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Building a Concierge-like Experience into any Mobile Application

Mobile adoption continues to increase rapidly with many companies reporting usage double and tripling on an annual basis. However, businesses are struggling to provide high-touch support experiences so they can serve their customers through this new medium. Service Cloud SOS has been helping customers re-define the way they interact with their customers through their mobile application by providing a high-touch support experience using the latest web technologies such as WebRTC. In this session we will demonstrate the versatility of the SOS SDK by using it to create a concierge-like experience in an e-commerce application and make it feel as if service is a first class citizen.

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Building a Concierge-like Experience into any Mobile Application

  1. 1. Service Cloud: SOS Building a Concierge-like Experience into any Mobile App Ian Livingstone (@ianlivingstone)
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  3. 3. High-Touch Service in Your Mobile App Embedded SOS button Video Chat Screensharing and Agent Annotations
  4. 4. Power of an SDK Create New Experiences using the SOS SDK that revolutionize the way you build relationships with your customer. Customize the look and feel to make the experience feel native to the application. Capture and provide any context to the agent to make building and maintaining the customer relationship easier than ever before. Available for iOS and Android
  5. 5. Creating a Concierge Experience
  6. 6. Configuring Service Cloud Agent can access a Presence Status that includes SOS Session objects A queue has been created for SOS Session’ s objects with the routing configured Agent has been assigned an SOS license and can pull work from the queue. Omni and SOS Widget’s added to console
  7. 7. Create an SOS Deployment Configure Session Recording Details Enable Two-Way Camera Choose Storage Option Enable Session Recording SOS Deployment Queue Session created for a deployment Deployment pushes session into a Queue Omni-Channel pulls from the Queue and pushes to the next available Agent
  8. 8. Org - Demo
  9. 9. Integrating SOS
  10. 10. Including the SOS Framework 1. Initialize a Podfile in your applications repository using pod init in your project’s root 2. Add our CocoaPod repository as a source to your Podfile source ‘’ source ‘’ 3. Install the pods into your project using pod install inside your project’s root 4. Open the workspace to ensure new project settings and dependencies are included
  11. 11. Update Project Settings 1. Enabled background mode inside the capabilities section of your application build settings 2. Enable Audio and AirPlay mode allowing SOS to continue a call when the application is backgrounded or the phone is put to sleep
  12. 12. Add SOSContainerView to the StoryBoard 1. Add a View Controller at the beginning of your storyboard as the initial view controller 2. Set the custom class to SOS Container View Controller 3. Create a custom segue between the new view controller and the former initial view controller 4. Set the identifier as SOS identifier and customer class to SOSSegue
  13. 13. Add Button to the Navigation Bar 1. Add UIBarButtonItem to the Navigation Bar of the Shoes Collection View Controller 2. Set the Image of the UIBarButtonItem to our desired icon 3. Add IBAction and IBOutlet to our Browse Shoes Collection View Controller for the button and it’s action 4. Assign references from our storyboard to the newly added IBAction and IBOutlet
  14. 14. Wiring it up 1. Include SOS into the Collection View Controller header file 2. Create an SOS Options object with our organization, deployment and LiveAgent pod details. 3. Start the SOS Session using the SOSSessionManager singleton startSessionWithOptions method 4. Handle the error through the completion block to catch any errors when we attempt to the start the session
  15. 15. Customizing the Experience
  16. 16. Hiding the SOS Button 1. Implement SOSDelegate protocol for the CollectionViewController class 2. Implement stateDidChange method to conform to the SOSDelegate protocol 3. Hide the button when the state is not SOSSessionStateInactive by updating the rightBarButtonItem property of the navigationItem for our view controller.
  17. 17. Customizing the Messaging and Annotations 1. Acquire references to SOSUIComponents and SOSScreenAnnotations via the uiComponents and annotations getters on the SOSSessionManager singleton 2. Use setters on uiComponents to set your custom messages such as setAlertText, setConnectMessage, and setDisconnectMessage 3. Customize line width and color via the setLineWidth and setLineColor methods on the SOSScreenAnnotations instance Session Manager Container View Controller UI Components Screen Annotations Agent View Session Controls SOS Camera Customize through setters and delegates Customize through setters or replace entirely
  18. 18. The Road Ahead
  19. 19. Epic Functionality Embeddable Service SDKs for SOS, Knowledge Base, Case Mgmt and Live Chat Smart Configure & Customize the customer experience. Maintain brand consistency Simple Easily drop Service SDK into your app with only a few lines of code Introducing the Service SDK ​Embedded Mobile Service Is Here
  20. 20. Thank you
  21. 21. Resources ● - SOS Documentation ● - SOS Developer Hub ● CocoaPods