Real-time SQL Access to Your Data Using Progress Data Direct


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SQL access to your data enables standards-based data access for business intelligence, data warehousing, and ad-hoc reporting and analysis. Join us to learn how to achieve this with real-time SQL-92 access, using ODBC and JDBC. We'll show examples of organizations using SQL access, and you'll see how you can get even more value out of your business data with these techniques.

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Real-time SQL Access to Your Data Using Progress Data Direct

  1. 1. Real-time SQL Access To Your Data Sumit Sarkar, Progress Software, Principal Systems Engineer @SAsInSumit
  2. 2. Progress DataDirect Connect: Connecting the World’s Data Any Application Any Platform Any Data Source ISV Applications / Corporate IT Applications AIX HP-UX Linux Solaris Windows z/OS x86-64 Itanium PA-RISC PPC SPARC CONNECT Specialty SaaS ▪Salesforce ▪Netsuite ▪Eloqua ▪Dynamics ▪Marketo ▪Proprietary Data ▪Multi-Dimensional Data ▪Business Logic ▪Archive Files ▪More… Other ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ dBase Clipper FoxPro MS Access MS Excel ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Lotus Notes SQL BASE Text XML More… CLOUD SequeLINK OpenAccess ADO.NET Relational ▪Oracle ▪SQL Server ▪DB2 ▪Sybase ▪OpenEdge ▪MySQL ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Greenplum Teradata Informix PostgreSQL More… NoSQL ▪Apache Hadoop Hive/Hive2 ▪Cloudera Impala ▪Amazon ▪Map/R ▪HortonWorks
  3. 3. How Do We See the Salesforce Platform? RDBMS
  4. 4. Agenda ▪ How SQL-92 ODBC and JDBC access works against Salesforce? ▪ What are organizations doing with this today? ▪ Demos
  5. 5. ODBC SQL-92 Architecture
  6. 6. JDBC SQL-92 Architecture
  7. 7. How Do Salesforce Shops Use SQL Access to Salesforce?
  8. 8. Data Integration ▪ Informatica PowerCenter ▪ SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) ▪ Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder ▪ Pentaho Data Integrator ▪ SAP Data Services ▪ Accelrys Pipeline Pilot ▪ Scribe Software ▪ Teradata Parallel Transporter
  9. 9. Business Intelligence ▪ IBM Cognos BI, TM1 ▪ Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), BI Publisher ▪ SAP Business Objects ▪ SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) ▪ SAS ▪ Tableau ▪ Qlikview ▪ Spotfire
  10. 10. DEMO: Real-time SQL Is EVEN BETTER with Cloud Apps Data replication/migration required for BI/DW in on-premise deployments SQL PROD CRM
  11. 11. DEMO: Real-time SQL Is EVEN BETTER with Cloud Apps SQ L PROD CRM CRM CRM
  12. 12. Database Federation ▪ Oracle Database Gateway ▪ SQL Server Linked Server ▪ Sybase EDCA ▪ DB2 Federation Server
  13. 13. Business Systems ▪ IBM Optim ▪ Unica Campaign Affinium ▪ Shoretel ▪ UPS WorldShip
  14. 14. DEMO: DB Federation Is EVEN BETTER with Cloud Apps Real-time ODBC SQL connectivity from Bus Systems SQL SQL ERP ORA MS SQL FINANCE
  15. 15. Developing Applications ▪ Hibernate ▪ .NET ASP.NET ▪ Spring MVC ▪ Oracle ADF ▪ Progress ABL ▪ Django / Python ▪ IBM Websphere ▪ JBoss
  16. 16. Ad Hoc Queries ▪ Toad for Data Analysts ▪ Microsoft Access and Excel ▪ DB Visualizer ▪ WinSQL
  17. 17. Demo: Direct SQL Is EVEN BETTER with Cloud Apps Real-time JDBC SQL connectivity SQL Query Tool
  18. 18. SQL Is Driving Demand for Salesforce Platform ▪ Operational Business Intelligence for Apps ▪ Seamlessly migrate on-premise apps to dependant on SQL infrastructure ▪ Use Salesforce Platform capacity as a relational database
  19. 19. Takeaways for SQL to Salesforce ▪ ODBC / JDBC SQL access instantly connect thousands of applications to Platform ▪ Make data in SaaS applications available to everyone ▪ Unique data connectivity enables real-time SQL access for reporting, analytics and batch processing against a live data source
  20. 20. Try It Out Salesforce SQL-92 ODBC / JDBC drivers SQL cloud service
  21. 21. Sumit Sarkar Principal Systems Engineer, @SAsInSumit