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In this 21st century, Medical Science has progressed in every field but is not successful in preparing Human Blood in a laboratory.
Blood needs to be donated by healthy persons like us. Hence voluntary Blood Donation is a necessity in current Turbulent and Unsafe Society.
Also, we all are aware about Thalassaemia which is a blood disorder genetically inherited leading to anemia and these patients require transfusion periodically during their life span.
We at Sarla Blood Bank (Part of Ravi Groups) contribute to this humble cause by treating 15 Thalassaemic Children every month FREE.
• Post Blood Donation the DONOR would get a Blood Donor card, along with a certificate of appreciation.
• The test report of HIV, Hbs Ag, HCV (Jaundice), M.P. – (Malarial Parasites), VDRL test and blood grouping.
We request you to arrange for a blood donation camp in your organization and help us in sustaining our objective that - No patient dies for a want of BLOOD. This noble cause will be fulfilled with your kind assistance and cooperation.
We would come with all necessary arrangements for smooth and comfortable experience of blood donation drive.
Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward for your favorable response.

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Presentation Blood Bank

  1. 1. Donate Blood SAVE
  3. 3. ABOUT SARLA BLOOD BANK • Serving since November 1995 • Part of Asian Health Sciences group, which includes - Dr.Ravi Hospital – Vasai - Sarla Blood Bank - Asian Institute of Health Sciences (Learning Centre of SMU) i) Vasai ii) Airoli iii) Aurangabad • Treating more than 15 Thalassemic Patients FREE for more than 3 years • Blood bank has its own 4 storage centers at i) Virar ii) Mira Rd iii) Airoli iv) Safale Donate Blood SAVE
  4. 4. ABOUT SARLA BLOOD BANK • Tie ups with various NGO’s and other Social Workers group • Registered with FDA, State Govt, Central Govt • Member of Maharashtra State Transfusion Council • Approximate 30 Blood Donation Camps organized in the last quarter (Jan 09 – Mar 09) Donate Blood SAVE
  5. 5. WHO CAN DONATE BLOOD? 1 Age 18yrs-60yrs 2 Weight > 45 Kgs 3 Gap between 2 donations 3 months • Before donation have a light meal • All women can donate blood EXCEPT Pregnant/Breast feeding Donate Blood SAVE
  6. 6. WHY DONATE? • Donating blood is about donating life • Every 3 seconds someone needs blood • One out of every 10 people entering a hospital needs blood • People who have been in car accidents, cancer, Thalassemia etc do need blood, sometimes on a regular basis • Requirement is more than supply hence there is storage of blood Donate Blood SAVE
  7. 7. WHY DONATE? • Medical science, in the 21st Century, has progressed in every field but is not successful in preparing Human Blood in a laboratory. • Till now there is - NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BLOOD • Blood needs to be donated. Donate Blood SAVE
  8. 8. ADVANTAGE TO YOU • Organizers get 10% of the total collection from the Blood donation camp • Self and the Immediate relative gets one unit free anytime during the validity period – 1 year • Other than donor or immediate relative will have to pay only the testing charges accompanied by Voluntary donation card • Each voluntary donor gets a voluntary donors card and certificate from the blood bank. • Validity for this Donors card is 1 year Donate Blood SAVE
  9. 9. REFERENCES Following are the Thalassemic patients undergoing FREE treatment at Sarla Blood bank Sr NO Name Sex Age Location Contact No 9923157535/ 1 Shelton M 12 Vasai (E) 9869932014 2 Mohd Atif M 10 Mira Rd 2228128809 3 Tina Hemant M 10 Bhayander (E) 9224615291 4 Kalyani Raut F 15 Vasai (E) 9860514159 5 Vivek Sarvya M 14 Nallasopara 9923363577 6 Tabrez M 22 Bhayander (W) 9323794794 9224794641/ 7 Mitali Singh F 3 Virar (W) 9820689766 8 Ayushi Shet F 7 Vasai (W) 2503393860 9 Alisha F 13 Vasai (W) - 10 Jainam M 12 Nallasopara - 11 Kreya Shah F 4 Mnts Borivali - 12 Affren Sayed F 2 Mira Rd - 13 Sahil Mashilker M 5 Nallasopara 9869352956 14 Komal F 1 Nallasopara - 15 Riyal nanda M 2 Borivali Donate Blood SAVE
  10. 10. REQUEST Requesting you to please help us in arranging a Blood Donation Camp in your premises and assist us in this noble cause. Donate Blood SAVE
  11. 11. CONTACT Vishal Rajemahadik: 9820203659 : 9271351715 Email: Donate Blood SAVE
  12. 12. Donate Blood SAVE