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DREP-Business And Industry


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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DREP-Business And Industry

  1. 1. TARGET INDUSTRIES (con’t) Business & Industry Trends Transportation, Logistics & Distribution – Companies and organizations dedicated to serving the logistics industry and moving products through the Detroit Region. Did you know four of the seven Class 1 railroads operate more REGIONAL DETROIT’S LARGEST EMPLOYERS, Ranked by 2009 Employment than 3,600 miles of track and can access all North American markets? The Detroit region is home to the Ambassador Bridge- the busiest international land border crossing with Canada Industry 2009 Jobs handling more than $1 billion in goods per day. Local government 201,942 General medical and surgical hospitals 107,457 State government 91,845 Full-service restaurants 71,942 Limited-service eating places 70,233 Employment services 63,853 OCCUPATIONAL FORECAST, 2009 - 2019 Services to buildings and dwellings 50,097 The fastest growing occupation in the Detroit region between 2009 -2019 is sales and related occupations with more than Motor vehicle parts manufacturing 49,696 46,000 people expected to enter this industry. Ground maintenance workers are expected to experience a 49% growth rate Architectural and engineering services 49,227 and pyschiatric aides follow closely behind with an expected 45% growth rate. If you take health care practioners, technical Offices of physicians 48,018 occupations, diagnosing and treating practioners and home health aides together, nearly 70,000 people are expected to enter Lessors of real estate 45,744 these occupations within the next decade. Computer systems design and related services 37,886 Management of companies and enterprises 37,152 % Job Numeric Occupation Change Child day care services 36,902 Occupation Growth Grounds maintenance workers, all other 49% Sales and related occupations 46,729 Department stores 34,615 Psychiatric aides 45% Business and financial operations occupations 23,628 Activities related to real estate 34,240 Gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators 45% Health care practitioners and technical occupations 22,491 Grocery stores 33,145 Gaming service workers, all other 44% Management occupations 22,391 Offices of real estate agents and brokers 32,368 Personal financial advisors 43% Personal care and service occupations 20,725 Home health care services 31,183 Building cleaning workers, all other 43% Other sales and related workers 19,995 Depository credit intermediation 30,202 Pesticide handlers, sprayers, and applicators, vegetation 43% Real estate brokers and sales agents 19,716 Gaming supervisors 42% Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance 18,986 Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. occupations Network systems and data communications analysts 41% Health care support occupations 18,701 Locksmiths and safe repairers 39% Other personal care and service workers 16,477 Tree trimmers and pruners 38% Health diagnosing and treating practitioners 16,132 Roof bolters, mining 38% Other management occupations 16,008 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Financial analysts and advisors 37% Food preparation and serving related occupations 15,960 First-line supervisors/managers of gaming workers 37% Office and administrative support occupations 14,923 Personal and home care aides 37% While manufacturing is still a strong employer, over the past Financial specialists 13,373 several years services has overtaken manufacturing in shear Commercial divers 37% Fabric menders, except garment 37% Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides 12,551 numbers. In 2009, after removing government, the number Home health aides 12,551 of people employed by the general medical and surgical Food and tobacco roasting, baking, and drying machine 37% operators and tenders Building cleaning and pest control workers 12,427 hospitals was the regions largest employer by industry. Building cleaning workers 12,138 Hospitals and physicians offices employ more than 150,000 Private detectives and investigators 36% regional Detroiters. Additionally, if taken together, full-service Semiconductor processors 36% Education, training, and library occupations 10,936 and limited-service eating places, would employ over 34,000 more than hospitals. Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Inc.
  2. 2. REGIONAL DETROIT’S FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRIES MICHIGAN’S TOP CONTRIBUTORS TO GROSS STATE PRODUCT Over the last five years, the fastest growing industries in the Detroit region have been other hospitals, metal ore mining and scenic and sightseeing transportation, water. Following a national trend, the industries that have experienced the largest % of 5-year increase in employment by numberic change have been ambulatory home heath care services, child care services and Industry GSP total trend doctors offices. Manufacturing 64541 17.0 i Durable goods 49386 13.0 i Government 42862 11.3 h SIC % SIC Numeric Real estate 39713 10.5 n Code Industry Change Code Industry Change Professional & technical services 31024 8.2 h 6223 Other hospitals 495% 6216 Home health care services 8,846 Health care & social assistance 30964 8.1 h 2122 Metal ore mining 243% 6244 Child day care services 4,218 Retail trade 25906 6.8 n 4872 Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water 122% 5313 Activities related to real estate 3,890 Motor vehicle, body, trailer and parts manufacturing 23726 6.2 i 4871 Scenic and sightseeing transportation, land 95% 6211 Offices of physicians 3,772 Finance & insurance 23713 6.2 n Wholesale trade 22937 6.0 n 6222 Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals 86% 6221 General medical and surgical hospitals 3,564 Other professional, scientific & technology services 22490 5.9 i 1132 Forest nursery and gathering forest products 61% 9200 State government 3,466 Nondurable goods 15154 4.0 n 5612 Facilities support services 61% 5239 Other financial investment activities 3,463 Ambulatory health care services 15086 4.0 h 5251 Insurance and employee benefit funds 48% 6213 Offices of other health practitioners 2,594 Construction 14342 3.8 n 6216 Home health care services 40% 5412 Accounting and bookkeeping services 2,327 Hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities 13565 3.6 h 4922 Local messengers and local delivery 38% 6241 Individual and family services 2,241 Administrative and waste services 13296 3.5 h 3113 Sugar and confectionery product manufacturing 33% 9110 Federal government, civilian, except postal service 1,796 Information 10394 2.7 h Transportation & warehousing excluding postal services 10265 2.6 h 4854 School and employee bus transportation 33% 5312 Offices of real estate agents and brokers 1,750 Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. 2131 Support activities for mining 32% 6231 Nursing care facilities 1,585 8133 Social advocacy organizations 31% 6233 Community care facilities for the elderly 1,577 3331 Ag., construction, and mining machinery mfg. 29% 8121 Personal care services 1,521 4855 Charter bus industry 29% 7221 Full-service restaurants 1,374 TARGET INDUSTRIES (con’t) 1153 Support activities for forestry 28% 7115 Independent artists, writers, and performers 1,212 6114 Business, computer and management training 28% 8141 Private households 1,152 In 2008, the Detroit Regional Economic Partnership, the economic development arm of the Detroit Regional Chamber, identified 7111 Performing arts companies 28% 5414 Specialized design services 1,138 five industries that are not only growing worldwide but are also well-suited for our region’s economy. These industries build on 6115 Technical and trade schools 26% 5231 Securities and commodity contracts brokerage 1,100 the region’s current strengths in terms of current industry mix, educational assets and labor force requirements. Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. Homeland Security & Defense- Companies in the fields Aerospace & Aviation- Companies in the fields air of military preparation, military transportation equipment, transportation, aircraft parts manufacturing and search, and secure border technologies that are devoted to detection and navigation, satellite communication manufacturing and R&D. services and space research & technology. Did you know that the U.S. Army’s Tank Did you know, according to the Commission Automotive Operations Command on the Future of the U.S. Aerspace Industry, (TACOM) is headquartered at the former Michigan’s Aerospace and Aviation Industry Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant in the City ranks 18th by employment with 38,900 jobs. of Warren. TACOM is responsible for equiping America’s solders with a full range of technology and logistics support systems. Medical Devices- Companies focused on medical equipment and instruments Alternative Energy – Hydrogen and manufacturing and R&D. other alternative fuels, geothermal, wind, solar, biomass – new energy comes in There are 448 medical devices and many forms. It is the product of the latest instruments facilities in Michigan ranking it research and traditional energy sources. Alternative energy fourth in the country in establishments. This is about sustainability and independence, and smarter more rapidly growing industry and Michigan’s strong efficient technologies. ties to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and talent makes the Detroit region a perfect place Did you know that as home to Michigan’s NextEnergy Center, for company and industry growth. the Detroit region is uniquely positioned to become the world’s leading center for alternative energy technology, research & development, education and manufacturing?