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Stock Market, Share Market, Commodity Tips By Devang visaraia,


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Stock Market, Share Market, Commodity Tips By Devang visaraia,

  1. 1. DAILY TRADING NOTE (27th January 2012)Market Review & OutlookPrecious MetalsGold opened the session on a flat note and registered an intraday low of `27170 levels andrallied smartly from these levels to an intraday high of `27655 levels and finally closed thesession at `27589 levels. On the upside `27650 is stiff resistance for gold in the near term.Closed above the same will see the gold all the way head towards `27800 – `27900 levels.Silver witnessed a strong rally on Wednesday’s session from its intraday low of `54671levels to an intraday high of `56585 levels and finally closed the session at `56411 levels.Silver closed the session above its long term moving average placed at `56262 levels onthe daily chart. Sustenance above the same will see the silver price head towards `57400– `57700 levels.Base Metals & EnergyZinc rallied smartly on Wednesday’s session from its intraday low of `104.95 levels andclosed the session at `107.70 levels. Zinc has closed the session above its resistance of`106 – `106.50 levels on the daily chart and likely to trade with a positive bias for anupcoming few trading sessions and head towards `110 – `111 levels. Aluminium, Leadand Nickel is also closed the session on a positive note.Crude oil opened the session on a flat note and corrected to an intraday low of `4922 leveland recovered smartly from these levels and finally closed the session at `4992 levels. Onthe upside crude oil is likely to face stiff resistance at `5020 – `5030 levels. Sustenanceabove the same will see the crude oil price consolidating between `5030 - `5080 levels. WWW.DEVANGVISARIA.COM
  2. 2. Strategy/RecommendationsMCX ALUMINIUM JAN `110.80MCX LEAD `112.35Traders can go long at current levels with a stop loss placed below `110.25 levels forupside targets of ` 115 / ` 116 levels. WWW.DEVANGVISARIA.COM
  3. 3. Morning Technical Levels for Metals and EnergyCommodity Exchange Contract Trend S2 S1 LTP R1 R2 BullionsGold MCX FEB Sideways 27288 26986 27589 27773 27956Silver MCX MAR Up 55193 53975 56411 57107 57803 Base MetalsCopper MCX FEB Up 420 416 423.15 426 429Zinc MCX Jan Up 106 104 107.7 109 110Lead MCX Jan Up 111 109 112.45 114 115Aluminum MCX Jan Sideways 110 110 111.1 112 112Nickel MCX Jan UP 1031 1017 1044.5 1053 1062 EnergyCrude oil MCX Jan Down 4940 4889 4992 5025 5059Natural Gas MCX FEB Down 134 130 137.7 141 145 WWW.DEVANGVISARIA.COM
  4. 4. Agricultural Commodities Strategy /Recommendations NCDEX PEPPER FEB `32025.00 Traders can short below 31950 levels with a stop loss placed above `32510 levels for downside targets of ` 31300/ `31150 levels. WWW.DEVANGVISARIA.COM
  5. 5. Morning Technical Levels for Agri - CommoditiesCommodity Exchange Contract Trend S2 S1 LTP R1 R2 Spice ComplexJeera NCDEX Feb Up 15523 15675 15828 15985 16143Pepper NCDEX Feb Sideways 31618 31842 32065 32387 32708Turmeric NCDEX Apr Sideways 4553 4577 4600 4627 4653Chilli NCDEX Feb Up 6209 6275 6342 6433 6525Coriander NCDEX Feb Sideways 4103 4181 4259 4338 4417 Oilseed ComplexSoybean NCDEX Feb Sideways 2521 2532 243.5 2554 2565Mustard Seed NCDEX Feb Down 3344 3365 3385 3407 3428Ref Soya Oil NCDEX Feb Sideways 701 705 707.6 710 713Castor Seed NCDEX Feb Down 3499 3548 3597 3648 3699 OthersGuar Seed NCDEX Feb Up 11184 11613 12042 12348 12654Guar Gum NCDEX Feb Up 37040 38323 39605 40515 41424Chana NCDEX Feb Down 3110 3132 3154 3186 3218Sugar NCDEX Feb Down 2822 2831 2841 2849 2858Kapas NCDEX Apr Down 896 911 926.5 950 973Cotton Oilseed NCDEX Feb Down 1275 1289 1303 1320 1337CakeGur NCDEX Mar Sideways 1067 1077 1087.5 1096 1105Potato NCDEX Mar Sideways 688 697 706.6 715 723Menthaoil MCX Feb Down 1439 1471 1504.1 1520 1537Wheat NCDEX Feb Sideways 1246 1250 1254 1258 1262Maize NCDEX Feb Sideways 1241 1248 1254.5 1259 1264 WWW.DEVANGVISARIA.COM
  6. 6. DisclaimerThe views expressed are based purely on Technical studies. The calls made herein are for information purpose only. Theinformation and views presented here are prepared by Matrix Solutions and his associates. The information contained herein isbased on their analysis of the Charts and up on sources that are considered reliable. We, however, do not vouch for the accuracyor the completeness thereof. This material is for personal information and we are not responsible for any loss incurred based uponit. The investments discussed or recommended on this Website may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance may not beindicative of future performance. Some of the securities/commodities presented herein should be considered speculative with ahigh degree of volatility and risk. Investors must make their own investment decisions based on their specific investment objectivesand financial position and using such independent advice, as they believe necessary. 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