How our earth looks


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How our earth looks

  1. 1. How Our Earth Looks
  2. 2. On Earth there are four oceans. The oceans are Pacific ocean – The largest ocean . Atlantic ocean Indian ocean Arctic ocean – The smallest ocean.
  3. 3. Pacific ocean Indian ocean Atlantic ocean Arctic ocean
  4. 4. On earth their are seven continents. The continents are Asia-the largest continent. Africa North America South America Europe Australia-the smallest continent. Antartica
  5. 5. Asia is the largest continent North America Africa South America
  6. 6. Australia-the smallest continent. Europe Antarctica
  7. 7. A map on which the whole surface of the earth drawn is called a world map.
  8. 8. A globe is called a model of the earth.
  9. 9. A compass is an instrument used by travelers , pilots sailors.
  10. 10. An atlas is a book of maps.
  11. 11. Thank You G VAN E BY D ’ III ‘C A UPT G