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Angels & Demons

  1. 1. BOOK REVIEWBy Aneeshaa Dev
  2. 2. "You mean the day they stop needing the church!"And then she continues, “Doubt is your lastshred of control. It is doubt that brings soulsto you. Our need to know life has meaning. Man’s insecurity and need for an enlightenedsoul assuring him everything is part of a masterplan. But the church is not the only enlightenedsoul on the planet! We all seek God in different ways. What are you afraid of? That God will showHimself somewhere other than inside these wallThat people will find him in their own lives andleave your antiquated rituals behind? Religionsevolve! The mind finds answers, the heart grapples with new truths….God is not some omnipotent authority looking do from above, threatening to throw us into a pitof fire if we disobey. God is the energy that flows through thesynapses of our nervous system and thechambers of our hearts!God is in all things!”
  3. 3. Dan Brown (born June 22, 1964) is an Americanauthor of thriller-fiction. Browns novels feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols,codes, and conspiracy theories. His books havebeen translated into over 40 languages, and as of2009, sold over 80 million copies. Two of them, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, have alsobeen adapted into feature films, both starring TomHanks. Brown states on his website that his booksare not anti-Christian, and he is on a constantspiritual journey himself, and says that his booksare simply “entertaining stories that promote spiritual discussion and debate" andsuggests that the books may be used "as a positivecatalyst for introspection and exploration of ourfaith."
  4. 4. • Digital Fortress (1998)•Angels and Demons (200•Deception Point (2001)•The Da Vinci Code (2003•The Lost Symbol (2009
  5. 5. Angels and Demons is the first of thIt’s about a bomb in the Vatican. The DVinci Code is the latter; it’s about a mLeft behind by a murdered man.The most noticeable difference in sthe tension. Although the tension in thVinci Code is just about constant, AngeDemons has an even higher tension ramostly because of the bomb and thealmost literally ticking away.Another difference is the number oThe Da Vinci Code has more puzzles anpuzzles individually have been grantroom.
  6. 6. Robert Langdon: A professor ofsymbology at Harvard University and the main protagonist of the novel. He isflown to CERN to help investigate themurder of Leonardo Vetra.Leonardo Vetra: A scientist working at CERN and a priest.He is researching on antimatter when he is murdered by theHassassin. He is also the adoptive father of Vittoria Vittoria Vetra: The adopted daughter of Vetra. She, like her father, works with CERN. Her research focuses on biology and physics. The reader learns early in the novel that Vittoria worked with her father in their research of antimatterCamerlengo Carlo Ventresca: Thecamerlengo (Papal Chamberlain)during the conclave. He murdered thepope, who is later revealed to havebeen his biological father.
  7. 7. Hassassin: The killer hired by Janus, the Camerlengo in disguise, to fulfill his plans. He is of Middle Eastern origin and displays his sadistic lust for women throughout the novel. He murders Leonardo Vetra, the Preferiti, and Commander Olivetti. He dies after being pushed from a balcony by Langdon.Cardinal Saverio Mortati: The most senior cardinal in theconclave, and the current Dean of the College of Cardinals. Hewas the Devils Advocate for the late pope.Commander Olivetti: The commandant of the Swiss Guard. He is initially skeptical on the claims of Langdon and Vittoria until hetalks with the Hassassin. He, along with other Swiss Guards, searchdesperately for the missing antimatter hidden somewhere at theVatican. He is killed by the Hassassin at the church of Santa Mariadella VittoriaCaptain Rocher: The second in command after CommanderOlivetti. He is contacted by Max Kohler telling his knowledge on thereal cause of the events. He is killed by Lt. Chartrand, who was underthe impression that Rocher was an IlluminatusMaximilian Kohler: The director of CERN. He is feared at CERNdespite his paralysis. He contacts Langdon to help him find thekiller of his friend, Leonardo Vetra. He blames the Church for hisparalysis, due to his highly religious parents denying him medicalcare as a child, becoming a scientist as a way to rebel.
  8. 8. Cardinal Ebner: One of thefour Preferiti and a cardinalfrom Frankfurt, Germany. He iskilled by asphyxiation, bymeans of putting dirt and soilinto his mouth Cardinal Lamassé: One of the four Preferiti and a cardinal from Paris, France. He is killed by punctures to his lungs, from which he bled to death.Cardinal Guidera:One of the fourPreferiti and a cardinalfrom Barcelona, Spain.He is incinerated alive Cardinal Baggia: One of the four Preferiti and a cardinal from Milan, Italy and the favorite to succeed as the new pope. He was drowned to death
  9. 9. One heck of a goodread. Angels & Demons is a noholds-barred, pull-out-all-the-stops, breathless tangleof a thriller-think KatherineNevilles The Eight (butcleverer) or UmbertoEcos Foucaults Pendulum (butmore accessible) pick)"Dan Brown has to be one ofthe best, smartest, and mostaccomplished writers in thecountry"-New YorkTimes bestselling author
  10. 10. "Dan Brown is a Master"-New York Times best-selling author Vince Flynn"Well plotted and explosively paced...Laced with twistand shocks that keep the reader wired right up until thefinal revelation"-Publishers Weekly"One Hell of a book Intriguing, suspenseful, andimaginative." - New York Times best-selling authorDale BrownLife-or-death cliff hangers, thrilling cat-and-mousemanoeuvres, romance, religion, science, murder,mysticism, architecture, and action." -Kirkus Reviews"Exciting, fast paced, with an unusually high IQ"- SanFrancisco Chronicle"A reading experience you will never forget. DanBrown has created another frantic paced thriller thatrivals the best works of Clancy and Cussler"- MidwestBook Reviews"A breathless and real time adventure."- The SanFransisco Chronicle
  11. 11. An ancient secret brotherhood.A devastating new weapon of destruction. An unthinkable target...
  12. 12. Angels & Demons is a 2000 bestselling mystery-thriller novelwritten by American author Dan Brown and publishedby Pocket Books. The novel introduces the character RobertLangdon, who is also the protagonist of Browns subsequent2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code, and 2009 novel, The LostSymbol.In this book world-renowned Harvard symbologist RobertLangdon is summoned to a Swiss research facility to analyze amysterious symbol - seared into the chest of a murderedphysicist - he discovers evidence of the unimaginable: theresurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as theIlluminati. The most powerful underground organization ever towalk the earth. The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows tocarry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against itsmost hated enemy…-the Catholic Church.Langdons worst fears are confirmed on the eve of the Vaticansholy conclave, when a messenger of the Illuminati announces hehas hidden an unstoppable time bomb at the very heart ofVatican City. With the countdown under way, Langdon jets toRome to join forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful andmysterious Italian scientist, to assist the Vatican in a desperatebid for survival.Embarking on a frantic hunt through sealed crypts, dangerouscatacombs, deserted cathedrals, and even to the heart of themost secretive vault on earth, Langdon and Vetra follow a 400-year old trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rometowards the long-forgotten Illuminati lair... a secret location thatcontains the only hope for Vatican salvation.
  13. 13. Lenoardo Vetra , a scientist at CERN,created the antimatter to simulate the BigBang. In his mind, this would show proofthat God exists, being able to create newmatter and antimatter in the same wayGod created the universe. But Vetra ismurdered by a Hassassin & his murderallows one of the anitmatter canisters to bestolen. The question of who stole thecanister and what they planned to do withit is soon answered. The canister is quicklyfound on a security camera in Vatican City,with its LEDs counting down the time untilthe batteries run out. The security camera,however, is nowhere to be found, leavingthe canisters whereabouts a mystery too.Langdon and Vittoria Vetra are quicklysent off to Rome and Vatican City, to helpfind the canister and return it to CERNbefore it explodes at midnight.
  14. 14. Not only does the canister threaten to destroyVatican City, but with the recent death of thePope, the cardinals of the Catholic Church areall within the city for the conclave to choose thenew pope. They are all about to be locked withinthe Sistine Chapel where, according to churchlaw, they must remain until a new pope ischosen. They are awaiting the preferiti, the fourcardinals from four different Europeancountries who are the preferred candidates tobecome the new pope. While Langdon andVittoria are trying to convince the captain of theSwiss Guard and the camerlengo, the Popeschamberlain who leads the church until the newpope is named, that the antimatter bomb is real,a phone call is received from a man who claimsto be from the Illuminati. He has the fourcardinals, which he will murder one by one, andthen allow the bomb to destroy Vatican City,which houses not only the church hierarchy, butalso its possessions and wealth. He has nodemands; his only wish is the destruction of theCatholic Church in retribution for the churchstreatment of scientists and the Illuminati overthe centuries.
  15. 15. THE ILLUMINATIA shadowy organization known as "The Illuminati" did meetin secret with the goal of overthrowing a religious figurehead.But it was actually established in Germany in 1776, not inItaly nearly two centuries earlier as stated in "Angels &Demons." Their intention was to overthrow the Catholicmonarchy of the Kingdom of Bavaria and replace it with asecular republic. Contrary to the book, its members weremostly bureaucrats and lawyers, with few if any scientists inthe mix. And their ranks certainly didnt include the greatsculptor Bernini, who died in 1680. The police uncoveredtheir plans, their leader fled the country, and the Illuminatidied out by 1790.ANTIMATTERCERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) is theworlds largest particle physics laboratory, where the WorldWide Web began and where the Large Hadron Collider is setto start smashing protons. And they have producedantimatter; in fact, they do so on a regular basis. But CERNofficials say that in the last 20 years, they have producedabout 10 billionths of a gram. Collectively, that would beabout as explosive as a firecracker. For a weapon asdestructive as a nuclear bomb, youd need a half a gram ofantimatter, which would take about 2 billion years.
  16. 16. THE PATH OF ILLUMINATIONIn the book and movie, Robert Langdon deduces thatBernini left clues to the directions to the Illuminatis secretmeeting place in Rome within his statues. Inscribed in"Diagramma," a secret text by Galileo (invented by Brown),is a poem by John Milton (actually Brown) that holds theinstructions to finding the path. There are four signposts,corresponding to the four natural elements, and the poemconcludes with the line "Let angels guide you on your loftyquest." Brown gets some details right and many otherswrong about each of the four stops."EARTH" - Chigi ChapelIn the St. Maria del Popolo Church, you will find the ChigiChapel, which was designed by the Renaissance masterRaphael. Within the chapel there are two marble pyramids,and there are two statues by Bernini. There is also a"demons hole," which is sealed now, but does lead to anunderground crypt. One of the statues, "Habbakuk and theAngel," does feature an angelic figure pointing in a south-westerly direction towards the Vatican. Of the four "Altarsof Science" laid out by Brown, this one is the closest toreality as presented in the book and movie."AIR" - St. Peters SquareAround the obelisk in the center of the square is the "WindRose," a circle of 16 elliptical marble reliefs -- not just oneas in the book -- labeled with the names of the directionsof the wind. Langdon interprets the marker labeled"West/Ponente" as his guide of where to go next. Oneproblem: Bernini designed St. Peters Square, but not thesemarkers, which were added around 1852, over 170 yearsafter his death.
  17. 17. "FIRE" - The Ecstasy of Saint TheresaThe church of Santa Maria della Vittoria does lie to the west of St.Peters Square, and inside you will find Berninis masterpiece "TheEcstasy of Saint Theresa." Thats about where the similarities toreality end. The statue wasnt moved to the church because ofVatican protests; it has always been there. Also, the church is muchsmaller in reality than what is shown in the movie. Nearly all of theinteriors in the movie were built on soundstages in Los Angeles.Most notably, the angel on the statue holds an arrow, and Langdonfollows the point of the arrow southwest to his next location. But inreality, the angels arrow points northeast."WATER" - The Fountain of the Four RiversLangdon arrives at the Piazza Navona, site of Berninis "Fountain ofthe Four Rivers," just in time to see the Illuminati killer drive up inhis van and dump his final kidnapped cardinal into the water. Butvehicles are blocked from driving in the piazza, and the fountain isnot much more than a foot deep. And there are no air hoses alongthe bottom to produce bubbles (or keep a bound clergyman aliveunderwater). Langdon uses the dove on the obelisk that rises out ofthe fountain to point his way, and again its pointing in the wrongdirection.THE CHURCH OF ILLUMINATIONThe trail leads Langdon to the Castel SantAngelo, the circularstructure built originally as a mausoleum and used by the Church asa fortress and prison. A statue (not by Bernini) of an angel stands atthe top, pointing his sword downwards to where the villain hides.Of course, the still-existing jail cells where he held the cardinals area feature of the tour that services hundreds of visitors a day, whichmight have been a giveaway. At least in the movie they correctBrowns mistake in the novel. He places the passageway from theCastel to the Vatican as being underground, and in the film you seeLangdon run along the top of the wall between the two.
  18. 18. The Vatican had blocked Hollywood director Ron Howardfrom filming in two churches essential to the plot of DanBrowns novel, "Angels and Demons," reportsthe churches, Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Mariadella Vittoria, were recreated on a soundstage, though thefilmmakers were not forbidden to shoot the outsides of thechurches. Santa Maria della Vittoria is the setting for ascene in the book when Mr. Langdon finds a cardinalbeing set on fire.A spokesman for the Vatican stated:"Usually we read the script but in this case it wasntnecessary. Just the name Dan Brown was enough. "He also added that most movies are given permission,provided that they respect "the traditions of the Church."Following in the footsteps of sequel, "The Da Vinci Code,""Angels and Demons" very obviously does not respect thisrequest.Hollywood and religion have always had a ficklerelationship. More often than not, Hollywood is accused offorever "getting it wrong." Every now and then, a film willsurface that isnt blatantly religious, but definitely nodsthat way. This nod is usually enough to satisfy viewers.This is not so in the relationship between Catholicism andHollywood. Unless the film is about a purely religioussubject and done by a director willing to stay true toCatholic beliefs (Mel Gibsons "The Passion" and LeonardoDefilippis "Thrse: The Story of Saint Thrse of Lisieux")Catholicism and film simply dont mix.
  19. 19. Angels & Demons is is a 2009American mystery-thriller filmdirected by Ron Howard andbased on Dan Browns novel bythe same name. It is a sequel tothe 2006 film The Da Vinci Code,although the book was publishedfirst in series chronology.Filming of Angels & Demons tookplace in Rome Italy, and the SonyPictures Studios in CulverCity, California. TomHanks reprises the lead roleof Robert Langdon, whileproducer Brian Grazer,composer Hans Zimmer andscreenwriter Akiva
  20. 20. Dan Brown writes novels. Fiction. It says so right on the spine of the books. And yet hes able to weaveenough historical details into his flights of fancy that its nearly impossible to tell what he uncovered through exhaustiveresearch and what he just made up!
  21. 21. Dan Brown, the author, has a way with using hiswords. This novel, Angels and Demons, is not justanother novel. That once a person hears that Brownhas written it, everyone wants to read it. Anybodycould read this book regardless if Dan Brown wrotethe novel or not, but he did. The story can keep aperson on edge. As they read, the pages seemendless, but if the reader has time and focuses onmainly the book they will not want to stop until it isfinished. Angels and Demons contains a lot ofhistorical facts that actually cause the book to seemmore realistic. The religious beliefs, churches,statues, cults like the Illuminati are all base off onreal life events. Dan Brown took a piece of historyand created a beautiful novel.As I talk to people, I usually find that those whohave read Angels and Demons and The Da VinciCode usually prefer whichever book they read first.Its the most effective page-turner Ive ever read,perhaps the best since some of Stephen Kings earlystories. While some judicious editing might havemade it a tighter and more focused novel, Angels &Demons is still a highly enjoyable read. For thosewho love plot-driven novels, and for those who lovethrillers and mysteries full of strange bits ofinformation that tie everything together, grab a copyof Angels & Demons and find a comfortable chair.Its time well spent.
  22. 22. ProsAngels and Demons is a fast paced pageturner.The mix of religious and historical elementsadds a unique twist to the mystery.Brown provides plenty of surprises.ConsIf you are put off by graphic violence, somedescriptions may bother you.The religious elements might offend somepeople, especially Catholics.Part of the ending is too far-fetched- like anaction movie.DescriptionAngels and Demons by Dan Brown was firstpublished in 2000.Publisher: Simon & Schuster713 Pages
  23. 23. Plot: 5/5,even with the slow startand absurd ending.Characters: 3/5,they get the job done, butare static and unoriginal.Writing: 3/5, I never noted anythinggreat, but it wasservicable.Overall: 4.5/5.Id give it a 5/5, since Ireally enjoyed 95% of it,but its got too many flaws