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Df13 16x9 breakout_sessions_careers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Df13 16x9 breakout_sessions_careers

  1. 1. Careers How Do I Get There from Here? Cheryl Porro, VP, Agility, Innovation, and Culture, Technology & Products @cporro_sfdc
  2. 2. Leah-McGown-Hare, MSEd Master Technical Instructor @LeahBMH
  3. 3. Ayori Selassie IT Product Manager, @ayori
  4. 4. Kevin O’Hara CTO, LevelEleven @kevino80
  5. 5. Cory Cowgill Salesforce Analyst, The Warranty Group @corycowgill
  6. 6. Andy Ognenoff Technical Architect Cloud Sherpas @aognenoff
  7. 7. Carolina Ruiz Principal Developer, FinancialForce @twittername
  8. 8. Leah McGowen-Hare Ayori Selassie Master Technical Instructor IT Product Manager, @LeahBMH @ayori Kevin O’Hara Cory Cowgill Andy Ognenoff Carolina Ruiz CTO, LevelEleven @kevino80 Salesforce Analyst, The Warranty Group @corycowgill Technical Architect Cloud Sherpas @aognenoff Principal Developer, FinancialForce @twittername