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Intro to Canvas: Running External Apps within the Salesforce UI Webinar


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Learn about Canvas (currently pilot in Winter '13), an exciting new platform service that allows any app, in any language, to run inside of the Salesforce user interface with unified identity, secure access to records, and collaboration via the Chatter social graph. Legacy apps, such as SAP, can be transformed into social front ends creating a seamless experience for users.

After attending this webinar, you will understand:

:: Canvas fundamentals and use cases
:: The steps for creating a Canvas app using a Heroku Quick Start, the Canvas JavaScript SDK, and app management screens
:: How some customers are currently using Canvas, including Taulia and CloudSquads/Twilio
:: How to get your hands on Canvas today
:: What resources are available to help you learn more about Canvas

Intro to Canvas: Running External Apps within the Salesforce UI Webinar

  1. 1. Introduction to Canvas AppsJay Hurst,, Product Manager – Canvas@extraideaChris Jolley,, Lead Developer – Canvas@jolley
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  3. 3. Speakers Jay Hurst Chris Jolley Ian Sweeney Product Manager – Lead Developer – Taulia VP of Product, Canvas, Canvas, @rudnua @extraidea @jolley @tauliaJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  4. 4. Follow Developer Force for the latest news @forcedotcom / #forcewebinar Developer Force – Community +Developer Force – Community Developer Force Developer Force groupJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  5. 5. Agenda §  Overview of Canvas §  Demonstrate creating and using a Canvas App §  Demos of how Partners have used Canvas §  Q&A § Ask Questions in the GoToWebinar Question Panel §  Next StepsJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  6. 6. Apps, Apps, Everywhere Companies have many applications across their org §  Cloud Applications (, Google Docs) §  Hybrid Applications §  Home Grown Solutions (Intranet, Task Management)Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  7. 7. Modern platforms easily combine these apps §  Authorization is granted by the user or admin §  The application can act as the user §  Content is combined into a single interface •  Facebook Apps •  Google+ Games •  Twitter AppsJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  8. 8. Introducing Canvas New PILOT platform service to allow for external applications to be easily and securely integrated into Salesforce from their native environment with little re-design. §  Services Include •  JavaScript SDK •  Simplified Authentication (Signed Request or OAuth) •  Context Services •  Cross Domain API Calls •  App Registration and ManagementJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  9. 9. What does Canvas do?3rd Party App Salesforce SDK HTTPSJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  10. 10. Technologies used in Canvas §  JavaScript SDK §  Allows connections from 3rdy Party back into salesforce via the browser §  Signed Request §  POST data sent to the 3rd Party App –  Contains Context Information »  User Info »  Org Info »  Environment Info »  Authentication Info –  Standard JSON format –  Methods for Verifying the content are detailed in the Quick Start codeJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  11. 11. Canvas – You code it, we show it! Regardless of your language of choice, JavaScript libraries allow your app to connect with salesforce at a UI and API layer:Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  12. 12. Canvas In Action Canvas App Walkthrough: §  Create a Canvas App §  Demo the app in the Canvas App Previewer and Chatter Tab §  Show the Canvas App interact with Chatter §  Publish the Canvas App for other orgs §  Install the Canvas App in another org and show it running §  Show that changes to the code are instantly availableJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  13. 13. Creating a Canvas App §  Create a definition of the Canvas AppJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  14. 14. View the Canvas App inside salesforce §  Apps surface in the Canvas App Previewer and the Chatter TabJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  15. 15. Use the Canvas App to interact with Chatter §  Delivered Context enabled data integration §  Example shows interaction with ChatterJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  16. 16. Publish your Canvas App §  Apps can be published and installed into other orgs §  A namespaced-DE org is required for publishingJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  17. 17. Install the publish Connected App in another org §  Install into your org with a one-click processJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  18. 18. Changes are instantly reflected in all orgs §  Changes to the 3rd Party App are instantly reflected in subscriber orgsJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  19. 19. Canvas Heroku Quick Start §  Heroku Quick Start created a Canvas App in one simple stepJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  20. 20. Canvas in the real world §  How are existing customers/partners using Canvas?Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  21. 21. All about CloudSquads CloudSquads provides social strategy and services for the enterprise. We help companies transform social conversations and behaviors into measurable ROI. Demo Highlights §  Built a Cloud-based IVR application using Twilio APIs, Canvas SDK and Heroku §  Twilio: manages the IVR, phone calls, and conversation recording § Canvas: displays and updates Leads §  Heroku: hosts this applicationJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  22. 22. Demo Workflow: Inbound Contact Twilio IVRCustomer IVR Workflow Heroku Hosted AppJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  23. 23. Demo Workflow: Outbound Contact Salesforce Customer AgentJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  24. 24. Interaction begins with a Call §  Customer calls into the sales line and navigates the IVR tree §  The customer leaves a message, and a new lead is created in with the details of the callJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  25. 25. Launching the Softphone App §  Agent launches the softphone and sees a list of LeadsJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  26. 26. Callout from the Softphone §  Agent can click the phone icon to dial out. §  During the conversation, Lead details are captured §  The call recording is saved to the lead at the end of the callJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar Confidential
  27. 27. DemoJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  28. 28. Ian Sweeney Taulia Vice President of Product @rudnua @tauliaJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  29. 29. All about Taulia Taulia Optimizes the Financial Supply Chain. With Taulia’s Dynamic Payment Platform: §  Buyers Save Millions on their Spend §  Suppliers Get Paid Faster §  Everyone Streamlines Processes §  Better Communication, More Harmony Invoicing and Payments, without Friction or Waste. That’s Taulia.Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  30. 30. Walkthrough of the Taulia Canvas App 1. Login to Salesforce 2. Click Taulia Link Chatter Post 3. SSO Login 4. Create/Submit Invoice My Taulia 5. Do Early PaymentJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  31. 31. DemoJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  32. 32. Taulia’s Experience with Canvas §  Sufficient Sample Code and Documentation that Makes the Integration Very Easy §  Implemented § Canvas §  Chatter REST API §  Integration & Testing Took < 1 DayJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  33. 33. Canvas wrapped in a little bow In today’s session we have: §  Walked through an initial Sample Canvas Application •  Saw the basics behind the Canvas •  Walked through an initial sample Canvas Application §  Discovered how current Partners have begun using the CanvasJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  34. 34. Where to now? Canvas Resources can be found at § Canvas Developer Site - § Canvas Developer Guide - §  Dreamforce Workshop Guide - §  Blogs - §  Discussion Board - Contact Us: §  Email or tweet Jay – §  Tweet @forcedorcom with #forcewebinarJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  35. 35. Survey Your feedback is crucial to the success of our webinar programs. Thank you! the conversation: #forcewebinar
  36. 36. Q&A Jay Hurst Chris Jolley Ian Sweeney Product Manager – Lead Developer – Taulia VP of Product, Canvas, Canvas, @rudnua @extraidea @jolley @tauliaJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  37. 37. Thank You!Join the conversation: #forcewebinar