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Comparison of issue tracking in major SCM tools


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We recently discussed with one of our customers about their customer, who wanted to get rid of Atlassian JIRA. The underlying reason for this was a simple one: JIRA is just too complex for their needs. Naturally our discussion with the customer revolved around JIRA alternatives, which could provide the team with a flexible issue tracking tool.

We ended up comparing a bunch of different software configuration management tools and especially their issue tracking features. For this particular customer, possibility to set the issue's priority and state according to your own workflow was a must-have, which is pretty evident in the following comparison.

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Comparison of issue tracking in major SCM tools

  1. 1. Comparison of Issue Tracking in Major SCM Tools
  2. 2. GitHub
  3. 3. • Create issues without assigning to a milestone • Repository-bound issue management • Cannot set any priorities or modify states • Shortcuts for proper Markdown commands • Unclear support for attachments
  4. 4. Conclusion GitHub's issue management has similarities with other SCM tools. Simplicity is a plus, as is the possibility to set due dates for milestones. Lack of prioritizing may cause issues for project managers.
  5. 5. Gitlab
  6. 6. • Repository-bound issue management • Choose between "open" or "closed" states • Priority set on a scale of 1-9 • Filterable by multiple factors • Allows bulk milestone, status or assignee edits
  7. 7. Conclusion GitLab's issue management has nice features, looks good, and lets you use emojis and choose the color for your labels. Communicating within issues is also possible.
  8. 8. Bitbucket
  9. 9. • Not active by default • Issues states limited to open or resolved • Limited labelling and priority levels • Basic filtering via advanced search • Lacks many basic issue management features
  10. 10. Conclusion BitBucket's issue management lacks many basic features you might expect from an issue management tool. It's possible Atlassian would prefer users adopt JIRA instead.
  11. 11. • Project based issue management • Issues categorized under milestones • Custom priorities, states, and labels • Filter by custom priorities, states, and labels • Visualize issues in a task board (Kanban board) or list view
  12. 12. Conclusion Deveo's issue management has a versatile feature set for project based issue management. Users can set custom priorities and states, and view in a board or list view. Deveo issue management doesn’t allow bulk editing or deadlines.
  13. 13. Possible to modify top priority levels Possible to modify states Supports attachments in issues Commenting/ Discussion under issues Labels Kanban view Possible to link to issues Ability to set deadlines Ability to bulk edit the issues
  14. 14. What issue tracking feature would you like to see in your SCM tool? Comment below, or tweet us your answer @deveoteam