Android app for paper industry professional contacts


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Need different professional contacts for paper industry at one place? In your mobile? This presentation suggests an idea to develop such an app.

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Android app for paper industry professional contacts

  1. 1. Android AppAndroid App forfor Paper IndustryPaper Industry Professional ContactsProfessional Contacts Concept: D K Singhal
  2. 2. ContactsContacts We need various contacts time to time, for our specific requirements. The contacts required may be from paper mills, chemical suppliers, machinerymills, chemical suppliers, machinery manufacturers, paper dealers, etc. To fulfill the requirement of paper professionals, some trade associations regularly publish directories.
  3. 3. SearchSearch Often, when you need some contact, you need to search for the trade directory itself. Alternatively, we search on internet to get the contact details of relevantget the contact details of relevant company/company representative. Yet, saving all the industry contacts in your phonebook is not a good idea. You cannot afford to make your phonebook too heavy.
  4. 4. ProposalProposal Obviously, nobody wants to flood phonebook with a lot of contacts, but when you need a contact you also don’t want to waste time in searching thewant to waste time in searching the directory. I suggest development of a mobile app for meeting this purpose. With the proposed app, one can get relevant details very quickly.
  5. 5. App StructureApp Structure The app structure is a branched one.At the home screen you see app heading (App developer may like to have some other name)- “Paper Industry Professional Extensive Database (PIPED)”
  6. 6. Index ScreenIndex Screen On clicking the home screen, user gets a view of index, in the format of several buttons, namely- Paper Mills Paper Mills Chemical Suppliers MachineryPaper Mills Chemical Suppliers Machinery Manufacturers Consultants Dealers Individuals Machinery Suppliers Consultants Dealers Individuals BACK
  7. 7. Inside SectionInside Section In each section, the user gets the list of organization/company/individual arranged alphabetically. When you click a company, you get a listWhen you click a company, you get a list as under- ◦ About Us ◦ Contact Details (Address, website, logo etc.) ◦ Representatives
  8. 8. RepresentativesRepresentatives In this section, you get a representative list sorted by name. In the list, the name appears in bold, while designation is in smaller font.designation is in smaller font. Clicking the representative list takes you to the representative screen.
  9. 9. IndividualIndividual An individual appears in the same way as a representative in a company. However, in place of designation (as in company representative), individual maycompany representative), individual may give his nickname, or some other indicative word/phrase e.g.“papermaker”. Clicking individual’s name directs to his screen page.
  10. 10. Individual Screen PageIndividual Screen Page This page contains a small (2-5kB) image of individual (optional), a description within 50 words, his email id, mobile no., and option to save his contact details inand option to save his contact details in phonebook. In premium version, the user can directly dial the individual by clicking on the button, similarly, emails can be sent, or the contact may be saved in phonebook.
  11. 11. PrivacyPrivacy We should respect users privacy. So, only the contacts which are openly available over the internet or in freely available directories will be loaded in this app.directories will be loaded in this app. This app shall be updated every 3-6 months.
  12. 12. FeeFee This app could be provided to industry professionals either free or at a nominal charge from Google Playstore etc. Alternatively, developer may considerAlternatively, developer may consider user listing on a payment basis (say Rs.100 or so per individual/company). If desired, first few contacts may be free, and afterwards, addition of new members is chargeable.
  13. 13. DeveloperDeveloper The app can be developed by any good app developer. If developer finds this app good for his business, similar apps on other industrybusiness, similar apps on other industry segments can be launched. Steel, healthcare, cement, textile, chemicals, universities… there could be many segments who might need similar app.
  14. 14. Think…..Think….. If such an app is readily available, would you not like to install in your smartphone?
  15. 15. If you feel such an app would be useful, please do forward this presentation to any mobile app developer you know. Regards, D K Singhal
  16. 16. About the Author: Born in 1968, D K Singhal is B.E., M.E. (Pulp & Paper, 1993) from Deptt. of Paper Technology, University of Roorkee (now IIT, Roorkee). He is a Certified Energy Auditor and Chartered Engineer also. With nearly 7 dozen publications, he has emphasized on development of low cost technologies and management practices for quality and profitability improvement. With publications on, and, he has been constantly contributing to IPPTA (Indian Pulp & PaperTechnical Association). He is also serving IPPTA as a member of Editorial Board.Board. An initiative by D K Singhal, a cyber campaign initiated against unjustified targeting of paper industry by “Idea” mobile, in their “Sirjee” advertisement campaign, after which this advertisement was taken off air. He also moderated aYahoo group,“PaperTechnology” with nearly 360 members from India and abroad to discuss problems related to pulp & paper making for five years. He can be contacted at