Cultural interpretation of The Dirty Picture, Fashion, and Chak De! India


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This is an assignment in consumer behavior where we have made cultural interpretations as shown in these movies.

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Cultural interpretation of The Dirty Picture, Fashion, and Chak De! India

  1. 1. Consumer Behaviour Assignment Section A Group 6 Abhay Sharma 1A Aniruddh Srivastava 9A Devansh Doshi 16A Manasi Jain 23A Sachin Gupta 38A Vidooshi Joshi 55A
  2. 2. Movie: Chak De! India • The vice captain of India’s cricket team says to her fiancé that even if she wins she will be identified as her wife Cultural Reflection: In many parts of the country, a woman is still identified by her husband. But the younger women want to have their own individuality (the hockey player is young) Marketing Implication: The size and accessibility of this segment needs to be analysed before branding a product for this segment. Dove has done this in the western countries • The recipient equated Tamil and Telegu in front of the Andhra Pradesh Hockey player and she grudgingly explained the difference Cultural Reflection: People are culturally sensitive Marketing Implication: Reverence for culture and ethnography are the way ahead
  3. 3. Movie: Chak De! India • A hockey player was instructed to come back home to attend a relatives wedding Cultural Reflection: Hockey is not considered to be as an important sport as cricket Marketing Implication: For sports marketing managers promoting sports other than cricket, there needs to be high power advertising and PR by opinion leaders. This has been done earlier for Hockey World Cup and Priyanka Chopra was roped in for promoting it • Religious undertone is acceptable part of the society and widely practiced. No one opposes. Minorities also look for acceptance. Marketing opportunity is to reduce this undertone while branding like including people across spectrum in advertisements
  4. 4. Movie: Fashion • Meghna is a confident small town girl who wants to make it big in the fashion world in a metro Cultural Reflection: Youth is aspiring for better opportunities in small towns Marketing Implication: Brands should be aspirational not it terms of pricing but in terms of product and brand message. An example is Lux • When Meghna shifts to Mumbai she learns(air kissing) and unlearns( pointing to someone using fingers) many manners Cultural Implication: When an individual shifts to a new culture, she undergoes through a rerouting channel to mould and be successful in the new culture Marketing Implication: A brand personality should also undergo such rerouting to be relevant to the local population. The cost benefit should be done. An example can be any marketing targeted towards South India.
  5. 5. Movie: The Dirty Picture • Silk’s mother disowns her after she becomes famous after her socially unacceptable acts Cultural Reflection: In this culture, the Long Term Orientation dimension as per Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory is high. Keeping face in the society is more important than well being in the family Marketing Implication: Brand personality should be culturally acceptable and association with a brand shouldn’t cause loss of face in the society • All producers who were males replaced Silk when her behavior became retaliatory Cultural Implication: It is a male dominant society Marketing Implication: Brand message for products made for males should have virility as a brand advantage
  6. 6. Movie: The Dirty Picture • Cultural evolution as depicted in the movie Silk received a lot of criticism for her act of sensuality. Her acts were enjoyed by the males but they never socially accepted here. As she became more expensive and busy, she was replaced by other girls. Later on actress of the movie did those acts. And these acts slowly started to seep into the culture. Beyond the movie, from 1980s to today, there has been a change in perception towards sensuality. An actress is criticised for donning a bikini, and an item song is enjoyed. All this represents how culture evolves over a period of time Marketing Implication: Brands need to revitalize themselves as cultures undergo slow evolution. An example can be from standard English to SMS language and smileys Brands need to find opportunities as cultures evolve. An example is online lingerie stores flourishing in India, and lingerie as a gift to ones lover