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Yahoo! Smart Ads: Adding local relevance at the product level for retailer and OEM campaigns.

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  • Sales AE notes:Introduce online local solution for retailers by showing where the industry is going that will lead into Yahoo!’s solution, Krillion + Smart Ads in the next slide.
  • Notes for Sales AE:Key Value Proposition: Adding local data drives in-market awareness to purchase decision without leaving the display ad unit. It shortens the time from shopping to buying by providing relevant product, pricing, and store information on a per user basis’. We are  creating more knowledgeable, motivated consumers.Visual Output:Through the use of Krillion data, Yahoo! can feature retailer’s in-store products within a display ad.Background:Alternative/additional offering to ShopLocal. ShopLocal has data on items in the circular (soft goods), where Krillion provides data on hard goods (home appliances, electronics, tools), products with higher consideration. The main difference is Krillion data brings in the local inventory piece to those circular items - plus the ability to promote product categories and brands beyond what is featured in the circular.Meets performance and local traffic marketing objectivesPhase I partnership implementation - Local pricing and store dataPhase II (Oct) plannedpartnership implementation - Inventory on-hand/in-stock data at store levelTarget Audience: hard goods retailers and OEMs and their agencies (e.g., home appliances, tools, electronics) – high consideration products
  • Key Advertiser Messages: Localized store level data for products based on in-stock inventory  An advertising extension beyond products in circular Data feeds to quickly promote in-stock products without extensive campaign planning lead timeRetail and OEM SegmentsHome AppliancesConsumer ElectronicsToolsComputersVideo GamesLawn & Garden
  • AE Notes: removes the burden on agencies and advertisers to supply this type of data, we can use the Krillion data through our partnership to automatically feed the display ads.
  • Yahoo! Local : Smart Ads With Localized Product

    1. 1. Smart Ads <br />Adding local relevance at the product level for retailer and OEM campaigns <br />Contact: Devan McCoy<br /><br />Proprietary & Confidential<br />
    2. 2. 9 out of 10 Products are Purchased Locally<br />Offering shoppers as many local options as possible with Yahoo! Smart Ads can increase revenue for your business.<br />Source: Krillion Article<br />
    3. 3. "Advancements in display ad technology have allowed marketers to create local campaigns that are no longer tied to local media buys, thus expanding their options on all fronts. As a result, the next generation of local digital advertising -- the one we're on the cusp of now -- may be more about dynamically generated ad content like geographically relevant product data, pricing, and inventory than an insertion order from a local radio station site."<br />- Click Z<br />- January 21, 2010<br />
    4. 4. Smart Ads + Localized Product DataShift Consumer Mind Set From Shopping to Buying<br />PC<br />Mobile<br />Awareness<br />Purchase<br />Decision<br />
    5. 5. Smart Ads with Localized Product Data Helps Drive In-Store Purchase Through…<br />Ability to quickly<br /> promote in-stock<br /> products without<br /> extensive campaign<br /> planning lead time<br />Automatic supplied <br />store and product <br />level in-stock inventory<br /> and pricing data<br /> for your ads<br />An advertising <br />extension<br /> beyond products<br /> in circular<br />Transform ads to shopping experiences<br />
    6. 6. 6<br />Transform Ads to Shopping Experiences<br />
    7. 7. Automatic Supply of Store and Product Level Data <br />Local Data Supplied Includes:<br /><ul><li>Specific local stores, product and pricing
    8. 8. Proximity: localized product content supporting geo- targeting
    9. 9. Supports in-store pick up
    10. 10. Store locations and local hours
    11. 11. Stores and distance to geo-targeted user
    12. 12. Store contact information
    13. 13. Products by single retailer (Retailers and OEMs) or multiple retailers (OEMs)
    14. 14. Product inventory store availability</li></ul>* Local data provided by Krillion<br />
    15. 15. Extend Product Offering Beyond Products in Circular<br />+<br />Target at the user level with customized messages plus product availability and price, moving your advertising beyond the content of your circulars and turning shoppers into buyers.<br />
    16. 16. Ability to Quickly Promote Specific Products Without Extensive Campaign Planning Lead Time<br />Smart Ads is more efficient and scalable than newspaper and print advertising that can involve extensive planning<br />Enables your business to quickly respond to the latest seasonality, inventory and consumer shopping trends in almost real-time<br />Tie products to:<br /><ul><li>User shopping activity
    17. 17. Overstock items
    18. 18. Seasonal items that need to move now!</li></li></ul><li>Shoppers Become Buyers Using Smart Ads with Localized Product Data<br />Target the right user<br />With the right product and message specific to that user<br />With the store price and inventory availability<br />Driving in-store purchases!<br />
    19. 19. APPENDIX<br />
    20. 20. Smart Ads with Localized Product Data<br />Behavioral<br />Demographic<br />Geographic<br />Ad with Local Data Targeting<br />SmartAd Today<br />Featured Local Data<br />Geo targeted Sony/Football display ad at Best Buy<br /><ul><li>Featured product
    21. 21. Specific local stores
    22. 22. proximity to user</li></ul>Interested in Sony LCD TVs<br />Sony LCD ad featuring Best Buy’s near user now <br />Dallas User target<br />Male 18-35<br /><ul><li>Featured product
    23. 23. Stores that carry
    24. 24. Proximity to user
    25. 25. Site-to-store availability</li></ul>Geo & Demo targeted Wal-mart appliance ad<br />Researching Ranges on another site<br />Wal-mart ad featuring Bosch at geo-targeted locations and Site-to Store free shipping<br />San Jose <br />User target<br />Female 25-45<br /><ul><li>Featured Product/Retailer
    26. 26. Stores that carry
    27. 27. Proximity to user
    28. 28. Local store hours
    29. 29. In store pick up</li></ul>Home Depot ad featuring Weber brand Grill with current sale pricing, local stores and store hours<br />Geo & Demo targeted Weber Ad at Home Depot<br />All local markets<br />Outdoor, Food<br />Grills, L&G Weekend <br /><ul><li>OEM / Channel support
    30. 30. Multiple retailers
    31. 31. Proximity to user
    32. 32. Store hours
    33. 33. Distance from user</li></ul>Home owners/ Seasonal focus<br />Black and Decker ad featuring regionally/geo selected products at variety retailers<br />Geo, Demo targeted Black and Decker Ad<br />Regional <br />None<br /><ul><li> OEM / Channel support
    34. 34. Single Retailer by location
    35. 35. Proximity to user
    36. 36. Retailers phone #’s
    37. 37. Distance from user
    38. 38. Near real-time availability options*</li></ul>Electrolux at Lowes featuring availability options by store and store distance & phone #<br />National <br />Food/Cooking<br />none<br />Geo, Demo targeted GE Profile <br />*All local store availability options – starts with ‘Q4 campaigns<br />
    39. 39. Krillion Current Category Coverage <br />Lawn & Garden<br /> Grills<br /> Lawn mowers<br /> Patio furniture<br /> Lawn& garden tools<br /> Generators<br />Appliances<br /> Refrigerators<br /> Freezers<br /> Washing machines<br /> Dryers<br /> Ranges<br /> Ovens<br /> Microwave ovens<br /> Vacuum cleaners<br /> Small kitchen appliances<br /> Coffee& espresso makers<br />Baby Gear<br /> Bouncers<br /> Car seats<br /> Strollers<br /> Swings<br />Consumer Electronics<br /> Televisions<br /> DVD/DVR<br /> Home Audio<br /> Digital cameras/camcorders<br /> GPS<br /> Mobile phone headsets/accessories<br /> MP3 players<br /> e-Readers<br />Computers<br /> Laptops<br /> Desktops<br /> Monitors<br /> Printers<br /> Networking<br /> Storage<br />Video games & consoles<br />Tools<br /> Power tools<br /> Hand tools<br /> Shopvacs<br />* New retailer/category for a campaign can be added with 2-3 weeks notice<br />
    40. 40. Krillion Current Retailer Set<br />Office Depot<br />OfficeMax<br />OSH<br />PC Richard<br />RadioShack<br />Ritz Camera<br />Sears<br />Staples<br />Target<br />Toys R Us<br />Walmart<br />Wolf Camera <br />Abt Electronics<br />Babies R Us<br />Best Buy<br />Costco (store locations)<br />Crutchfield<br />Fry’s<br />GameStop<br />HHGregg (coming soon)<br />Home Depot<br />Kmart<br />Lowe’s<br />Macy’s (coming soon)<br />Micro Center<br />* INTERNAL USE ONLY FOR YAHOO! SALES TEAM<br />* *New retailer/category for a campaign can be added with 2-3 weeks notice<br />