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open data & opportunities in local government


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Presentation by Junior McIntyre at the Caribbean Open Data Conference & Code Sprint Jan 26th & 27th 2012

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open data & opportunities in local government

  1. 1. Ministry of Local Government:Government of the Republic of Trinidad andTobagoCaribbean Open Data Conference & Code Sprint:Opportunities in Local GovernmentMr. Junior McIntyreManager, Management Information ServicesMinistry of Local GovernmentGovernment of the Republic Of Trinidad & Tobago
  2. 2. Opportunities in Local Government
  3. 3. Clarifying Roles The Ministry of Local Government is… • “… the central coordinating agency for fourteen Municipal Corporations, comprising two cities, three boroughs and nine regions, each with an elected Council and administrative staff” The Municipal Corporation… • "… ensures the satisfactory delivery of those basic communal services necessary to maintain a proper standard of living within the region Municipality, and to provide all other public facilities aimed at improving the quality of life of its citizenry"
  4. 4. Promote the concept of people in communities’ playing an active role in the governance and democratic processes, shaping and charting their destiny and quality of life within the broader National Governance Framework Provide citizens with the opportunity to determine and prioritize the projects and services to de delivered within their respective communities Develop an efficient and well-managed local government system organized on a citizen- centric basisBroad Governance Mandate
  5. 5. MORI Improvements for the Local AreaCaribbean Q What improvements to facilities and services do you feel are most needed in your particular neighbourhood? % Top Ten Mentions W15* Roads 38% 19% Drainage 34% 28% Facilities for young people 23% 23% Policing 19% 18% Water Supply 17% 25% Community Centres 17% 13% Parks and Open Spaces 13% 10% Jobs 13% 12% Maintenance of the area 12% 12% Sports/Health facilities 11% 10%Base: 2,887 TT adults, 18+, 24 May – 15 July 2011 (*Wave 15 = Feb 2010)
  6. 6. Satisfaction withCaribbean Local Government Body Q How satisfied or dissatisfied would you say you are with your local government body? Very satisfied 2003: No opinion +30 33% Fairly satisfied 2008: -6 Very -8 dissatisfied 2010: -28 41% Neither 2011: -8 Fairly dissatisfiedBase: 2,887 TT adults, 18+, 24 May – 15 July 2011 6
  7. 7. Strengthen executive decision Offer the local authoritiesmaking capability by involving technology-based facilities to the sectoral and community ensure greater coherence in theinterests in policy making in a delivery of all public services structured way locally Some keys to developing the local government system
  8. 8. Governance and Public Policy Process 5 1 • Evaluate Policy • Understand Consequences the Issues Public Information and 4 2 Community • Implement • Evaluate the Policy Engagement Options 3 • Select the Policy
  9. 9. Accountability & Transparency Continuous Equitable service capacity deliverydevelopment Core Principles Inclusiveness &Social cohesion Participation Development through local leadership
  10. 10. Important open data considerations: What are some appropriate open data strategies for local government? What are the expected outcomes of these open data strategies and what opportunities do they possess? What does local government need to do to open up their data/information?
  11. 11. A look at our open data strategies: Open and Accountable Services (OAS)Services will provide more information about plans, priorities and performance, encouragingpublic consultation and supporting local government representatives in keeping in touch withthe citizens they represent Open and Accountable Councils (OAC)Minutes and agenda of statutory council meetings will be made available to the public on theinternet along with podcasts and live streaming content. The public will be able to follow and trackdiscussions and engage in dialogue using social media networks such as twitter and RSS newsfeeds Open and Accountable Policies (OAP)promoting self-governance of people in a given area through public policy that is formulated ondata/information that is relevant and available to the people,•intimate knowledge of the needs and how they are affected by policy,•help citizens understand all the implications of public policy issues and provide information throughout the policy formulation process
  12. 12. Ownership and participation in Awareness of issues affectingmaintaining clean and sanitary sanitary drainage and water community facilities course ways Outcomes & Opportunities: Open and Accountable Service Input in the planning Partnership and collaborationconstruction and maintenance in municipal policing and of minor roads and bridges emergency response
  13. 13. Transparency in Tendering Process Efficiency inMission Critical Service Service Implementation Identification & Delivery Open Procurement Services Open & Value for Accountable Money Services Good Governance
  14. 14. Online podcasts and Online access to minutesstreaming content of public and agenda of statutory council meetings meetings Opportunities: Open and Accountable Councils Online access to reports ofAbility to track discussions working committees and and engage in dialogue financial transactions through the use of social (requires legislation media change)
  15. 15. Ensure that Promote and encourage Burgesses/Citizens can freely local initiative, express their views andexperimentation, creativity participate in and influence and entrepreneurship policy and decision making process Opportunities: Open and Accountable Policies Local Government as partner inEnsure that basic social and all aspects of Social ,economic physical infrastructure are and political developmentprovided in an equitable and thereby promoting greater non discriminatory manner social cohesion, inclusiveness and equal opportunity
  16. 16. Social Services Community Education Libraries Health Facilities RegionalEducation Secondary Primary Tertiary Public Community Recreation Hospitals Health Districts Schools Schools Institutes Libraries Centres Grounds Authorities Geospatial Data Relationships Impacting the Delivery of Services
  17. 17. Local Government Core Services Infrastructure Services Burial Secondary AreasMarkets & Grounds & Public Recreation & Tertiary Disaster requiring WasteAbattoirs Cremation Restrooms Areas Roads & Management truck-borne Management Sites Drains water Geospatial Data Relationships Impacting the Delivery of Services
  18. 18. Administrative & Political BoundariesCommunities Places Electoral Electoral Local Gov’tCommunities Communities Cities and Urban Polling Electoralaccording to Villages by RC Towns Centres Division Districts2000 Census (2010) (2010) Geospatial Relationships Among Data Impacting Governance & Public Policy
  19. 19. An effective highly responsive F Impact Government Organization e e d Desired Outcome Modernised Local Government b SystemContinuous aPublicEngagement c Local Government k Output E-Citizens E-Views Competence & Capacity M e c Activities E-Government h a Integrated Platforms / Services n Input (Open Architecture; Open Data; Open i Standards) s m Local Government GovNeTT WAN Unified Local Gov’t Challenges Infrastructure Infrastructure