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Pan african rio+20 delegates profile

  1. 1. RWANDANISENGWE Regis:Organisation: Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Action (RYACA)On-going Project: Capacity Building for climate change.Reasons for attending Rio +20: “I came to learn more about sustainable development and green economy but more importantly to see how youth can be involved in the attainment of sustainable development.”Expected results in Rio +20: “I expect Rio +20 to just not be a meeting like any other. I want it to look more at how the implementation will be done then at how to address issues.Challenges faced by the youths: The access to the funds to support their projectsWhat do you plan to implement back to your country after the conference: “Iplan to bring all the messages I took from this conference to my organisation inRwanda and encourage them to engage in green entrepreneurship as it will helpreach sustainability and also fight unemployment”
  2. 2. RWANDAIRIGIBAGIZA CHANTAL:Organisation: Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Action (RYACA)On-going Project: Capacity Building for climate change.Reasons for attending Rio +20: “To learn more about green economy, green jobs and sustainable development in poverty eradication so that we can build our career on an environmental friendly area” “To have an overview on the problems of climate change in Africa especially in East Africa” “Search together for possible solutions to limit and minimize climate change damage and risks.” “To strengthen the habits of working together as African youth and contribute to the development of our continent. Together we can make it a better place.”Expected results in Rio +20: “Practical solutions to the problems of climate changeand global warming ” “Straighten and concrete regulations in wastemanagement” “Concrete measure in pollution control and limitation”
  3. 3. “Interaction and cooperation between developedcountries and developing countries in solving climate change over the world”Challenges faced by the youths:“Most of the time the youth are not consulted in decision making”“Unemployment: The great part of the youth suffer unemployment and theydon’t get opportunities to influence the implementation of environmentalprotection regulations”What do you plan to implement back to your country after the conference:I will let the Rwanda youth know about green economy and green jobs.Rwandese youth are very active and they can find a way of making money fromgreen jobs and at the same time protect our environment and overcome theproblem of unemployment.UGANDAKIKA KENETH:Organisation: Youth Climate Network- Uganda (YCN-UG)On-going Project:” Currently, as TCN-UG has just been launched, we are targetingprimary schools, secondary schools and youths in rural area.”But personally, I initiated Kajjansi youth in development initiative, mainly tocollect to transport waste as I identified poor and improper waste managementas a problem in my community. In this case, this seems to be eco-prenuershipand green jobs, hence I encourage fellow youths to come up with such initiativesfor sustainable development because we should focus on the future we need.Reasons for attending Rio +20:
  4. 4. Share experience on what I have already done for my community. I conserve theenvironment and employ over 8 youth (4 loaders, 3 marketers and 1 operatingmanager)Expectation from Rio+20 • Rich countries to fund Africa for adaptation • We as youth have one voice to put pressure on our respective countries to involve us in policy formulation and implementationChallenges that youth are facing (Uganda): • Unemployment • Unable to create their own jobs • Lack of youth-involvement by governmentWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • Move on with Uganda Youth Climate Network • National Youth Conference on Climate Change in September 19-21 2012 • Engage and involve fellow youth in community participation in eco- prenuership • Come up with a logical framework in YCN-UGEmail: kika_ken23@yahoo.comUGANDAPATRICIA NANSUBUGA
  5. 5. Organisation: Youth Climate Network- Uganda (YCN-UG); founder and director ofAXIS youth organization in Wakiso, UgandaOn-going Project: • Monthly community cleaning exercise – to advocate for proper garbage proposal and waste management • Briquette making project: - to curb unemployment among the youth by providing green jobs. Provide a more sustainable option for energy demandReasons for attending African Rio +20: • To learn about green enterprises • To find solutions that can work in my country/area in regards to providing climate justice • To be part of the sustainable development movementExpectation from Rio+20 • To come up with solutions that will facilitate climate justiceA challenge to youth: • They should get involved in movements/organizations that have practical solutions that work instead of waiting on government to do what they have to doWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • Establish green enterprises: start briquette making to turn waste into wealth • Share this information with other people (youth and community) so that they can also play their part for climate justiceKENYA
  6. 6. WENDY MESI TAJOOrganisation: ESEAOn-going Project: • Scientific conferences for ecologists to share research information • Education and creating awareness in universities and schoolsReasons for attending African Rio +20: • To share on the challenges and possible solutions Africa needs moving towards a sustainable futureExpectation from Rio+20 • Renewed political commitment of governments towards green economy • Shift from MDGs to SDGsChallenges youth are facing: • Lack of transparent information • Lack of youth participation in every level (sector) towards sustainable developmentWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • To encourage youth participation, create awareness and implement a project in my home community on forest rehabilitation, greener alternative sources of energy and initiate creation of more green jobsKENYA
  7. 7. DAVID WAINAINAOrganisation: African Youth Initiative on Climate Change - Kenya (regionalcoordinator)On-going Project: • 20,000 trees to be planted in 2012 • Environmental education (secondary schools)Reasons for attending African Rio +20: • To add to a constructive conversation that will lead to awareness creation and localised practical solutions that can Africa start its transition towards a green economyExpectation from Rio+20 • A clear vision set by the world leaders on a sustainable future that is equitable and fair, but is also smart • Upgrading and strengthening UNEPChallenges youth are facing: • Too much distraction and lack of focus • Lack of informationWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • I would like to raise not only awareness of youth, but also the group conscience of Pan-African youth
  8. 8. BURUNDINIYUKWIZIGIRA BONIFACE ( CHIRO associationOn-going Project: • Agriculture: we are sensitizing people in our association about agricultural techniques to improve production such as fertilization of land, using selected seeds which are disease-resistant, fight against erosion • Distributing sewing machines after training in this domain. The main goals is to create jobs in order to eradicate unemploymentReasons for attending African Rio +20: • To increase knowledge as a trainer because our association mainly includes youth • To great consideration of what is done abroad towards an autoevaluation • To use-judge-react • to increase my network of youth leadersExpectation from Rio+20 • To let us know the role of youth in sustainable development • To support us in preparing for our future • To awake youth for action
  9. 9. Challenge to youth: • To challenge them to be conscious of their future • To be involved in sustainable development projects and initiatives and build the future they needWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • To sensitize the Burundi population on the importance of energy, especially solar energy because electricity is not sufficient for the whole country • To teach people on the necessity of conserving our environment • To create a youth association which makes bricks as a contribution to creating green jobs • To implement a kiosk (shop) within which solar energy will be usedBURUNDIEMILE HAKIZIMANAOrganisation: 350 Burundi Network on Climate ChangeOn-going Project: • Sensitization on climate change • Offering financial support to youth clubs and organizations dealing with environmental education • Mobilizing communities and media on climate change
  10. 10. Reasons for attending African Rio +20: • To improve my knowledge of green economy/ green jobs • To have a Rio+20 summit in our own context • Because my organization is a member of te global movement for climate justice • Because Rio+20 concerns everyone world over, especially Africa as the main victim of climate changeExpectation from Rio+20 • For Rio to be the big appointment to fund solutions to maintain the equity justice and equality between the poor and rich countries.Challenges youth are facing: • Unemployment, poverty, lack of education, homelessness, food insecurity, understanding how they can create the future they wantWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • Building the capacity of youth in Burundi about entrepreneurship and leadership • Support initiatives aimed at creating green jobs to reduce poverty levels among youth in Burundi • Sensitize institutions/ companies about green economy to minimize urban pollution • Act in order to make post Rio+20 world more socially equitable
  11. 11. TANZANIAWINNIE URASSAOrganisation: Youth of United Nations Association (YUNA - Tanzania) & TanzaniaYouth NetworkOn-going Project: • Creating events that lead to building awareness and capacity building for youth such as World Environment DayReasons for attending African Rio +20: • To get more knowledge and share our position as Tanzania youth on environmental status towards Rio+20 • To network with fellow African youth and learn more about Green Economy and climate change in various countriesExpectation from Rio+20 • A workable solution for the developed, developing and underdeveloped nations to comply on acts, rules and aim to make the earth a better placeChallenges youth are facing: • Unemployment; lack of exposure and awareness • Matters of Green Economy are not addressed at all, lack of youth involvement in green entrepreneurshipWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda
  12. 12. • Create more awareness on climate change, green entrepreneurship, and green economy • Employ myself and set more land reclamation strategies for the drought and unfertile areas of overgrazed lands in Meru, Arusha • Use alternative energy resources and lobby for greener economic policiesSOUTH SUDANCHARLES OCHERO CORNELIOOrganisation: International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS)On-going Project: • Human rights, gender empowerment, environmental conservation, internal student migration, inter-religion and inter-culture dialoguesReasons for attending African Rio +20: • To learn and contribute on how African youth can be prepared for the upcoming Rio+20 summitExpectation from Rio+20 • Clearer definition of terms taking into consideration all the levels of the participating countries to avoid the pitfalls of MDGsChallenges youth are facing: • Spirit of pessimism that is rampant among youth thus rendering them unproductive
  13. 13. What I plan to implement back in Uganda • To initiate non-capital required projects, i.e, projects not requiring money to start up, like digging, citizen enlightenTANZANIAFRANCIS MACHARIAOrganisation: Tanzania Youth Catholic Students (TYCS); Tanzania Youth Network(TYN)On-going Project: • To mobilize more young people in Tanzania through strengthening TYNReasons for attending African Rio +20: • To learn more about Green Economy and sustainable development • To learn more about Rio+20Expectation from Rio+20 • The expectations of African youth to be fulfilled in the Rio+20 SummitChallenges youth are facing: • UnemploymentWhat I plan to implement back in Uganda • To establish a small company which will deal with solar energy and biofuel