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Contribute to drupal


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Contribute to drupal

  1. 1. How to become successful Contribute back to Drupal community Feb 2014
  2. 2. Gabriel Ungureanu CEO AG Prime! Drupal developer for almost 6 years!! ! Modules: Exclude Node Title, Path redirect import, User history, User Status Color, IP Block 01
  3. 3. How can you contribute? ✤ Code! ✤ Drupal Core! ✤ Write your own modules! ✤ Write patches! ✤ Documentation! ✤ Translations
  4. 4. Write code for Drupal core ✤ Join! ✤ Participate to Sprint Days! ✤ Submit patches for core components
  5. 5. Contributing new projects Contribute your theme or module to the Drupal community.! ✤ Search well before, we don’t want to have duplicate modules! ✤ Takeover abandoned projects! ✤ Help other projects
  6. 6. Contributing new projects Project types! ✤ Full project! Downloadable module with releases. Don’t forget to allow contributions.! ✤ Sandbox! Experimental project or projects for new contributors.
  7. 7. Creating a new patch ✤ Checkout from Git! ✤ Make a new branch (ex. fixanonymus-users-1234)! ✤ Make the changes! ✤ Create a diff patch export! ! See more: node/707484 01
  8. 8. Rules for patching ✤ Keep things organized! ✤ ✤ Write separate patches for each individual task. Comment well your code.! Line endings and directory separators! ✤ Use Unix line endings (LF) and directory separators (/)
  9. 9. Documentation Why should I write documentation?! ✤ Learn more about Drupal! ✤ Share your knowledge with other Drupalists! ✤ Gain experience in technical writing and editing, with friendly mentoring! ✤ Build your reputation—your help will be valued by the entire Drupal open-source community!
  10. 10. Documentation How should I start?! First of all, be bold. Find something that needs updating or additional detail and use the edit button.! ! What if I make a mistake?! There is a revision system so don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  11. 11. Translations ✤ translate! ✤ Login to! ✤ Join the local group! ✤ Submit translations! ! ✤ Localization Update module 
 ( l10n_update) 01
  12. 12. Give help ✤ Register to IRC! ✤! ✤! ! ✤ #drupal, #drupal-contribute, #drupal-support, #drupal-ro
  13. 13. Questions?