New projects in gurgaon


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New projects in gurgaon

  1. 1. Properties in GurgaonHomeAeon Realty is one of the most reputed names in the field of real estate consultants in Gurgaonas well as in the Northern part of India. The current team size is more than 25 and helps infinding both residential and commercial properties in Gurgaon. We are a renowned andreputed real estate company, and our main aim is to help our customers get the best of propertiesthat they have always desired. In fact, we are proud to say that AEON Realty is one of the mostreliable consultants for real estate Gurgaon. We are tied with some of the most well-known realestate developers, by means of which we help you in the selection of the best property.Our team of experts is very efficient, and therefore, they can acquire the latest information onsome of the latest projects in Gurgaon. Accordingly, we can deliver you the necessaryinformation, as and when required. Thus, at Aeon, we assure that you will get access to the mostaffordable property in Gurgaon, so that you can invest on something within your budget. Thedeals that we offer are not only fair, but they are also quite transparent on which you cancompletely rely. Our young and dynamic organization with its expanding interest in residential,commercial property in Gurgaon will highly be satisfactory to you. This makes us satisfied tofind that we can offer you a complete gamut of the services that can fulfill your realty needsAbout Us: Who We Are Young and dynamic organization with expanding interests in commercial, retail and residential real estate. A premier and comprehensive service organization providing full spectrum of realty advisory services.
  2. 2. What We Do Offer a complete gamut of services ranging from basic realty needs to high end customized solutions. How We Do Professionals possessing an in-depth knowledge of their domain & a wealth of intellectual capital. Facilitate clients in making the most informed realty decisions and provide them customized solutions to fit their needs. Our Vision To become a national realty solutions organization with strong knowledge management excellence and dissemination of realty expertise. Our Aim To Deliver the best quality real estate services in all major business centers across the country and be the leader in the core business.ServicesAEON Realty offers a complete array of services to real estate users, owners and investors PANIndia basis. AEON Realty is well established on the strong pillars of In-depth market knowledge,dedicated professionals, commitment towards client and efficient process management. Our goalis simple and direct: To deliver a customized, intelligent, quality solution for each client torealize the best service experience possible. We achieve this goal by religiously following ourbottom-line that is our commitment to you and your business, not just the transactions. And, asyour needs change, AEON keeps pace with you, providing you with the right solution at the rightstage in your company business plan.We provide a global, comprehensive service offering, designed to meet the most complexcorporate needs. Our service lines include:Commercial Services
  3. 3. Landlord/Tenant Representation Tenant Strategies and Solutions Retail Leasing Project Marketing Brokerage & Investment ServicesResidential Services Corporate Residential Services Tenancy Management Residential Project Marketing Brokerage & Investment ServicesCorporate Services Corporate Leasing Corporate Realty Solutions Employee Realty SolutionsResearch & Advisory Investment Advisory Land/Property Valuation Project Consulting Market Trend and AnalysisProperty Management Tenant Identification Administration & Dispute Resolution Lease Management Property MaintenanceCommercial Property Services:Commercial Properties Provided By Aeon Realty:Real estate in Gurgaon is developing rapidly as the purchase of properties in Gurgaon in thelast two years has increased dramatically. Especially commercial properties in Gurgaon areestimated to be in an appreciating trend in the near future. The property value of commercialproperties in Gurgaon has shown an average twenty five percent annual appreciation for the
  4. 4. last several years. It has been profitable to buy and sell commercial properties in Gurgaon.Aeon Realty is such a medium through which you can get a chance to invest in the commercialproperties in Gurgaon and create a better future.Industry expert say that this is the appropriate time to begin expansion plans, especially inGurgaon. Investment in commercial properties is the lucrative option that is sure to get morereturn on investment. In the opinion of international analyst, commercial services in Gurgaonare going to enter a growth phase in the coming years. So, Aeon Realty has taken a step toprovide you the best services ever. We not just give you a chance to buy and sell commercialproperties we serve a lot more than this. We believe in building a healthy relation with ourclients.The increase in FDI, low interest rates along with the rise in stock market has also given impetusto Gurgaon commercial property market. For any small and medium scaled business man,buying a property for office space is next to impossible. So the only option left with them is toget an office property on rent in Gurgaon and the people at Aeon Realty understands the valueof business, money and human emotions. Thus, by providing you the services for rent we alsobuild a relationship between the tenant and the landlord.Leasing office properties on rent in Gurgaon means minimum investment for maximumprofit. There are many ins and outs attached with the commercial property on lease inGurgaon. Aeon Realty suggests that before finalizing any commercial office space inGurgaon, for rent do consider the following point.Cost of property- The first and foremost point to be considered is cost of commercial property.The cost of commercial property for rent in Gurgaon can vary with the location. The costquoted for office space in Gurgaon may also contain many elements or it may be the averageestimated cost and not the actual value of the property. It is necessary to get the details like whatis the rate per square foot, is there any hidden cost apart from rent. One should also discuss aboutthe taxes and utilities. Whether or not they are included in the total cost of rent, before takingoffice space for rent in Gurgaon , so as to avoid any conflicts with the owner in future.Residential Property Services:Residential Properties Provided By Aeon Realty:Finding the best property location in India with any authorized yardstick is not quite easy.Gurgaon in NCR however has been rated by general consensus as the best property option inIndia. One of the reasons for highest real estate appreciation for residential properties inGurgaon is its connectivity with the national capital of the country and the growth potential ofthis region in particular. The massive presence of real estate developers like DLF etc. issuggestive of the ratings of Gurgaon as the best property location in NCR.Apartment properties in Gurgaon are adding new dimensions to the facilities and lifestyleenjoyable by residents in this corporate hub. These apartments and flats in Gurgaon make theskyline of the city and also act as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and growth. The average
  5. 5. income of people in the country is increasing every year which has resulted in demand for worldclass amenities in apartments and flats in NCR and especially in Gurgaon. There are noexceptions to this rule and flats and apartments in Gurgaon are now coming up swiftly indifferent parts of the city.Green landscaping, central air conditioning, electronic access, swimming pool, recreationalcenters are some of the common value additions in the apartment properties in Gurgaon. Thishas also led to the concept of township societies in Gurgaon. Due to ever increasing demand forflats and apartments in Gurgaon , clients are willing to pay that extra cost in order to realize theirdream into reality of owning a house.Properties for sale in Gurgaon can be located with the help of a real estate consultant andthrough the classified columns of local and national newspapers. Increased infrastructure,commercial significance and growing urbanization have contributed to the value addition ofapartment properties in Gurgaon.Corporate Services:Corporate Leasing:Our expert corporate leasing team provides customized solutions to occupiers in fulfilling theirleasing needs. We serve clients across all commercial property types, with specialists in offices,retail, hospitality, industrial and logistics. Our leasing professionals provide a strategic and a costeffective tailor made solutions as per the clients requirement. We believe in providing an end toend hassle free solution to our client. Our lease process commences with understanding theclients needs, suggesting & locating the right property, due diligence & negotiate the leaserentals and terms, documentation and acquisition of the space.We strive to develop long-term partnerships with landlords and tenants, an approach which hasearned us numerous referrals and repeat clients. Comprehensive market research backed by themulti-disciplined intellectual assets of the AEON team, allows us to develop real estate plans thatenhance value and exceed client expectations.AEON serves all major corporations, small & medium enterprises, start-ups across PAN Indiabasis.Corporate realty solution:We offer comprehensive realty solutions to corporate starting from office relocations toacquisition of large housing societies to meet the housing needs of a corporate. Our professionalswork very closely with admin, HR and finance heads to fulfill the corporate needs in the realestate sector.
  6. 6. Acquisition of large realty assets as institutional investments Business expansion and office relocation strategies and plans Relocation services for expats, senior management Acquisition of large number of housing units to meet the growing housing needs of a corporateEmployee realty solutions:At AEON, we focus on advising senior management and other employees for their realtyinvestment needs. Our team works as consultants to employees and ensure the optimum pricesfor all transactions. Conducting advisory sessions, presentations in corporate offices for employees to consult on their realty investment needs Professional and highly qualitative analysis of various investment opportunities available in the market Tenant search for the assets/ residences owned by employees