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Will DevOps Jump the Shark?


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Ignite talk from DevOps Days Boston 2011

Published in: Technology
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Will DevOps Jump the Shark?

  1. 1. WHEN WILL DEVOPSJUMP THE SHARK?Damon Edwards@damonedwards
  2. 2. ( ( (
  3. 3. + Influential = CIO "My guys are telling me that DevOps doesnt excite themanymore. Sounds like DevOps has jumped the shark"
  4. 4. Asked around for the bad...“a bit stagnant”“long on Kumbaya... short on substance”“Same talks each time”“#devops is dilluted by clueless marketing”
  5. 5. Danger DevOps (?)
  6. 6. #1 Show - 1977 1 in 3 TVs watching!
  7. 7. VS
  8. 8. #winning BSG!
  9. 9. ... and a meme was born =
  10. 10. HotInterest Irrelevance Time
  11. 11. Make forward progress 2009 or 2011? Devops in government Infrastructure as code Introducing Kanban in operations Devops culture hacks Commit early, Deploy often Cassandra and Puppet Continuous Integration, Pipelines and Deployment Introducing Kanban in operations Continuous Delivery Building Agile Infrastructures with Puppet Deployment is the new build
  12. 12. Reward the deep dives
  13. 13. Don’t let vendors dilute the message
  14. 14. Get the business excited DevOps
  15. 15. No Free RidersShare, Promote, or Code Nobody rides for free!!
  16. 16. 1. Make forward progress2. Reward the deep dives3. Don’t let vendors dilute the message4. Get the business excited5. No Free Riders