it introduced cheque only in 1997? a. Saudi Arabia b. Vietnam c. Zimbabwe d. Bhutan Parent company of Standard & Poors? a. CRISIL b. McGraw Hills c. Moody’s d. Time Warner If Up is “Bulls” and Down is “Bears”, then what is the term for no significant movement? a. Elephant b. Chicken c. Rhino d. None of the above SEBI stands for a. Securities Exchange Board of India b. Safe, Entrusted Bond Institute c. Securities Entrusting Bond of India d. Securities Exchange Bond of India Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement was started by which of the following organization? a. Adbusters b. Ninety Nine Percent c. Socialist Party d. Liberatos Larry Hillbloom, Adrian Dalsey and Robert Lynn founded this company in 1969. a. Western Union
  12. 12. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. b. FedEx c. DHL d. DTDC The history of this company can be traced back to the 1940s when the founder began his career in retailing at J.C. Penney. Michael Terry Duke is the current CEO of this company. Which one? a. Dollar Store b. Walmart c. Spencers d. Carrefour This company routes package deliveries so that drivers will never turn left. Name the Company. a. DHL b. FedEx c. UPS d. Amazon STAR in STAR TV stands for a. Satellite TV Asia Region b. Satellite TV Asian Registry c. Satellite TV Afro-Asia Region d. Satellite TV Afro-Asian Registry Andersen Consulting is now known as a. Aricent b. Accenture c. Android d. Delloite The business tycoon behind the show ‘The Apprentice’ which used to be telecasted on Star World is a. Donald Trump b. Carlos Helu c. J P Morgan d. J C Penny In BSA cycles, what does BSA stands for? a. Birmingham Small Arms b. Birmingham Small Artillery c. Birmingham Special Arms d. Birmingham Special Artillery Which company owns the Blackberry range of clothing? a. Arvind Mills b. Mohan Clothings c. Oswal Clothings d. Siyarams Connaught Plaza Restaurant & Heart Castle Restaurant led to the entry of which MNC in India? a. McDonalds
  13. 13. b. Pizza Hut c. Subway d. KFC 94. HQ of Tata Group is a. Tata House b. Bombay House c. Tata Bhawan d. Tata Mains 95. Bush House is the HQ of which company? a. BBC b. ITC c. British East India Company d. Unilever 96. Complan & Nycil are product of which company? a. Cadbury b. Unilever c. Reckitt Beckinser d. Heinz 97. New Port, Excaliber, Flying Machine etc are brands from a. Arvind Mills b. Oswal c. Mohan Clothings d. Vimal Clothings 98. “Quality in Everything We Do” is the slogan of which company? a. Ernst & Young b. Standard & Poor’s c. General Electric d. FedEx 99. Which aero major was set up on July 15, 1916 as Pacific Aero Products Company? a. Dassault b. Boeing c. Airbus d. MiG 100. Who is the owner of Telmex and America Movil? a. Carlos Slim Helu b. Liliane Bettencourt c. Muhthar Kent d. Bill Clinton 101. ‘Corporated Incorporated’ and ‘Limited Unlimited’ were rejected. What was accepted? a. Microsoft b. Apple c. Google
  14. 14. d. Yahoo 102. Which online matrimonial site was started by J. Murugavel who himself found his wife over the internet? a. b. c. d. 103. Eureka Forbes is from which of the following? a. Tata Group b. Reliance c. RP Goenka Group d. Aditya Birla Group 104. Which institution was set up by Sardar Dayal Sing Majithia on May 19, 1894 with an emblem of three mountain peaks? a. Punjab National Bank b. Delhi University c. Press Trust of India d. Indian Hockey Federation 105. Mini, a car company, is a subsidiary of which company? a. Ferrari b. BMW c. Jaguar d. General Motors 106. Raging Bull is a symbol of which brand? a. RedBull b. Lamborghini c. UPS d. Deccan Chronicle 107. Who founded mega online retailing company Amazon? a. Jeff Bezos b. Sabeer Bhatia c. Pierre Omidiyar d. Larry Ellison 108. Which organization has trademarked the term ‘ECOMAGINATION’? a. General Electric b. British Petroleum c. Samsung d. IBM 109. ‘Simply Clever’ is Ad associated with which auto maker? a. Mazda b. Skoda c. Alfa Romeo
  15. 15. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. d. Mercedes NYSE ticker for Pepsi is a. PBG b. PEP c. PGB d. PPSI ‘Oriflame’ – the beauty and cosmetics company belongs to which country? a. Sweden b. Denmark c. Switzerland d. Canada Boroline is owned by which pharma group? a. Paras Pharam b. G.D. Pharma c. Seth Brothers d. Himalaya Which car gives you ‘Fun on the Run’? a. Etios b. Swift c. Alto d. Dezire KFC and Pizza Hut are owned by which company? a. Yum! Brands b. Taco Bells c. Coca Cola d. Heinz ‘Sugar Free’ is a product from a. Cadila Healthcare b. Ranbaxy c. Hindustan Unilever d. ITC Who authored the book – ‘It Happened in India’? a. Azim Premji b. Kishore Biyani c. Nandan Nilkeni d. Pranab Mukherji ‘Imagining India’ is a book by a. APJ Abdul Kalam b. Pranab Mukherji c. Nandan Nilkeni d. NR Narayanmurthy In NDTV, ND stands for
  16. 16. a. b. c. d. New Delhi New Digital Neo Digital National Democratic 119. ‘Micra’ car is launched by which company? a. Nissan b. Ferrari c. Jaguar d. Lamborghini 120. Accenture is headquartered in which country? a. USA b. Australia c. India d. Ireland 121. ‘Halo Shampoo’ is the product of which company? a. HUL b. ITC c. Colgate Palmolive d. P & G 122. Name the British company that manufactured the rifles with greased cartridges that led to the revolt of 1857. a. BSA b. Enfield c. Winchesters d. Bofors 123. ‘The Gray Old Lady of the 43rd Street’ is a. Wall Street Journal b. The New York Times c. The Guardian d. The Telegraph 124. Started in 1911 as Upton Machine Co and later renamed to Nineteen Hundred Co. How do we know it today? a. Whirlpool b. Sony c. Samsung d. LG 125. Whitecare Tower is the HQ of which company? a. AT&T b. Ericsson c. Motorola d. NTT Docomo 126. ‘Tata Tea’ is renamed to
  17. 17. a. b. c. d. Tata Global Beverages Tata Starbucks Beverages Tata Hot Beverages Tata Tea & Coffee Ltd 127. The famous book ‘End of Economic Man’ is written by a. Ram Charan b. Sam Walton c. J P Morgan d. Peter Drucker 128. World’s oldest airline still in business ? a. KLM Dutch Airlines b. NorthWest Airlines c. British Airways d. Qantas Airlines 129. It is known as “Little Water” and is made from potatoes in its country of origin. a. Vodka b. Champagne c. Rum d. Tequila 130. Charlie Chaplin alongwith Mary Pickford, DW Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks founded a. MGM b. United Artists c. Lionsgate d. NBC 131. The only state in India to have 3 stock exchanges is a. Maharashtra b. Gujarat c. Karnataka d. Tamilnadu 132. Danjaq is the holding company responsible for the copyright and trademarks to the characters, elements, and other material related to whom on screen? a. Jason Bourne b. James Bond c. Transformers d. Harry Potter 133. Which coffee brand recently introduced premium coffees sourced from Kilimanjaro, Brazil and Colombia? a. Nescafe b. Bru c. Starbucks d. CCD 134. Quest, Honour and Old Harmony are whose special edition brands?
  18. 18. a. b. c. d. Johnny Walker Kingfisher Old Monk Godfather 135. Which company’s corporate responsibility mission is “Commitment to Playing Responsibly”? a. Lego b. Mattel c. Hot Wheels d. Hasbro 136. Which global brand is known for its ‘TLD’ proposition that is being used for nearly 100 years? a. Cadbury Bournville b. Toblerone Chocolates c. Oreo Cookies d. Heinz Ketchup 137. If ‘Think Hatke’ is Virgin Mobiles, which is ‘Think Different’? a. IBM b. Apple c. Volkswagen Beetle d. Oracle 138. What word was contributed to the English language by the Seventeen magazine that was first published in the US in 1944? a. Freelancer b. Software c. Teenager d. Hacking 139. Which brand’s logo gets its colours from the flag of Bavaria, a state in Germany? a. Boeing b. BMW c. Volkswagen d. L’oreal 140. Which of the following company was started by JRD Tata on the advise of J L Nehru? a. Tata Airlines b. Tata Salt c. Lakme d. Voltas 141. Every week analysts of this firm offer stock tips at a gathering called “The trading huddle”. Some traders who make bets with the firm’s own money also attend it. Name the firm. a. Mu Sigma b. S&P c. CRISIL
  19. 19. d. Goldman Sachs 142. The employees of which company have the phrase “Student of Lickonomics” on their uniforms? a. Domino’s Pizza b. Pizza Hut c. Subway d. KFC 143. Which company had launched a soap brand by the name ‘Ganga’ that failed to take off in the market? a. Wipro b. Godrej c. ITC d. Tata 144. Which company’s tagline is “Be What’s Next”? a. Google b. Yahoo c. Microsoft d. IBM 145. Which brand hosts parties at night clubs around the world as part of its global marketing campaign to promote its casual range by dubbing the events as ‘After Hours Athletes’? a. Nike b. Adidas c. Puma d. Reebok 146. Which multinational launched an ayurvedic digestive candy brand called Chatpat Churanet in the late 1980s that failed? a. Unilever b. Heinz c. P&G d. Colgate Palmolive 147. Which company wants you to ‘Think out of the Bun’? a. Taco Bells b. Pizza Hut c. Coca Cola d. Tropicana 148. If ‘Big Mac Index’ is to McDonald, then ‘Tall Latte Index’ is to? a. Starbucks b. KFC c. Coca Cola d. Pizza Hut 149. Which brand is named after the daughter of Muzaffar Shah, the king of Firdaus in the book ‘Gulzar e- Nasin’?
  20. 20. a. b. c. d. 150. a. b. c. d. 151. a. b. c. d. 152. a. b. c. d. Rooh Afza .. .. .. Band Aid has three types of variants in India – regular, wash proof and _____. Ginger Turmeric Plaster of Paris Saffron Sachin & Binny Bansal started this company in 2007. Redbus Myntra Infibeam Flipkart Prometric- a US based company is famous in India for Manfacturing Electronic Voting Machine Conducting IPL auctions Conducting CAT exams Timekeeper of Indian GP Formula1 races