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Why You Need to Know SEO


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A lecture I delivered to University of Toronto Mississauaga's CCIT program students (CCT332). If you are a student and are considering what path to take in your career, search marketing offers one of the fastest growth tracks.

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Why You Need to Know SEO

  1. 1. Why You Need to Know SEO Or why this may be the most important lecture you’ll ever attend. #utmseo
  2. 2. Dev Basu @devbasu
  3. 3. 2007 2009 2010 Consulting Rewrote SEO Module TA (2x) Started PBS 1 Day after Last Exam $0.5M Year 1 Marketing Prof Seneca College ~ $5M Year 5 Revenue 2013 2015 I’m Here Timeline
  4. 4. 2. United Kingdom - 16.0% 3. India - 6.6% 4. Canada - 4.0% 5. Australia - 3.0% 6. Spain - 2.1% 7. Netherlands - 1.9% 8. Germany - 1.8%
  5. 5. North American Search Industry is growing Growth 15-20% 1/2 Of all Marketers increasing budgets In 2014 3rd Consistent Year of 50% Year over Year Growth for Inbound Budgets Total Digital Ad Spend Worldwide to hit 137.53B In 2014 (emarketer) Year over Year
  6. 6. What do you want to be when you Grow up?
  7. 7. Raise your hand if...
  8. 8. Types of Search Engines Universal (Google Omnibox) Video (Youtube) Documents (Slideshare, Docstoc) Image (Flickr, iStockPhotos)
  9. 9. Types of Search Engines Music (Soundcloud, Spotify, 8tracks) People (Linkedin,, Scholarly (JSTOR, PubMed, OneClass) File Search (Usenet, Torrents)
  10. 10. SERP
  11. 11. “Bein’ #2 is just being the first to lose.”
  12. 12. SEO is a Winner Takes all Game
  13. 13. What is SEO anyways?
  14. 14. Code Content Context
  15. 15. “Search Engine Optimization is the set of best practices (both marketing and technical) that aim to improve the natural or organic search engine rankings of a given website.”
  16. 16. Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule?
  17. 17. Great content isn’t enough. You have to be popular too.
  18. 18. This is a Link
  19. 19. Links are kinda important
  20. 20. Which leads to PageRank
  21. 21. How to Get Inbound Links Partner sites Get mentioned in the press Create amazing content that people want to link to Get the same content shared on social channels
  22. 22. People & Google Hate Slow Websites 95% of users abandon shopping carts. This is the #1
  23. 23. You Are Losing Millions with a Slow Website You can never have a fast enough web experience.
  24. 24. Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?
  25. 25. Prepare for Your Final Exam/Project
  26. 26. Ace your Finals How will SEO factor into your marketing plan? State statistics on your hypothetical new visits State what you’ll do to optimize your site/content Know your top 5-10 factors affecting SEO
  27. 27. Meet Marc
  28. 28. Want to Work with Us? I will be hiring 2 interns for our next session 1 of the interns might be offered a full time role Opportunity to double your salary in 2-3 years You have to come recommended by Richardson
  29. 29.