Devatory: Technology In Today's Workforce


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If you are considering breaking into the world of web development, there are a myriad of technologies to decipher. What should someone trying to break into this exciting field try to learn? Devatory breaks it all down for you.

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Devatory: Technology In Today's Workforce

  1. 1. Technology in Today’s Workforce DEVATORY MAJID TAHIR
  2. 2. You are in luck If you are a developer You are considering learning to code Or
  3. 3. And its nice to be needed Because you are needed
  4. 4. The Shortage Of Developer Talent Is Crushing Mobile – The demand for good software is only getting greater. – Talented developers are the unicorns of the tech.They are elusive and valuable, and everybody wants one.
  5. 5. The supply (of developers) is smaller than the demand, and thus, companies are perpetually competing to capture developers wherever they can. “There is such a lack of top talent in digital software development that everybody is scrambling for talent.The agencies are looking for it.The start-ups are looking for it.”
  6. 6. That’s great but what should you learn?
  7. 7. HTML/CSS/JavaScript ASP.NET MVC4 Responsive Design / Mobile
  8. 8. Why JavaScript? When people talk about the power of HTML5 what they really mean is HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 The HTML5 standard is heavily backed by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and other tech giants
  9. 9. JavaScript is Becoming Developer Friendly JavaScript has great frameworks to ease learning, productivity, and code maintainability
  10. 10. JavaScript is Ubiquitous Front-end • Rich UI Server side • Node.js Database • MongoDB
  11. 11. Why ASP.NET MVC4? Learn solid programming fundamentals with C# Key Concepts •Object oriented programming •MVC architecture Database connectivity •Entity Framework •Nhibernate
  12. 12. High employability and flexibility • .NET is used in virtually every industry including startups and well- established companies. • .NET skills are highly transferrable. Skills can be transferred easily to Java, Ruby on Rails, and other object-oriented tech stacks.
  13. 13. What is Responsive Design? “Cutting-edge architecture that optimizes websites for desktops and provides "app-like" experiences on smartphones, tablets and e- readers” (
  14. 14. Companies are scrambling to make their sites responsive or they risk losing customers and business.
  15. 15. What’s the benefit of responsive design over mobile apps? One technology stack Requires less resources Consistent content and search engine friendly Future Friendly
  16. 16. Raw Number of Jobs in Chicago 0 500 1000 1500 2000 JavaScript C# HTML Courtesy of The Numbers Speak forThemselves
  17. 17. How do I learn this stuff? ExperiencedWeb Developer Experienced Programmer NewWeb Developer
  18. 18. Experienced Web Developer You are in good shape • Pick up good JavaScript books • Learn the basics from online resources such asTreehouse and CodeSchool • Practice, practice, practice
  19. 19. Experienced Programmer • Learn the basics from online resources such asTreehouse and CodeSchool • Practice, practice, practice • May benefit from developer boot camps like Devatory
  20. 20. • Try • Learn how to make a simple website. Do you enjoy coding? • Take online programs like Treehouse and CodeSchool You seriously want to learn • Attend a developer bootcamp like Devatory. • Get practical experience and job skills You want to be a Pro New Programmer
  21. 21. What are Developer Bootcamps? • Immersive and intensive programming learning programs designed to give students heavy practical experience in developing web applications. • Students are expected to write code using languages and frameworks that will make them employable quickly • Provides mentorship to those aiming to start a new career in web development
  22. 22. Now is a great time to be a web/mobile developer Learning the right web technologies is not rocket science. You can do it! The right training can go a long way