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Telekom Shift is a corporate movement

Telekom Shift is a corporate movement that connects visionary people to prove the power of global co-creation. The movement kicks off at a perspective changing event called Anython in Budapest, where we are going to raise co-thinking and co-creation to a global level and take the first step to become a digital leader.

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Telekom Shift is a corporate movement

  1. 1. TELEKOM SHIFT Everything you should know about it. You want to know more? Just get in touch with Alexander Derno from Corporate Communications
  2. 2. WHAT IS TELEKOM SHIFT? The movement kicks off at a perspective changing event in Budapest, where we are going to raise co- thinking and co-creation to a global level and take the first step to become a digital leader. TO PROVE THE POWER OF GLOBAL CO-CREATION TELEKOM SHIFT IS A MOVEMENT THAT CONNECTS VISIONARY PEOPLE
  3. 3. WHY ARE WE DOING TELEKOM SHIFT? The goal is to demonstrate the power of Telekom employees working together on business challenges that have global impact – versus the inefficiency of parallel working. Multicomplicated challenges require multipotential teams. The world is connected, so we need to be connected. Telekom Shift connects hidden champions among employees all over the world to solve global challenges and overcome silos by co-creation.
  4. 4. HOW WILL TELEKOM SHIFT HAPPEN? Epic stories: we encourage thinking big and thinking bold Intense co-thinking and co-creation: 1 event, 2 days A real global community: we keep our employees connected for the long term Empowered people: even the topic (Smart City) was voted by the community Real-life challenges: we motivate people to work on solutions that tackle relevant challenges Learning, creating and sharing: content is king to make a shift Long-term engagement: Telekom Shift won’t end after the end of our event
  6. 6. Magyar Telekom HQ Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 36. 26-27. 06. 2019. THE 2-DAY TELEKOM SHIFT KICK-OFF EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE MAGYAR TELEKOM HQ IN BUDAPEST. WHEN AND WHERE?
  7. 7. Telekom Shift – the first ever An event to make our global community connected and unite our brain power. Imagine the finest of Barcamps, Hackathons and Design Thinking workshops and remix them all into an event with high engagement and contribution, where we’ll boost co-creation with masterclasses and night shift sessions.
  8. 8. Employees design their own experience by creating epic stories, exploring hidden abilities, connecting ideas.
  9. 9. Telekom employees had the opportunity to decide the focus topic of the event. POWERED BY CO-CREATION
  10. 10. We’ll explore new perspectives to inspire big and bold thoughts and ideas, and prove the power of Global. Every bit of the event will support the message, therefore all elements will be created for sharing, from the smallest hashtag stickers to the most epic moments of co-creation. LEARN CREATE SHARE
  11. 11. DIVERSE PEOPLE FOR DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES 200+ volunteers from 25+ nations with diversity in experience, age groups and job clusters will all drive a shift in perspective from the inside of Telekom. Even the facilitators, session owners and developers are from the global world of Telekom.
  13. 13. The goal is to look at relevant Smart City challenges from different perspectives and reveal valuable ideas that can be turned into solutions for the society.
  14. 14. LET’S MAKE SMARTER CITIES! We are making the world a better place by making cities more livable. This requires global co-creation. Smart cities are created by integrated systems that solve global challenges on a local level. In the challenging world of smart cities, gathering our experience from all over the world, gaining new perspectives, reframing and co-thinking are the most important criteria to succeed and make an impact. That’s exactly what Telekom Shift is all about.
  16. 16. LIVE We want to live a healthy, easy and safe life in our cities, and we want to protect the environment so our planet can survive. What are the challenges? • Reducing green house gas emissions and pollution • Coping with the increasing car traffic • Making our city life safer during the day and at night • Improving elderly people's lives
  17. 17. OPERATE We want to improve and speed up administrational and public tasks, so regulations can serve a human purpose and support a good life in our cities. What are the challenges? • Helping cities manage and standardize public tendering • Improving severe sanitation issues • Using open data sources and motion logic data better to solve infrastructure issues and identify business innovations
  18. 18. TRANSFORM We want to create a common spirit and purpose of how we live and work together, so we can leave “us and them” behind, and become “we”. What are the challenges? • Creating a smart city manifesto • Overcoming silos and ensuring a beneficial collaboration • Connecting and bundling our diverse product portfolio in related areas • Taking away the fear of digitalization from administrative employers