E club bulletin vol 1 2013-2014


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E club bulletin vol 1 2013-2014

  1. 1. Fellow Rotari-ans andFriends,Peace throughService to all!What a year!Wow! It started great with the support ofmy dear amigo PRIP Frank Devlyn; thenmeeting our RIP Sakuji Tanaka here inHouston, thanks to D5890, and honouredto have PRIP and current RF Chair WilfWilkinson dedicating his online presenta-tion to our eClub. The joy of leading ouronline 50 weekly meetings without failwill stay with me forever. Attendance atour Guest Speaker group nearly dou-bled, 50 fantastic guest speakers, fiveMatching Grants signed this year, theclosest to my heart was our Mexico one.We created an imprint on virtual fundrais-ing thru the Virtual Global Swimarathonon Rotary’s birthday, as well as openedUSA bank account and Paypal onlinedonation possibilities. Proud to havebrought in 5 of our 8 great new members,of which Dr. Nischal Pandey earnedMember of the Year recognition! Have 5Paul Harris and 5 EREY members too!Thank you Service Chair and PEDevashis and SAA Nischal for the helpUttarakhand relief initiative!. I could nothave done my work as President, Web-master, Program Chair, and SAA (for thefirst 6 mo.) and actively helping with PR,online fundraising and membership if ithad not been for the support of my fellowactive officers and our friend and mentorPrakash Saraswat. Thank you. WelcomePresident Devashis and new officersteam! Wooohoooo!YIRS, LizetteHouston, TX 6/25/2013Farewell & Welcome note from Rtn.Lizette GuadalupeÖdfalk, IPP of Rotary E-Club of D-3170 2012-13Message from Rtn. Devashis Kuthari Presidentof Rotary E-Club of D-3170 2013-14Rotary E-Club of D-3170 is based in Goa, India and was chartered by Rotary International on April 27, 2011. It’s sponsorclub is Rotary Club Vasco Da Gama, Goa D-3170. It is a club without any GEOGRAPHICAL LIMIT. We meet on-lineevery Wednesday and @ 6pm IST and the meeitngs run 27/4 until the next one starts. The club is active in Community &Youth Service projects in India as well as sponsoring and participating in International Service projects around the world.Dear all, I am being in-stalled as the third president ofRotary E-Club of D-3170. Thework done by our past presidentsis good, and it would requireequal effort to maintain the stan-dard. Looking forward to the newRotarian year 2013-14. Ipromise to the members of theclub more fun and club service.For this purpose we are launch-ing a photo competition in the bulletin. We wish that allmembers participate and post their entry photos on theclub’s Facebook page. To begin the year, we joinedthe badly needed relief work following the devastatingflooding at Uttarakhand region being done by our cluband with Dr. Nischal Pandey leading a medical team onthe spot. I promise to keep up the quality work with thegreat team I am heading.Thank you!Devashis Kuthari,president 2013-14Volume 1, Issue 1Newsletter DateJune 26, 2013We meet on-line everyWed. @ 6pm IST onFarewell & Welcome notefrom Rtn.Lizette Guada-lupe Ödfalk, IPP 2012-131Welcome Message fromRtn. Devashis Kuthari1Note from Rtn.TeodoraAtanasova E-Club’s secre-tary & bulletin editor 2013-142Message from Rtn. MohanMulherkar DG of D-3170 –2013-142Ron D. Burton RI Presi-dent-nominee’s Accep-tance remarks3Financial Support for Okla-homaTornado Relief Fund4Monthly Photo Competition 4Featured project of theclub5Inside this issue:
  2. 2. Dear Fellow Rotarians,It’s a great honor forme to serve as secretary of ourE-Club during the new Rotar-ian year 2013-14. In April 2013I’ve attended the local SETSand familiarized myself withthe duties of the secretary andwith the inside panel of the RIweb site which offers very user friendly monthly report-ing of the club’s activities to the headquarters of RI. I willalso do my best in creating the newly started monthlybulletin “The e-Rotarian” putting together engaging anduseful content. I do believe in the power of TEAM(Together Everyone Achieves More) work and will beglad to receive suggestions and ideas for content ornews you find interesting or of importance to our fellowRotarians. As it was written in one book “Greatness onlyhappens to and through teams”. We live in incredible hi-tech times with constantly developing technology, thanksto which we’re able to connect from around the globe inthe name of Rotary International’s motto “Service AboveSelf”.Looking towards a great and unforgettable Rotarian Year2013-14,Run. Theodora Atanasova, club’s secretary 2013-14Sofia, BulgariaWelcome Note from Rtn. Teodora Atanasova Rotary E-Club’s Secretary & bulletin editor2013-14Page 2Foremost I convey my profound gratitude to allRotarians, Dynamic Presidents and ever rocking Districtand Club leaders.We are just to usher in a new Rotary year andthis early I can feel the enthusiasm and energy of manyclub leaders. In fact, a good number of clubs have al-ready furnished me with their Kick-off Projects, an indica-tion of their eagerness to Engage Rotary in our communi-ties this year to change lives. Congratulations, dynamicPresidents and Secretaries for your leadership.The Future vision is on the anvil and we are allset to go. A transformation that has multitude of scope tosoar our attitude to do all the good in the world. ThisYear, world over, it will change the way we used to workin Rotary.I have given much thought on the objectives ofour District this year and after careful consideration theones that really need our attention are the following:Message from Rtn. Mohan MulherkarDistrict Governor 2013-14
  3. 3. At every level of RI’s leadership, we’re lookingforward — to the best years of Rotary, which I believeare yet to come. We’ve got tremendous strengths, inour members, our clubs, and our Foundation.Using the RI Strategic Plan, we have an outlinethat we can use to make Rotary more relevant.The strategic plan isn’t really new — it’s reallyjust a solid reminder of the things that Rotary clubshave been doing for years. What’s different is that wehave finally written them down, put them in a logicalformat, and provided that to Rotarians, Rotary clubs,and districts as a tool for all of us to use. The plan is away to look clearly at who we are, where we’re going,and how we should be getting there. And it’s a powerfulreminder of our goals and our priorities —which, at theirheart, are the same as they’ve been since Rotary wasfounded.A lot has changed since Paul Harris started thefirst Rotary club in 1905. But the most important thingsabout Rotary haven’t changed, and won’t ever change.Being a Rotarian means putting others’ needs beforeour own, and it means embracing our core values: ser-vice, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. Be-ing a Rotarian means living the Rotary motto, ServiceAbove Self. Being a Rotarian means living The Four-Way Test in everything we think, say, or do.The years that stand before us now will be piv-otal to the future of Rotary. Every one of us here is for-tunate to be a Rotarian at this time — and every one ofus also has a responsibility to Rotary’s future. In 2013-14, I will ask for the help of every Rotarian to make thatfuture as strong and bright as possible — to ensure an-other 107 wonderful years of Service Above Self.Thank you.Ron D. BurtonI am both honored andhumbled to accept the nominationof president of Rotary Internationalfor the 2013-14 Rotary year.I’ve been a Rotarian since 1979.In that time, if there’s one thingI’ve learned about Rotary, it’s thatit’s a privilege to be a Rotarian. Itake a tremendous amount ofpride in being a Rotarian.To me, Rotary isn’t just another service organiza-tion. It is something different, something special.Being a Rotarian, well, it’s like a lot of things inlife — it is what you make of it. But Rotary isn’t like any-thing else in our lives. Every day that we are a part of Ro-tary, we have a choice to make: whether we’re going totake full advantage of the opportunities that are open tous as Rotarians, or whether we’re going to let those op-portunities pass us by. Because Rotary, for each of us, isnothing more than potential: the incredible potential tochange lives, to help others, to be better people our-selves. And what we do with that potential — what we dowith the opportunities that Rotary offers us — that’s a de-cision that’s up to each one of us.I really believe that this is an incredibly excitingtime to be a Rotarian — probably the most exciting timesince Rotary was founded, more than 107 years ago.We’re closing in on our great goal of a polio-free world.We’re working harder than ever, with more partners thanever, to be sure that we keep that Rotary promise. Andwhile we focus on finishing that job, we’re also lookingahead — past polio, to a future where we will dream big-ger, achieve more, and make a more lasting difference.That’s why our Rotary Foundation has chosen to launchFuture Vision — to be sure that we are doing absolutelythe most we can, with every resource we have.Ron D. Burton RI President-nominee’s Acceptance RemarksPage 3Volume 1, Issue 11. Net increase in Membership by at least 15%.2. TRF contribution ($1million )and program participationlike EREY clubs, new Multiple Paul Harris Fellows whocontribution comes quite generously; highest per capitaclub contribution ; highest total contribution to AnnualPrograms Fund; approved, completed and closed districtand Global Grants3. Service projects aligned to the Six RI/TRF Areas ofFocus4. Club administration includes implementation of theClub Leadership Plan; weekly club bulletin; Club secre-tarys reports, and others;5. High impact projectsWe are all blessed by the almighty to use our vast re-courses and potential in the benefit of our brothers andsisters, the sick, the ignorant, the women, the disabled,and the victims in our societies both locally and globally.Eventually what concludes is we not only give themfood, water, education, basic necessities and livelihoodbut we give them back their lives.I wish you all the best to Engage Rotary andChange Lives in our Year to come.Thank you,DG Rtn. Mohan Mulherkar
  4. 4. Here are five facts you need to know aboutOklahomas recent spate of tornadoes:1. The twister that tore through Oklahoma on Fri-day, which swelled from one mile to 2.6 miles widein a 30-second span, is the widest ever recorded.For perspective, Manhattan is 2.3 miles wide at itswidest point near 14th Street. 2. The nearly 295mph wind speeds of the killer tornado beats everyworld wind record except the more-than 300-mphreading measured during the Moore, Okla., tornado in 1999. 3. The ferocious twister that blasted Oklahoma on Fri-day was an EF5. On average, only one out of every 1,000 tornadoes that hit the U.S. each year might be an EF5. 4.There have only been 8 F5/EF5 tornadoes in Oklahoma since 1950, and two of them hit in the past two weeks: theEF5 twister that struck on May 31 and the one that devastated Moore on May 20. 5. The 11 days from May 20 toMay 31 is the shortest time span between EF5 tornadoes in Oklahoma history.Rotary E-Club of D-3170 supported Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund2. On the 5thof the next month Sandeep Mall will announcethe winning photos in the two categories nature & peopletogether with the corresponding prize for each one of thephotos.The competition is open for all members or our E-Club. Onephoto per section , two photos per member.Monthly PHOTO CompetitionEvery day there are thousands of uniques momentsthat could be captured on camera, and create unfor-gettable images. With a little extra effort and practicephotography can become a very enjoyable hobby. Thephoto competition has two sections : nature & people.Here are the rules:1.Post your favorite photo on the club’s Facebookpage by the 25thof the month.Page 4“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”~ Dorothea Lange
  5. 5. “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” ~ Mother TheresaFEATURED PROJECT OF THE MONTHDr. Nischal Pandey attending patiesnt inRrshikesh in Uttarakhand flood areaPage 5Volume 1, Issue 1Uttarakhand Flood ReliefRotary E-Club of District 3170 sent a medical team under Rtn.Dr. Nischal Pandey to Uttarakhand on June 23, 2013 with immediatesupplies and medicines. We would be making ground assessment whatis required and then move with a bigger team , with ground support ofRotary clubs from Rishikesh and Dehradun. We appeal to all clubs inour district to join in the effort as singularly we are too small to take onsuch a big mission.
  6. 6. The Four-Way Test1. Is it the TRUTH?2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?3. Will it build GOODWILL and BET-TER FRIENDSHIPS?4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all con-cerned?Club Officers 2013-14President Devashis KuthariVice President Miguel RivasImmediate Past president Lizette ÖdfalkPresident Elect Rajesh ShirakolSecretary Teodora AtanasovaTreasurer Jaya SaraswatUSA Treasurer Lizette ÖdfalkMembership Chair Abhilasha MallPublic Relations Chair Nischal PandeyService Projects Chair Prity PoddarRotary Foundation Chair Sandeep MallSergeant-At-Arms Nischal PandeyWebmaster Teodora AtanasovaVirtual Fundraising Lizette Ödfalkwww.rotaryeclub3170.org