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Focus Sectors of Odisha. For a downloadable pdf copy please email me at

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Focus sectors of odisha invest bhubaneswar devasissarangi

  1. 1. 2nd dishaSymposium 2011Author: Devasis Sarangi, email:
  2. 2. Adjudged the ‚3rd best place to do business in India‛ in a World Bank study (2009). Adjudged the ‚best place to trade Capital: across borders‛ in a World Bank study Bhubaneshwar (2009) According to the ASSOCHAM Area: 1,55,707 sq. km Placement Pattern Study :Tier II and Tier III cities Emerging as the New Job Population 2011 (P): Creation Basket in 2011-2012. 41,947,358 Bhubaneswar at No 1 position by recording Per capita income 42.2% growth in job creation1 compared Bhubaneswar is Number in growth 2009-10: INR24,098 to last year. over last year’s net direct taxOdisha at a glance Urban Population: collection during April -December 2010 : 14.97% 52.6 % increase. Literacy rate 2011 (P): A senior IT department official said 73.25% the better growth in direct tax Districts: 30 realisation clearly indicates an increase in business activity. Towns: 138 India’s top tax payer in the Villages: 51,350 individual category in the FY 2010-11 is from Odisha. Principal crops: Rice, 3 of the top 10 taxpayers are from pulses , oilseeds In State of States Conclave 2011: Odisha in individual category. Major industries: Most improved states ” India Today Steel, Aluminium, ranked Odisha 3rd among all states. power, cement,
  3. 3. Odisha ” single window system Less than INR0.5-10 Greater than INR0.5 billion billion 10 billionDistrict-level clearance State-level clearance High-level clearancecommittee ” District Chief committee ” committee ” ChiefCollector Saving Secretary Minister time in getting regulato ry approval Government of Odisha s Shri, B.K. Patnaik, IAS Removal of Providing Chief- Secretary redundan assistanc t Advantages e and Telephone No: +91-674- informat guidance ion 2536700/2534300 Fax: +91-674-2536660 Removal of direct Email: interaction between government & investor
  4. 4. Growing industrial sector: leading the Contribution of industrial sector economic growth in Orissa ► 22.7% ► Future Additional ouput ► Steel-77 mtpa ► Alumina-8 mtpa ► Oil refineries-15 mtpa ► Cement-30 mtpa ► Power-33,000 MW ► Constitutes 10% of India’s steel- generation capacity and 25% of its iron-ore reserves. Source: CMIE Industrial sector has averaged real annual growth of 12.6% during the first three years of 11th five year plan. Government of Odisha ” Industry Shri, T Ramachandru, IAS Principal Secretary Department of Industries Telephone No: +91-674- Source: Economic survey of Orissa 2010-11 23222543/2536640 Fax: +91-674-2536819/2396299 Email:
  5. 5. Team Orissa ” driving growthThe objective of Team Orissa is to attract investment to the state byhighlighting key sectors of potential growth and promote industrialfacilitation Key stakeholders Task performed ►Guidance and assistance to►Chief Minister: Captain of Team entrepreneursOrissa ►Designing growth strategies►State Level Nodal Agency for ►Investment promotion initiativesInvestment Promotion and ►Single point contact forIndustrial Facilitation: IPICOL investors►State Level Nodal Agency for Land ►Aid and feedback in policy, Infrastructure: & Forest clearance: formulationIDCO Government of Odisha- Government of Odisha - IPICOL IDCO Shri, C.J. Venugopal, IAS Shri, Priyabrata Patnaik, IAS Chairman cum Managing Chairman cum Managing Director Director IPICOL House, Janpath Industrial Development Tel: +91-674-254361/254376 Corporation of Orissa Fax: +91-674-2543766 Telephone No: +91-674-2542784 Email:cmdipicol@teamorissa.o Email: rg
  6. 6. Low cost of doing business The regulatory reform package introduced by Government of Orissa, combined with its capacity development initiatives, led to a significant decline in the cost of doing business in Orissa. Industrial land (US$ per sq. m) Office space rent (US$ per sq. ft. per 20 month) 0.85 0.8 10 10 0.37 0.33 4.5 0.2 2 Competitive advantage Labor cost (minimum wage US$ per Power (cents per kWh) month) 9.8 9.29 10 69 66 7.5 60 5.7 53 50Source: IBEF
  7. 7. Odisha: Focus Sectors ” Invest Bhubaneswar Traditional sectors Sunrise sectorsHandloom Automobil Ancillary and es and and textiles auto downstrea Semicondu component mMetals and ctor / s Mining Embedded IT and ITeS / Gems and Hardware jewelry Agro Education processing Food Renewable processing Infrastruct Tourism ure Biotechnol Focus ogy and Petrochem Traditiona Sectors Sunrise pharmaceu icals l Sectors Invest Sectors ticals Bhubanesw ar
  8. 8. IT/ITeS Invest Bhubaneswar Government of Odisha Sector Champions Shri Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, IAS ► Annada Prasad Padhy - +91-Commissioner-cum-Secretary 0437343333 Department of Information Technology ► Ayashkantha Mohanty - +91- Government of 9337105654 Orissa, Bhubaneswar e-mail: ► Tanmay Mohanty - +91- 9238426536
  9. 9. IT/ITeS: Thriving sector in Odisha is expected to worth India Software exports from India and software exports Orissa (INR billion) record 474.1 INR517 billion in FY11. 443.0 297.3 334.3 IT sector accounts for 6 of 20 140.8 176.6 SEZs in Orissa. 4 5 7 10 11.6 12 Five of six SEZs are in the FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 Khurda district.Source: NASSCOMStrategic Review India Orissa More than 300 Key small and medium enterprises players dominate Orissa’s IT sector. The sector employs 12,000 software professionals. Orissa targets software product exports worth US$1 billion by 2011–12
  10. 10. IT/ITeS: IT majors plan expansion and expanding infrastructure Planned IT infrastructure Tower 2010Infosys campus With an investment of INR1.4 ► Plans to establish billion, this tower will be a second campus developed near Tower 2000 as over a 100-acre a 17-storey building with a built- plot in the up area of around 0.4 million Infocity-II area are sq. ft. in the pipeline Infocity-II The Infocity-II project, a major PPP project, is being planned on ► Anticipated 600 acres of land at Janla on employee base of the outskirts of the city at an 5,000 estimated cost of INR1.5 billion. TCS campus Mindspace IT Park An MoU has been signed with K. Raheja Group to build an INR8.4- ► Upon completing billion IT park at Rasulgarh its expansion plan over 25 acres of land. , TCS will seat Infopark 7,000 associates at A 54-acre high-tech IT park is this facility being developed in Bhubaneswar with an investment of INR10 billion.
  11. 11. Info Park Info Valley► 54 acres state of the ► 202 Ha of land parcel ” art IT Park opposite Outskirts of Infocity in Bhubaneswar Chandaka, Bhubanesw ► 130 Ha ” IT Free Trade Zone ar ► 72 Ha - Township ► Demand Assessment done► Project to offer by M/S Knight Frank Pvt. over 4 million Ltd square feet of ► Infosys Technology Ltd quality built up space being considered as
  12. 12. IT investment region (ITIR) ”taking Odisha ahead IT investment region (ITIR) Investment ► The total investment would be of INR178.83 billion. ► Planned expenditure Phase I – 20% Phase II – 80% ► More than 75% through PPP mode Infrastructure ► Area of 10,000 acres between Bhubaneshwar and Khurda. ►ITIR in Bhubaneshwar ► Airport, a global IT training ►40 square Km area centre, a bio-tech park and a science city spread over 350 acres. ►Investment through PPP mode ► Infocity II ” 600 acres ►Around quarter a million job creation ► Around 40% area for IT/ITeS sector IT investment region would help Orissaand establishing and presence in electronics its hardware manufacturing units. in the global IT world map.
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  14. 14. Agri & Food Processing Invest Bhubaneswar Government of Odisha Sector Champions Shri Ranglal Jamuda,IAS Principal Secretary Department of AgricultureTelephone No: 2323049/ 2391325 ► Sibasish Mishra - +91- 9937535555 Shri Satyabrata Sahu, IAS Commissioner-cum-SecretaryDepartment of Fisheries & Animal Resources Department ► Pritam Banerjee - +91-Telephone No: +91-674-2322960/ 9937086991/9238450231 2536985 Dr. Arabinda Kumar Padhee, IAS
  15. 15. Outlook Inherent Government Investments Resources initiatives ► Setting up of food parks► High proportion of ► Futuristic 2008 in the Khurda region cropped area in total Agriculture policy: ► Increasing interest of land utilization ‚subsistence‛ to both large national and► 10 agro-climatic zones profitable commercial foreign corporate, and and 8 soil types agriculture several MSMEs for► High cropping intensity ► Watershed mission and investment► 4th largest vegetable irrigation projects ► Britannia, Nestle, and producing state of ► Livestock breeding Parle Agro - India farms, poultry Approved► 3% and 4% contributor hatcheries and fodder ► NSL Group, Indo to the country’s farms Nissin, PRAN Group - In floricultural and ► Fishery development process spices production policy, state reservoir ► Evincing of interest by the respectively fishery policy, Welfare Taiwan’s and Ghana’s► Long coastline schemes for Government for fisherman, fishfed for investment marine industry ► Plans of foreign players Presence of large resources, upcoming investments and to enter ODISHA’s food processing industry encouraging government initiatives to help Odisha achieve its full potential in the food processing sector
  16. 16. Food processing: investment potential India’s food processing India’s food processing sector (INR billion) ► India produces: 4,186 4,784 ► 105 million tonnes of milk 3,430 3,680 (world’s largest) ► 150 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables (2nd largest) ► 230 million tonnes food grains (3rd largest) 2009 2010 2011e 2012e ► 7 million tonnes of fish (3rdSource: Netscribe Research largest) ► 490 million poultry and 45Orissa’s food processing sector 3rdbillion eggs largest producer of cashew► Orissa has 10 agro-climatic zones nuts in India Orissa’s Standing and 8 major soil types. ► Potential to attract investments► It has 4 fishing harbors and 60 fish 4th largest vegetable producer in worth INR 1.1 trillion by 2015 landing centers. India► Country’s leading producer of 5th largest producer of coconut rice, pulses, vegetables, oilseeds, c in India otton, groundnut, coconut, jute, spi 7th largest fish producer state in ces, potato and fruits. India► Contributes less to 23,000 the Orissa is home than 2% to agri- and food processing small country’s milk production and 3%and medium enterprises (SMEs), which generate more than of its egg production.0.12 million employment opportunities with an investment of INR10 billion.
  17. 17. Marine processing in Orissa: accounting for 4% of India’sKey facts marine exports► Coastline of 480 km (6% of India)► Continental shelf area of 24,000 sq. km., along the Bay of Bengal. (4.7% of India’s continental shelf area)► Brackish water area of 418 thousand hectares and fresh water area of 673 thousand hectares► Chilika Lake: the largest natural brackish water lagoon in Asia Production of fish in Orissa (‘000 metric tonnes) Exports of marine products from India 375 and Orissa (INR billion) 400 325 343 350 120 307 316 83.6 86.1 72.5 76.2 300 110 66.5 200 100.3 100 91.8 97.8 2.4 2.6 3 3.5 3.6 100 90 89.0 89.0 0 80 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 India Orissa Production ExportsSource: Economic Survey of Orissa, 2009– Source: Economic Survey of Orissa, 2009–10 10► Orissa exported marine products worth INR3.6 billion in FY09, recording a CAGR of 10% in the last four years.► Primary destinations of marine products exports are Japan, the US, the UK, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. ► Frozen shrimps account for a major share of marine exports. ► Approximately 30% of the fish production is exported.
  18. 18. Food processing: key regions Mega food and marine park, Khurda ► Developed on 282 acres of land ► Location: Malipara near Khurda. ► To attract investments ~INR20 billion. ► Key investment projects already planned by: ► Britannia Industries The Khurda ► Nestlé region is emerging as a ► Parle Agro Food-processing park, Khurda food-processing hub ► To be developed on 162 acres of Fruit processing clusters land Vegetable processing ► Investment ” INR 99 million clusters Main fishing centers ► Alloted land to 55 industrial units for the proposed park
  19. 19. Food Park, Khurda► 162 acres Park for food processing industries► Central assistance of Rs 40 million envisaged against project cost of Rs 99.07 million. Rs 20 million GoI grant received and utilised.► Required infrastructure like external linkages, internal roads, power supply, water supply, drainage, stree
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  21. 21. Tourism Invest Bhubaneswar Government of Odisha Sector ChampionsShri Ashok Kumar Tripathy, IAS Principal Secretary DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM ► Debasish Patnaik - +91- Government of 9337555551 Odisha, Paryatan Bhawan Lewis Road, Bhubaneswar- 751014 ► Devasis Sarangi - +91-Phone - 91 674 2390005 , Fax - 91 9437028958/9937001554
  22. 22. Tourism: a sunrise sector for the state Tourist visits to India and Inflow of tourist income (INR Tourist composition in Orissa (in million) billion) Orissa (2010) 664 CAGR=11% 1% 540 577 Within the 474 34 37 375 402 32 state 24 28 22 39% 60% Within 4.2 4.7 5.3 6.0 6.4 6.9 India, outsid e state 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 India Orissa France and the UK are the top Source: Economic Survey of Orissa, 2010–11 tourist-generating markets, and around 45% of tourists visit from western EuropeEncouraged by increased spending power, foreign tourists are staying for longer periods in Odisha►Tourism constitutes 2.3% of thestate’s GSDP 2004-05 2008-09► Provides both direct and Averag Average Averag Averagemployment to 0.37 million e spending e epeople. The ratio of indirect to durati durati spendi on of on of ngdirect jobs is approximately 3:1 days days►UK and France constitute the top Domesti 3.9 1,275 3.7 1,357tourist-generating markets from coverseas, and around 45% of Source: Economic Survey of Foreign 12.7 1,944 14.2 2,255 Orissa, 2010–11
  23. 23. Tourism: Odisha’s hospitality sector on the rise Cruise tourism Shares of the trade-hotel-restaurant13.0% Beach tourism Floating hotels and sector in GSDP (2004”05 to 2009”10) Eco-resorts restaurants12.5% Beach resorts River cruise already12.0% operating on Water sports Mahanadi River11.5% Hotel projects Investment 12.7% 12.8% 12.6% opportunitie11.0% 12.5% s 11.8%10.5% Health tourism 10.8% Eco tourism (40% of land10.0% under forest cover) centers and Forest resorts amusement parks9.5% 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Safaris Opportunity at Puri, Konark, Bhuban Adventure sports Source: Economic Survey Orissa, 2010–11 eswar and Koratpur Prominent star hotels in Odisha Upcoming investments ► WelcomHeritage (JV between ITC Hotels and Maharaja of Jodhpur) ► BRM Group’s INR1-billion plan for setting up two boutique hotels ► Kamat Hotel’s plans to set up museum hotels in Odisha
  24. 24. Snapshot of opportunities ” Odisha Tourism Special Tourism- Beach Tourism-Eco Buddhist Tourism – Leisure Tourism Samuka, talasari /beach resorts,spa & Dhauli, Jajpur, Jirang sportsRiverine Tourism & Eco – Chilka Thematic Luxury Tourist Train Cruise Tourism Similipal, Bhitarkanik Development a, Satkosia
  25. 25. Investment Opportunities - Eco Tourism► Important eco-tourism assets at ► Simlipal Tiger reserve & National park ► Bhitarkanika National park ► Satkosia Gorge in Satkosia- Baisipalli sanctuary ► Koraput ► Kandhamal ► Debrigarh (Sambalpur)► Potential for development of ► Jungle Lodges / Jungle Resorts ► Adventure sports
  26. 26. Investment Potential ” Buddhist Tourism► Products ► Art and Craft Village ► Meditation halls ► Hotels/ Resorts. ► Sound and light show. ► Interpretation centre/library ► Ayurvedic and Spa resort► Locations for development of Buddhist tourism ► Dhauli ” Bhubaneswar ► Jajpur ► Gajapati (South Asia’s largest Buddhist Monastery at Jirang) ► Cuttack ► Ratnagiri
  27. 27. PPP opportunities in Tourism►Development of Way side amenities.►Development water sports ” 31 locations and House boats ” 15 locations.►Development of tourist resorts ” 40 locations.►Multimedia Laser Show at Dhauli on PPP mode.
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  29. 29. Manufacturing(Semi Conductor / Embedded / Hardware) Invest Bhubaneswar Government of Odisha Sector Champion Shri Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, IAS ► Reshmi Ranjan Mohapatra -Commissioner-cum-Secretary +91-9337522444 Department of Information Technology ► Purna Mohanty ”+1-408-981- Government of 2453 Orissa, Bhubaneswar e-mail: ► Samir Jena - +91-
  30. 30. Electronics Systems Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) as a priority sector for India Major segments of ESDM demand in India by 2020E►Substantial Demand - The demand for electronics in India was $45 Bnin 2008-09 and is expected to reach $400 Bn by 2020.►Exponential Growth - India’s electronics industry is expected togrow at 22% per year, which is 7x the global rate►Major Segments - 4 major Segments of demand in India by 2020would be : ►Telecom Products and Equipment - $152 bn ►Exports - $80 bn
  31. 31. developing semiconductormanufacturing capabilities in India
  32. 32. India as a semiconductorIndia as a semiconductor chip destination► Semiconductor design industry in India, consists of VLSI destination design, board/hardware design and embedded software development► The size of the design industry was estimated at UDD 6.5 billion in 2009 and is expected to log a compound annual growth rate of 17.3% over the next three years to reach USD 10.6 billion in 2012► Nearly 2000 chips are being designed each year and more than 20,000 engineers being engaged in various aspects of chip designing and verification
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  34. 34. Education Invest Bhubaneswar Government of Odisha Sector Champions Smt Aparajita Sarangi, IASCommissioner-cum-SecretaryDepartment of School & Mass ► Dhanada Mishra - +91- Education 9437513080 Government of Orissa, Bhubaneswar E-mail: Dr. Chandra Shekhar ► Devasis Sarangi - +91- Kumar, IAS 9437028958/9937001554Commissioner-cum-SecretaryHigher Education Department
  35. 35. Education: India and Orissa on an upswing Every year, 5,000 MBAs, 42,000 Bachelor’s in Technology (B.Tech) graduates, 60,000 general graduates and 75,000 ITI diploma holders graduate in Orissa. Literacy rate for Orissa and India (per 100 people) Leading institutions in the region 63 64.8 49 52.2 41 43.6 34.5 28.3 26 22 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 Orissa IndiaIndicator 1998-99 2008-09 Comparative literacy rates (2001)Primary 53,614 69,119 74% 77%Secondary 6,160 7,500 60% 61% 63% 54% Higher educationUniversities 5 11Colleges 684 2,098Engineering colleges 5 151ITIs 48 620 The state aims to provide primary schools withinPolytechnics 15 100 1 km and upper primary schools within 3 km from places with populations of more than 300 andSource: Economic Survey Orissa, 2010–11 500, respectively
  36. 36. Education: government schemes facilitating education in Odisha Important government programs implemented jointly by the Centre and the States: Sarva Siskhya Abhiyan (SSA) Sakhshar Bharti State Institute of Education Technology National Service Scheme Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) As many as 8,623 new primary schools have been opened and 9,004 primary schools upgraded to the upper primary levelAbhiyan’s achiev Sarva Sikshya ements A total of 157 Kasturva Gandhi Balika Vidalayas have been made operational for 15,632 girl students Civil work has been completed for 5,095 new primary school buildings, 6,761 new upper primary school buildings and 36,101 additional classrooms
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  38. 38. Clean Technology - Renewables Invest Bhubaneswar Government of Odisha Sector ChampionShri Devendra Nath Gupta , IASCommissioner-cum-Secretary Science and Technology Department ► Pradipta Panigrahi - +91- Government of 9861065762/9437446576 Orissa,Bhubaneswar Tel: +91-674- 2536772/ 2322713
  39. 39. Orissa: performing well in harnessing its renewable energy Utilization rate for biogas and manureUtilization rate for SHP projects of major hydro management for key states as on 31 December potential states as on 31 December 2009 2009 33.4% 32.5% 41.7% 38.8% India:33.5% 21.8% 23.9% India:16.6% 21.6% 13.7% 18.8% 11.3% 9.1% 8.8% 8.4% 7.3% 1.9% 3.9% Andhra Orissa Punjab Uttar Madhya Rajasthan Jharkhand Pradesh Pradesh PradeshSource: Economic Survey of India 2010–11 Source: Economic Survey of India 2010–11 ►In Orissa, state electricity Potential in Resource supply is mostly hydro-based and Orissa thermal-based. Hydro sources of Solar PV power 14,000 MW energy contribute 42% of the state’s total power. Small hydros 156.76 MW Wind energy 236 MW ►Orissa has significant potential in the generation of energy from Biomass power 350 MW alternative sources of renewable Waste to energy 28.5 MW energy. Biogas plants Source: OREDA 6,05,500
  40. 40. Increased activity to tap other sources of renewable energy Wind energy Solar Power energy “ Wind resource assessment “ OREDA proactively being taken up at 22 sites promoting solar power by C-net projects in the state “ During 2009”10, 19 new solar projects mended Biomass energy Energy plantations and “ State ready for its first bio-diesel biomass project of 20 MW “ Focus on Jatropha at Dhenkanal plantation by providing subsidy to farmersGovernment initiatives: promoting renewable energy in the “ Plantations of Jatropha state at around 5220 acres of Remote Village land taken upEnergy The program is Biju Patnaik in 2009–10. Electrification Biju Gram Jyoti The scheme was aimed a the Park Programme introduced in 2007 This initiative is electrification by to cover areas aimed at non-conventional with populations promoting energy sources of of less than 100. awareness around remote villages renewable energy where grid The scheme as through displays connectivity is not been successful in of renewable- feasible. electrifying 7,714 energy devices for villages and 67,744 the public to In 2009”10, 371 below-poverty- learn from. remote villages in line (BPL) 8 districts have
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  42. 42. Infrastructure Invest BhubaneswarGovernment of Odisha Sector Champion Shri.G.K. Dhal, IAS, Principal Secretary to GovernmentDepartment of Commerce & ► Rajesh Roy Choudhury - +91- Transport 9437011012 Government of Orissa, Bhubaneswar Tel: +91-674-2536857
  43. 43. Road/Rail: Odisha has well developed rail and road network Investments worth US$5 billion have been planned to upgrade road infrastructure for the next five years. Outstanding investments in January 2011 totaled INR121 billion.►Orissa’s road density better Key Road projectsthan the all-India average. ►Bhubaneswar-Puri (NH-203)►Orissa has 242,736 km of road four-lane highway project :length which includes 3704 of INR5 billionnational highway and 5102 of ►Chandikhol-Jagatpur-state highway Bhubaneswar (NH-5) six-lane►Major transport corridor highway project : INR12.5between East and South passing billionthrough Orissa ►Rimuli-Roxy- Rajamunda Key Rail projects ►Orissa has a total rail length (NH-215) : INR14.1 billion►Khurda-Balangir (289 Km) of 2,439 Km as of 2008-09line connecting coastal which includes 54 Km ofareas to Western Orissa: INR7 narrow guage ►It serves as a strategic linkbillion►Haridaspur ” Paradeep between eastern and southern(82Km) : India ►It is the most profitable► INR5.72 billion►Lanjuigarh road” Junagarh freight rail corridor in India
  44. 44. Biju Patnaik Airport: connectingOdisha to the rest of the world ►Domesticairport in Bhubaneshwar : Biju Patanaik Airport (Poised to be an international airport in the near future) ► Direct links : New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalor e Mumbai, Hyderabad, Raipur and Port Blair ►New domestic terminal is being built with an investment of US$31.3 million ►Second airstrip near the industrial region of Jharsuguda airstrip Orissa Overview ►Currently, the state has 17
  45. 45. Ports: cargo traffic to reach 100 million tonnes by 2016”17 Cargo traffic through major ports in India (2010) 120 115 25% 100 20% 80 80 21% 66 15% 60 57 46 14% 10% 12% 40 8% 10% 20 5% 0 0% Gujarat Andhra pradesh Orissa Maharashtra Kolkata Cargo traffic (million tonnes) % of total traffic through major portsSource: Ministry of Shipping►Principal maritime state with a 480-km coastline (6% of India).►Bulkcommodities such as coal, limestone, and crude and petroleumproducts are primary constituents of cargo.►Paradip Port is the largest port of Odisha handling bulk of the trafiic.►Gopalpur Port, the second-largest port in Orissa handled 0.24 milliontonnes of cargo in FY09.
  46. 46. Key investment zones/regions►The state has 86 industrial estates invarious strategic locations. Sundergarh►Industrial infrastructure in Orissa can Zone IIIbe classified as: Zone I Zone Dhamara ►Industrial zones/areas Angul IV Paradi Cuttack p ►SEZs Bhubaneswa r Zone II ►Special industrial parks Zone V ►Downstream industrial parks Zone VI Key investment zones ►Proposed investment regions Zone I: Kalinganagar- Duburi Zone II: Paradip- Jagatsinghpur Zone III: Jharsuguda- Brajarajnagar Zone IV: Talcher-Angul Zone V: Gopalpur-
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