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John Hancock Butzel Long

  1. 1. January 28, 2010 Mr. John P. Hancock, Jr. Shareholder Butzel Long Attorneys & Counselors 150 West Jefferson Suite 100 Detroit, MI 48226 Dear John: Thank you very much for your kind referral to introduce the Detroit Region to your premier European defense concern that is planning its new North American operations. The Detroit Regional Economic Partnership, a division of the largest U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Detroit Regional Chamber, is the umbrella organization that serves as the coordinator for new investment into the Detroit Region (10 counties and the City of Detroit). We represent a collaboration of public and private sector globally-oriented organizations dedicated to providing a soft and efficient landing for incoming business investment. We are pleased to provide our high level overview of the Detroit Region’s key business and quality of life strengths, labeled “2010 Detroit Region Investment Opportunities” (see attached .pdf file). As you know, the Detroit Region is the international brain center for the global defense industry due to the tremendous research and development (R&D) and contract award investment by the U.S. military and its global supply chain. In 2010, the Region is expected to receive $5.7 billion from the National Defense Authorization Bill to complete several projects that demonstrates our role as the 21st Century “Arsenal of Democracy.” Our Region focuses on the Detroit Arsenal (TACOM/TARDEC) as the center of defense procurement and R&D, as well as the Reset program, new Joint Center for Robotics (JCR), Energy storage, and Innovation Center. Awards from the Detroit Arsenal total $2 billion in contracts annually from its location in the Detroit Region and we work closely with our Michigan companies to have the optimal relationships with these military decision-makers and knowledge of the unique procurement processes. The Detroit Region is also home to more than 1300 foreign-owned companies (660 European-owned), who have thrived due to their competitive advantages gained from our Region’s strengths: skilled technical workforce, low investment cost of prime facilities, prime Midwest location for global logistics in North America and Europe, and top global university campuses that collaborate effectively on R&D and workforce development. We boast a well developed manufacturing and services infrastructure that is critical to a defense manufacturer’s supply chain and ability to deliver its products on a timely and high quality basis. This is particularly important because the defense industry is increasingly requiring advanced manufacturing capabilities and skills. The Detroit Region, through its long manufacturing history and increasingly high tech processes, is rich in advanced manufacturing capabilities and talent that will increasingly support the defense industry and its needs. This strong base will serve as a critically important asset and advantage for defense industry companies who seek a U.S. location.
  2. 2. In addition to our overview, we are attaching in pdf format the following summarized information that offers specific critical investment factors in your site selection process: 1. The Detroit Regional Economic Partnership’s North American Navigation System that summarizes our services, partners and “soft landing” approach with an impartial approach for site selection 2. Research Sector Summaries prepared by our research team for the Detroit Region a. Homeland Security/Defense b. Research & Development c. Advanced Manufacturing d. Alternative Energy e. Auto Industry f. Transportation & Logistics g. Multiport-Detroit Region Inland Port’s Access to the World 3. Research Summaries prepared by our research team for the Detroit Region a. Business & Industry Trends b. Talent Pool 4. International Trade Administration’s Michigan Summary on Exports, Jobs and Foreign Investment 5. Crain’s List of Largest Employers 6. Defense & Homeland Security Sector Profile by Macomb County, the Detroit Region’s leading defense municipality 7. University R&D defense work by Ann Arbor (SPARK) 8. Defense & Homeland Security Profile by Oakland County, another leading defense municipality 9. Commercial Real Estate Pricing-2008 (2009 average data still be finalized) We trust you will appreciate our Region’s 100 years of innovation, infrastructure and ingenuity that continues to transform our traditional automotive reputation to our key role as the 21st Century “Arsenal of Democracy.” We truly appreciate your interests in our advisory and project management services of the Detroit Regional Economic Partnership and look forward to facilitating the optimal North American investment decisions with your fine client. Very truly yours, Blaire Blaire H. Miller, CCM, MBA Interim SVP-Economic Development