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Reinvent your App Dev Lifecycle with Continuous Delivery on Heroku

Learn how your team can use modern application development and deployment practices on the App Cloud to build apps with Internet scale and sophistication. We will walk through how we used Continuous Delivery with GitHub and Heroku Pipelines to build a consumer-facing real estate app.

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Reinvent your App Dev Lifecycle with Continuous Delivery on Heroku

  1. 1. Reinvent your App Dev Lifecycle with Continuous Delivery on Heroku James Ward Platform Evangelist @_JamesWard
  2. 2. FORCE HEROKU ENTERPRISE Model-driven development platform Polyglot platform for elastic scale APPEXCHANGE #1 Enterprise App Marketplace LIGHTNING THUNDER Stream & event- based primitives Visual development platform TRAILHEAD Fun, easy, interactive way to learn App Cloud Salesforce App Cloud
  3. 3. Drag n Drop Multiple LanguagesClicks + Code Application Development Continuum Homogenous Data Stores Multiple Data Services AnalyticsCommunityMarketingServiceSales Enables choice based on the use-case Admin ProgrammerAnalyst Developer Out of Box OOB + Custom Built from scratch Single Purpose Apps Model-driven Apps Web-scale Apps
  4. 4. Heroku Enterprise Delivers Web-Scale Apps Web-Scale Apps Deliver customized, elastic apps automatically connected to Salesforce CRM Accelerate Development Build collaboratively, with support for the latest frameworks and languages (Java, Ruby, Node.js) Increase Control Rely on a managed, trusted architecture, with enterprise grade controls Empower your developers to build apps faster with enterprise trust and control
  5. 5. Heroku Enterprise is Everything You Need to Build & Scale Apps Power your customer relationship strategy with engaging apps Dynos Run top languages at any scale Heroku Postgres & Heroku Redis Enterprise-grade data services Leading Developer Experience With built-in continuous delivery Heroku Elements 150+ Add-ons to extend your app
  6. 6. Heroku Enterprise: Advanced Controls for IT Control your own trusted network in the cloud Private Spaces Selectable Regions Integrated Identity Configurable Networks Run apps inside trusted, private network boundaries Global Deployment Options Easily deploy your app to the geography of your choice Single Sign-On Access Heroku Enterprise with one login, shared across App Cloud
  7. 7. Demo: Deploying an app
  8. 8. “A process that reduces deployment iteration time and reduces deployment risk.” Continuous Delivery Always Be Shipping App ProductionBuild Auto-Test Deploy to Staging Manual TestPull Request Auto-Test Manual Test
  9. 9. Test Early, Deploy Often Continuous Delivery with Heroku Flow Always Be Shipping
  10. 10. Demo: Heroku Flow
  11. 11. Connected Customer App Architecture Connect your customer apps in a whole new way Customer Apps Heroku app postgres Salesforce customer system of record Business Apps Heroku Connect
  12. 12. Bi-Directional Data synchronized across systems Real-Time Evented updates for real time Scalable Handle Hundreds of Millions of Records Synced Easy Point and Click Mapping – No Integration Code Needed Powerful Run SQL Queries and Scripts against Salesforce Data Heroku Connect to Synchronize Data across your Systems
  13. 13. IP Restrictions Network Isolation with Private Spaces & Login Ranges
  14. 14. Demo: Heroku Connect
  15. 15. DreamHouse Demo App Heroku Trailheads Heroku Sessions at TrailheadX Lighting up the Bay: Real-World App Cloud VILLAGE | WEDNESDAY | 12:40 - 1:30 Continue Learning
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