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Dev ca code sprint 2012 craig-new


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Presentation of the Code Sprint Details by Craig Ramlal

Published in: Technology
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Dev ca code sprint 2012 craig-new

  1. 1. Code Sprint 2012: 3 countries 1 amazing event Author: Craig Ramlal
  2. 2. Developing the Caribbean• The aim of the event will be to highlight commonalities in many of the problem spaces within our nations and how these can be solved, or in the least mitigated, through the use of ICTs. – Conference – Code Sprint
  3. 3. What’s a Code Sprint?• A code sprint is an event where people come together to develop and design applications within a short period of time.
  4. 4. Developing the Caribbean Code Sprint 2012 • Develop an Application that solves or mitigates a problem within the Caribbean based on Open data that we provide. – Add any additional features as you wish – Use any development platform – You have 24 hrs
  5. 5. DevCA equation
  6. 6. Submissions• Online Form• Screen Cast• Articles of Online Repository Submission(Git Hub) – Source Code Folder – Code Sprint Submission Document(template) – Code Sprint Presentation(template)
  7. 7. National Judging• Deliver a 5min Presentation for onsite national Judging – Presentation Slides based on given Template(Elevator Pitch) • Problem space • How does your application solve or mitigate the problem – Demonstration of the working application
  8. 8. Regional Judging• Online Screen Cast – Slides from Presentation – Demonstration of Application – 5 Min max
  9. 9. Judges Backgrounds• National Judging – Academia – Technological World – GO and NGO• Regional Judging – A national member of each country – International members
  10. 10. Prizes• National Prizes TT – 1st Place- 2000USD – 2nd Place- 1000USD – 3rd Place-500USD• Regional Prize – All expenses paid trip to the Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Camp Washington DC ( ) – Devices from Blackberry for the best team in the region
  11. 11. Judging CriteriaEvaluation Criteria• Launch-ability(0-10) -How complete is the entrants solution as compared to the envisioned product?(0-5) -How much more 3rd party integration is needed to finish the product?(0-5)• Open Data Usage(0-15) -How thorough was open data used?(0-5) -Was the final solution dependent on the data?(0-10)• Originality and Problem Solving(0-20) -Is the solution original to the country or solves the problem in an innovative manner?(0-10) -Does it properly solve the stated problem?(0-10)
  12. 12. Judging Criteria• Features and Usefulness(0-15) -Does the solutions features encompass solving the entire problem?(0-10) -Is the overall solution useful?(0-5)• UX/UI (0-10) -Is the solutions interface engaging?(0-5) -Was the solution interface components designed/arranged in a logical manner?(0-5)• Long term Potential(0-20) -Is the solution economically feasible? ie. “does the project make financial sense?”(0-10) -Is the solution operationally feasible? ie. "Will it make sense to maintain and support this application once it is in production?"(0-10)• Presentations(0-10) -Was the solution presented both on site and Screen Cast visually stimulating and engaging?(0-5) -Does the on site presentation/screen cast make logical sense?(0-5)
  13. 13. Competition Rules• Registered for the code sprint event, paid the allotted fees and received an e-ticket.• Declaration form; releasing his/her video or images to media. This declaration form also relinquishes the DevCa team the responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of equipment or material from the participants.• The application code must be available on the “Developing the Caribbean” account on GitHub, to which the DevCa team will access.
  14. 14. Hints• Learn to love Junar • Immerse oneself in open data and visualizations •• Properly prepare a screen cast and carryout a presentation• Quickly navigate through GitHub• Project management • Code without sleep • Split project and integrate with team members
  15. 15. IMPORTANT!!!For news or updates– Facebook– Twitter–
  16. 16. Q+A
  17. 17. IS A GO!!!!