Landscape of psychiatry


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Psychiatry can not be just a clinical subject. It has to be a social movement where everybody's participation is a must to have a sane society.

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Landscape of psychiatry

  1. 1. CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY IS LIKE SEEING THE TIP OF ICEBERG AND MISSING THE BODYDevashish Konar MD Consultant Psychiatrist Mental Health Care Centre West Bengal
  2. 2. NEED FOR GREATER PARTICIPATIONPsychiatry is growing at a good pace. At present it is mainly clinic based or at the most hospital based. Clinical Psychiatry is just a small slice of total psychiatric services that is really needed. There are other issues where only greater participation can make some dent.
  3. 3. VAGABOND LUNATICS STILL ON ROADTreatment of vagabond psychiatric patients who are seen still wardening must be planned. India is not such a poor country now where you expect to seethese psychiatric patients wandering, who are after all not in a big number. It is just a matter of slight social will power which can suffice in taking care of these unfortunate human beings.
  4. 4. MALNOURISHMENT: THE GREATEST OFFENDER The other is malnourishment of expecting mothers and children which iscause of a substantial portion of total psychiatric patients. This again can not be tackled at clinic level. Society has to have community based programs to control this. Again is India really so poor a country which can not feed its children? Matter is again of social will-power.
  5. 5. AWARENESS ABOUT PARENTING Then there is no awareness about proper parenting. Parenting is the mostimportant task of ones life which is hardly ever discussed and is done mostly by instinct whether rightly or wrongly. Parenting will always be instinctivebecause it is a biological drive but even biological drives need to be controlled with training. Bad parenting may be cause of lot of sufferings to children. This again is a public health issue.
  6. 6. PREVENTIVE COUNSELING Apart from clinical psychiatry you need to have good counseling centerswhich can tackle marital disharmony, family conflicts, children with academicand other behavioral difficulties and people who are not able to manage their stress. This too can prevent lot of psychiatric illnesses.
  7. 7. MIGRATION ISSUES Supporting people who come as refugees during different social turmoil oreven taking care of migrants for different reasons like jobs and education will decrease lot of psychological miseries and go a long way in preventing psychiatric illnesses.
  8. 8. DRUG ABUSE: A MAJOR CULPRITDrug abuse is a huge issue where social involvement can really prevent the adolescents from getting into the trap of psychiatric illnesses.
  9. 9. NEED FOR SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT Let clinical psychiatry flourish and actually it needs to. Till date, in ourcountry, clinical psychiatric services are less than bare minimum. But other issues which need social handling can not be downplayed.
  10. 10. STEPS TOWARDS BEING CIVILISED After all there are two primary issues for a developed and sane society. Onethat it should be able to look after those who are left behind due to disease or disability and the other is that it should take steps to prevent disease and disabilities.
  11. 11. LET US ALL DO IT TOGETHER So let the government and NGOS’ come together and find out ways andmeans to tackle the issue of prevention in psychiatry. I think professionals willbe more than happy to extend their support in planning and execution of thisnoble job. They know about the problems but do not have the infrastructures to make any headway and they are in search of people who are ready to take up the cause.
  12. 12. LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL AND COME FORWARD So let the society come forward and make a roadmap so that we don’t seepsychiatric patients on road, feed our hungry would- be- mothers and children and give children a happy future to look up to with better parenting and give support to the distressed. If we do this real important job then only we will have right to boast of India emerging as a developed country leave alone superpower, elephant power and other ornamental words. Till children are underfed and ill people are on road without care, we should hang our head inshame. For self esteem, high talks may be important but lack of insight is akin to insanity.