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The Salesforce Platform is the leading cloud platform, uniquely optimized for building enterprise mobile apps. The AT&T API Platform exposes the AT&T network and other services via RESTful APIs. With the AT&T APIs, you can extend Salesforce apps to take advantage of converting speech-to-text, sending SMS to an AT&T mobile number, finding the current location of an AT&T mobile device, and more. The AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform provides strongly-typed Apex wrappers for these AT&T APIs and allows developers to integrate AT&T’s mobility services into their applications.

Attend this webinar to learn how you can enter to win an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II!

Watch this webinar to:

Get a brief overview of the Salesforce Platform’s mobile capabilities.
Get an overview of the different AT&T APIs supported by the toolkit, including speech-to-text conversion, inbound and outbound SMS, geolocation and more
Learn how you can use the AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform to invoke these APIs natively from the Platform
See demos that illustrate some of the enterprise mobility use cases that are possible by combining the and AT&T platforms
Find out about future/upcoming APIs from AT&T

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Intro to AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform Webinar

  1. 1. Intro to the AT&T Toolkit forSalesforce PlatformSandeep Bhanot,, Principal Developer Evangelist@cloudysanGiridhar Bhaskara, AT&T, Principal Technical Architect@gbhask01
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  3. 3. Speakers Sandeep Bhanot Giridhar Bhaskara Senior Developer Evangelist, Principal Technical Architect, AT&T @cloudysan @gbhask01Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  4. 4. Follow Developer Force for the latest news @forcedotcom / #forcewebinar Developer Force – Community +Developer Force – Community Developer Force Developer Force groupJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  5. 5. Have questions? §  We have an expert support team at the ready to answer your questions during the webinar. §  Ask your questions via the GoToWebinar Questions Pane. §  The speaker(s) will choose top questions to answer live at the end of the webinar. §  Please post your questions as we go along! §  Only post your question once; we’ll get to it as we go down the list.Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  6. 6. Agenda §  Welcome and Intro §  Intro to Salesforce Touch Platform §  Intro to AT&T Dev. program and APIs §  AT&T Toolkit intro and architecture §  Toolkit demos and code samples §  Future AT&T APIs §  Q&AJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  7. 7. Mobile Invasion: Tablets & Smartphones At WorkJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  8. 8. Salesforce Has The Answer For Every Mobile Need Suite of downloadable apps Custom mobile apps Mobile AppExchange for for accessing Salesforce data designed and built by you discovering purpose-built apps from a mobile device or an ISV partner on or vertical solutions by industryJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  9. 9. Salesforce Touch – One App For All Your Devices HTML5 app runs on any device (iPad today) Intuitive interface built for users on the go Optimized for touch – tap, scroll, swipeJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  10. 10. Write Once. Deploy Anywhere. On Any Device. » Deliver custom apps on any device » Native, HTML5, or Hybrid » Every developer becomes a mobile developer » Trust and security of SalesforceJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  11. 11. Comprehensive Mobile App Development Platform SELECT Id, Warehouse_Location__latitude__s, Warehouse_Location__longitude__s, Street_Address__c, Name FROM Vendor__c WHERE DISTANCE(Warehouse_Location__c, GEOLOCATION(37.794539,-122.394717), mi) <= 10; Instant Mobile Native Geo-location Mobile Policy Mobile SDK for iOS and and Social APIs fields Management AndroidJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  12. 12. Salesforce Mobile SDK Tools for building Native, Hybrid, and HTML5 apps on iOS and Android OAuth2 Secure authentication and refresh token management API Wrappers Interact with Salesforce REST APIs with popular mobile platform languages App Container Embed HTML5 apps inside a container to access powerful native device functionality Secure Offline Database Store business data on a device with enterprise-class security Push Notifications 100% Open Source Dispatch real-time alerts directly to mobile Developed on Github devices the conversation: #forcewebinar
  13. 13. The AT&T Developer ProgramHelping developers deliver the right application on the right device to over 100 million customers Online •  API Platform Community & Support •  Forums •  AT&T ARO •  Webcasts •  Development Resources •  Live Chat •  Device Specs •  Technical Support •  SDKs & Tools Communications Contest & Events •  Newsletter •  Developer Summit •  Email •  Mobile App Hackathon •  Blog •  Contests •  Social Media •  Fun Events Follow Us! Twitter, Facebook, forums and blogs. @attdeveloper the conversation: #forcewebinar
  14. 14. Intro to AT&T Developer Program and APIs Become a free member of the AT&T Join Developer Program Sign up to access the AT&T API Sign Up Platform at Free 90 day Trial, Free Trial $99/Year - 1 Million Transactions/MonthJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  15. 15. AT&T Developer Program and APIs Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  16. 16. Restful APIs - Speech ›  Utilizing the AT&T WATSON℠ speech engine, AT&T has simplified the process of speech-enabling applications. ›  The AT&T Speech API works with any phone, across all U.S. wireless carrier networks – just send us audio, and we’ll send you the transcribed text of what your users say. It’s plug & play! ›  There’s no need for you to build and maintain your own speech libraries. ›  With our SDKs, we make it even simpler to design a UI to capture and send us audio for transcription. ›  The API is optimized & tuned for speech contexts: §  Web Search §  Business Search §  Voicemail §  SMS §  Question and Answer §  TV §  GenericJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  17. 17. AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform + = … Add AT&T services to your enterprise mobile app built on the Salesforce PlatformJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  18. 18. AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform Native wrappers for AT&T APIs Toolkit also includes •  Implementation of the AT&T OAuth 2.0 User-agent flow •  Sample appsJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  19. 19. Getting Started 1.  Install the Toolkit via the Unmanaged Package 2.  Sign-up for an AT&T Developer Account 3.  Create a new AT&T App 4.  Configure AT&T App Key and Secret in SalesforceJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  20. 20. Sample App - CaseForce Field Service Agent Case DataJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  21. 21. CaseForce – Hybrid iOS App using Mobile SDKJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  22. 22. Demo – Outbound MMSJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  23. 23. Outbound MMS using the toolkitJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  24. 24. Demo – Voice SearchJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  25. 25. Speech-to-Text using the toolkitJoin the conversation: #forcewebinar
  26. 26. Future APIs Speech to Text Advertisement •  Gaming and Social Media Context •  Easy to implement and Monetize applications for •  TV (UVerseEPG) – actors, show and movie titles, channel advertising solution names •  Provides a controlled environment for ad placements •  BusinessSearch – business names and places (via standardized ad sizes, ad categories/types, ad tag •  Websearch – web search query phrases requirements, creative selection, etc.) •  SMS,Voicemail , Question and Answer •  Provides reporting of ad metrics (delivery, impressions, clicks, revenue, audience summary insight) •  Leverage the API Platform infrastructure for API exposure, authentication, marketing, account management, and Text –to-Speech – MultiLingual support developer billing/settlement •  en-US English (United States) •  en-US Spanish (United States)Join the conversation: #forcewebinar
  27. 27. Resources •  Salesforce Mobile SDK •  AT&T Developer Program and APIs •  AT&T Toolkit for Salesforce Platform the conversation: #forcewebinar