Symbian OS


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This presentation tells you What is Symbian and How its OS work and core functionality.

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Symbian OS

  1. 1. SYMBIAN OSByDeva Ashish Singh
  2. 2.  Introduction Need for Symbian OS Evolution in the various versions Architecture Architectural Overview Software Development Programming Languages Advantages & Disadvantages Conclusion
  3. 3.  Symbian OS is designed for the mobile phone environment. The Smartphone operating system Symbian OS is produced by the software development and licensing company Symbian Ltd. Symbian Ltd was established in June 1998 and is headquartered in Southwark in the UK, and the current CEO is Nigel Clifford.
  4. 4. Need for Symbian OS Small & mobile, but always available. Addressing the mass market Open platform
  5. 5. Evolution in the various versions
  6. 6. • Symbian OS 7.0• Symbian OS 8.0• Symbian OS 9.1• Symbian OS 9.3• Symbian OS 9.4• Symbian Os 9.5
  7. 7. Architecture UI Platforms Application Engines System layerUser Interface Applications Symbian OS Framework CORE
  8. 8. Architectural Overview1. Core : Symbian OS core is common to all devices i.e. kernel, file server, memory management & device drivers.2. System layer : It provides communication & computing services such as TCP/IP, SMS & database management.3. Application Engines : It’s above the system layer, enabling the software developers to create user interface to data.
  9. 9. 4. User Interface Software : It can be made or licensed by manufacturers.5. Applications : are slotted aboved the user interface & pre-loaded in the Symbian OS mobile phone.
  10. 10. Software Devlopment
  11. 11. What is IDE ?
  12. 12. Tools to for the software developmentTool name DescriptionGCC for Symbian Compile Symbian C++ Applications.Symbian Certificate manager Allows you to manage your device’s certificates.Symbian DevCert Request Enables you to obtain Symbian Developer Certificate.Symbian MakeSIS It converts your C++ applications in .SIS packages(formats).Symbian UnSIS Extracts the .SIS packages.
  13. 13.  Symbian OS offers a choice of programming languages to the developer. It’s written in C++. Java, 2nd the most important programming language on Symbian OS. Other programming languages are Java Script, Assembler, Visual Basic and So on…
  14. 14. ADVANTAGES It’s an open platform based on C++ (Object Oriented Concepts), which is easy to configure. Giving an additional feature of Power Management like “ Power Saving”. Fully multitasking. Small but with a lots of in-built features.
  15. 15. DISADVANTAGES Not available for PCs.
  16. 16. Conclusion Symbian OS is a multi-tasking operating system which addressing the mass- market and designed for simplifying the work load. It’s a open platform allows the installation of third party software to enhance the platform.
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