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Defense Cluster Macomb County, Detroit Region


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Defense Cluster Macomb County, Detroit Region

  1. 1. Defense & Homeland Security Sector Profile Defense and Homeland Security | Macomb County Michigan | 1
  2. 2. 600 500 400 300 Macomb 200 County 100 Toronto Detroit New York Chicago Cleveland Distance is in miles The Macomb Strategic Advantage Imagine Macomb w Imagine a county with nearly 500 companies performing Defense and Homeland Security companies find a strategic defense contract business advantage in Macomb County, Michigan that exists nowhere w Imagine a county with over $16 billion in defense business else in North America - our exceptional engineering, R&D and transacted between 2000 and 2007 advanced manufacturing capabilities. w Imagine a county that represents almost 65 percent of the This strategic advantage is a direct result of over 100 years defense business in Michigan of meeting the exacting standards of the automotive and w Imagine a county with more than 30,000 workers engaged in defense industries. Over the decades, literally thousands engineering, research and development of manufacturers have established this infrastructure while w Imagine a skilled county workforce over 400,000 and access perfecting their advanced manufacturing methods and processes. to 2.7 million workers throughout the region Today, companies w Imagine a region that is ranked second in the nation in R&D located in spending Macomb County w Imagine a region that files over 3,000 patents annually are capitalizing w Imagine a region that grants almost 100,000 college degrees on the highly every year skilled workforce, w Imagine a region that grants master’s and Ph.D.s at a rate infrastructure and almost twice that of the national average vast supplier network that only exist here, w Imagine a region with 41 colleges and universities that allowing them graduate more than 10,000 degreed engineers and to operate more technicians a year efficiently and provide w Imagine a region with a 79 percent retention rate for new quality products and engineering graduates services. w Imagine a county providing the benefit of over 100 years of infrastructure, innovation and ingenuity As a result, our companies are better able to diversify and gain access to new markets. This growth would not be possible without the manufacturing, engineering and R&D know-how found in Macomb County and the surrounding Detroit region. Manufacturers in Macomb County are leaders in the technology and knowledge-based economy of the region. 2 | Macomb County Michigan |
  3. 3. Federal, State, Regional & Local Agencies and Organizations to Support You: • U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (Warren) • TARDEC’s National Automotive Center (Warren) • U.S. Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (Warren) • TACOM’s Cold Weather Research Lab (Warren) • National Institute of Industrial Technology • National Defense Industrial Association • Michigan Infragard Members Alliance • Michigan’s Technology Tri-Corridor - Homeland Security • Macomb County – Oakland University Incubator (Sterling Heights) • Automation Alley - Defense Center Michigan Military Facilities: Military vehicle testing at Lawrence Technological University’s Center for Innovative Materials Research • Selfridge Air National Guard Base (Harrison Township) • US Army Garrison – Detroit Arsenal (Warren) • Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center • Battle Creek 110th Fighter Wing • Battle Creek Federal Center • Michigan National Guard Training Center Research Programs at Michigan Colleges & Universities The Department of Defense and other federal agencies Michigan Technological University sponsor millions of dollars in defense and homeland w Remote Sensing & Environmental Monitoring Institute security related research in the state. Innovative research w Blue Marble Security Laboratory in advanced engineering, life sciences and small tech (such as nanotechnology and MEMS) are becoming increasingly Oakland Community College important to the defense and homeland security industries. w Combined Regional Emergency Services Training (CREST) Center Central Michigan University w Information Technology for Homeland Security Program w Encryption Protection Program Oakland University Eastern Michigan University w Product Development & Manufacturing Center w Center for Regional & National Security w Fastening & Joining Research Institute w Coatings Research Institute (CRI) for Military Equipment Protection University of Michigan w Michigan Center for Public Health Preparedness Kettering University w Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems w Fuel Cell Laboratory for Defense Applications w MURI Center for Intelligent Electronics Lawrence Technological University w Center for Innovative Materials Research (CIMR) for w Terrorism & Preparedness Data Resource Center Defense Applications Walsh College Michigan State University w Information Assurance Center (National Center of Excellence) w CyberSecurity Laboratory w Composite Materials & Structures Center for Defense Wayne County Community College District Applications w Michigan Institute for Public Safety Homeland Security Certificate Program w National Food Safety & Toxicology Center w Center for Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Wayne State University Systems w Institute for Information Technology for Homeland Security w Smart Sensors & Integrated Micro Systems | Macomb County Michigan | 3
  4. 4. A Strong and Diverse Business Base Helps Macomb County Defense & Homeland Security Companies Grow The following world-class companies and facilities call Macomb County home. General Dynamics The General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) facility in Sterling product and customer base to include armored vehicle systems Heights, Michigan is leading the design and development of in the medium and light weight classes. manned ground vehicles for the U.S. Army’s Future Combat Systems program. GDLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of The company has seen strong job and revenue growth over the General Dynamics Corporation. With over 82,000 employees last decade because of the access to highly skilled engineering, worldwide, General Dynamics designs and builds armored research and skilled trade talent coming out of the automotive vehicles and subsystems for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, industry and Michigan colleges and universities. In 2000, GDLS and international customers, and is the defense industry’s largest had 1,460 employees as part of operations in Macomb County supplier of armored military vehicles. with revenue of $950 million. In 2008, the employee population had grown to 2,682 employees and revenue exceeded $4.6 Its Sterling Heights and Shelby Township facilities are the billion. epicenter for engineering research, development and the technological innovation that keeps General Dynamics Land “To compete successfully for the next generation of programs Systems in the forefront of the U.S. Army’s armored force within the U.S. defense industry, you need state-of-the-art modernization programs. The research and development technical facilities, the brightest engineering and research talent performed at the complex has allowed GDLS to broaden its available and the support of your local and state based economic development organizations,” said Peter Keating, Vice President, Communications, “We have all those advantages here in Macomb County, in addition to being down the street from our major client, the U.S. Army Tank- Automotive and Armaments Command.” BAE Systems With major operations across five continents and customers and The new Sterling Heights engineering and technology center partners in more than 100 countries, BAE Systems is one of the will be the catalyst in developing the next generation of manned world’s largest aerospace and defense companies. Their annual and unmanned ground vehicles for the future. In consolidating sales exceeded £18.5 billion (US $34.4 billion) in 2008 and their operations to Sterling Heights, BAE Systems recognized three global workforce is over 100,000. major advantages that Macomb County had to offer: BAE Systems is currently in the process of consolidating • A rich pool of highly experienced automotive engineers and its operations in Michigan by redeveloping the former TRW designers Automotive Holdings Corporation plant on Van Dyke Avenue • The close proximity to TARDEC, the U.S Army’s Tank in Sterling Heights. When completed, the approximately $40 Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center million facility with 200,000 square feet of office space will house • Available land to build a new state-of-the-art engineering and 600 engineers and project managers as part of the Land & technology center with an integrated vehicle test track Armaments operating group. The new facility will help BAE Systems’ Land & Armaments The Land & Armaments operating group is a global leader in the operating group stay at the forefront of future ground combat design, development, production and service support of armored system developments. combat vehicles, such as the Bradley Combat System and the RG33 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, as well as naval guns and missile launchers, artillery systems and intelligent munitions for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. 4 | Macomb County Michigan |
  5. 5. Burtek Burtek Incorporated, located in Chesterfield Township, is one their requests for funding and training grants. Macomb of the world’s leading engineering and manufacturing defense Community College has also been a great partner in establishing contractors. Burtek’s forte is in the design, manufacture, a curriculum that trains Burtek workers for flawless execution in and assembly of ground-based, mobile military equipment. their job functions. Approximately 90 percent of Burtek’s sales are for equipment and services used by the U.S. military or their prime contractors. Burtek is dedicated to having the best trained workers in the defense industry and spends up to $500,000 per year on Burtek’s dedication to excellence and their concentration on the employee training. Robert Kegerreis, Burtek’s Vice President defense industry has driven the company from just over 12,000 of Corporate Planning and Strategy said, “One of the really square feet of manufacturing space in 1993 to their current nice things about Macomb County is the availability of highly 205,000 square foot campus. Their revenue and employee skilled workers that are eager to improve themselves through population have also grown dramatically over the last decade. our rigorous training program. This is how we create world-class In 2004, Burtek’s revenue was $12 million with 64 employees, in workers and a world-class operation.” 2008 revenue grew to just under $90 million with 390 employees. Burtek is a firm believer in finding the right employees and training them to be world-class. When your product or service could directly affect the lives of our military servicemen and women, every job is extremely important. Burtek has appreciated the support that Macomb County and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation have given them in facilitating General Purpose Vehicles General Purpose Vehicles (GPV) in New Haven, Michigan is GPV’s modular chassis and cab now provides fire organizations a single source manufacturing facility covering all aspects of and rescue authorities enhanced capability to negotiate difficult metal fabrication. Since 2001, GPV has been designing and terrain, high water levels and severe weather with its expanded manufacturing armored security and combat wheeled vehicle and versatile maneuverability. Such a level of intervention is solutions, as well as a platform for tactical and commercial currently not offered by any other manufacturer. modular trucks. “The diverse and experienced workforce available in Macomb GPV vehicles are the embodiment and reflection of decades County has allowed us to grow in our niche of the industry. Even of automotive experience and knowledge. With over 30 years though we are a relatively small company, we can produce a of vehicle systems experience and field performance, GPV’s quality vehicle that can give first responders the equipment to innovative technology provides a proven, reliable, and deliverable save lives in this unpredictable world,” said Dale A. Romeo, alternative to the ever changing mission roles facing the armored GPV’s Director of Business Development – Law Enforcement. tactical and commercial wheeled vehicle market. Combining the skills and experience of GPV’s personnel and supplementing them through collaboration with proven strategic partners has created a company with unique capabilities. This knowledge base has produced a wheeled platform of vehicles which has been developed and manufactured to exceed the requirements of military, homeland security and law enforcement as well as emergency “first responder” capabilities. | Macomb County Michigan | 5
  6. 6. Global Tooling Systems Global Tooling Systems (GTS) is a publicly-held full-service for the GTS expansion. “When you add it all up, the incentives, company providing design, engineering, and tooling services the manufacturing expertise of the area and the highly trained to the aerospace, military vehicle and space system industries. workforce, our decision to stay in Macomb County was easy,” GTS’s clients include, BAE Systems, Boeing, Cessna Aircraft, said Ron Bellestri, Executive Vice President of GTS. GKN Aerospace, Goodrich, Gulfstream Aerospace, Lockheed- Martin, Northrop Grumman and Sikorsky Aircraft, to name a few. GTS is investing $17.2 million in the new facility which will add approximately 184 new direct jobs and nearly 200 spin-off jobs Because of GTS’s continued growth, the company needed to in the area. The move will allow GTS the opportunity to continue expand their production capabilities. After looking at locations in to work on major projects in the future, like the new Boeing 787, Texas, Washington, California and Georgia, the company chose F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the next generation of NASA’s to stay in Macomb County and moved their 250 workers to a Space Shuttle. The move will also allow the company to continue 215,000 square foot facility in Macomb Township. to grow their revenue, which was over $50 million in the last fiscal year. The incentive to stay in Macomb County was helped by a $2.2 million tax break from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority. In addition to the tax break, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation proposed to spend up to $90,000 for company job training and Macomb Township approved an additional tax break Models & Tools Models & Tools, located in Shelby Township, is one of the $2 million and Shelby Township offered a personal property tax premier commercial, space and defense aircraft tooling suppliers abatement for five years. “This is exactly the kind of company in the country. Since their beginnings in 1974, Model & Tools we want to relocate to Shelby Township,” said Township Trustee has strategically changed their business model from 100 percent Michael Flynn. “These are the kinds of jobs we want here in automotive to nearly 100 percent defense and aerospace Shelby. They are engineering and skilled-trade types of jobs.” business. The incentives, along with Macomb County’s highly skilled To position Models & Tools for further growth in the sector, the engineering and manufacturing workforce will allow Models & company needed additional specialized manufacturing space. Tools to continue to grow. Company CEO, Jeff Cunningham After months of due diligence and negotiating with other regional greatly appreciated the assistance in the expansion, “The economic development organizations, Models & Tools chose a expansion will allow us to offer our customers the same 115,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Macomb County. excellence that they are used to at more competitive pricing, The move represented a 150 percent expansion over their which will allow us to expand our work force with the additional previous facility and will help Models & Tools increase their projects we will be awarded. It’s a win for all involved; our workforce in the future to over 100 employees. customers, the State of Michigan, Macomb County, Shelby Township, and Models & Tools.” Macomb County was integral in organizing the relocation plans for Models & Tools. The county worked with the state and the township to provide additional incentives. The Michigan Economic Growth Authority provided a state tax credit valued at 6 | Macomb County Michigan |
  7. 7. U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) TARDEC, located in Warren, Michigan, is the nation’s laboratory skills of partner organizations to enhance innovation and fill for advanced military automotive technology and was started technology gaps. in the early years of World War II to allow the U.S. military to tap into the automotive design and engineering talent pool in RDECOM employs more than 1,200 people in Macomb County Macomb County and the southeast Michigan area. and the Southeast Michigan area and is committed to serving the Current and Future Joint Forces with ground system technology Since 2007, TARDEC has been undergoing a transformation from sustainment, systems engineering and integration excellence. a confederation of talented entrepreneurs into a cutting edge, In an era of persistent conflict, RDECOM strives to ensure that systems engineering-focused organization. The new organization our war fighters will always be the most lethal, survivable and named Research Development and Engineering Command sustainable fighting force on earth. (RDECOM) will provide integrated high-technology solutions and capabilities-focused subject-matter expertise – while also serving TACOM, the U.S. Army’s Life Cycle Management Command is as the lead systems integrator for the Department of Defense also headquartered in Warren, in partnership with the Army’s manned and unmanned vehicle systems. Program Executive Offices. TACOM is one of the Army’s largest weapon systems research, development, and sustainment A key component to RDECOM’s success is the way they engage organizations. Their mission provides and sustains mobility, industry, academia, governmental agencies and other research lethality, and survivability for soldiers, other services, and facilities through enterprise partnerships. Creating collaborative our Allies through ground combat, automotive, marine and environments allows RDECOM to utilize the talents and research armaments technologies. Selfridge Air National Guard Base Selfridge Air National Guard Base is one of the busiest, most Aircraft assigned to the 127th Wing include the A-10 Thunderbolt diverse reserve forces military installations in the United States and the KC-135 Stratotanker. The Coast Guard flies the HH- dedicated primarily to the training of the Air National Guard 65 helicopter and the Michigan Army National Guard flies the and Reserve Force components of the military services, with a UH-47 Chinook helicopter from Selfridge’s airfield. The CBP’s Air growing presence from the Department of Homeland Security. and Marine Wing flies a variety of small fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. The 127th Wing (Air National Guard) is the host organization at the base. Tenant units include Michigan Army National Guard, Selfridge encompasses almost 700 buildings, one runway at separate Joint Reserve intelligence and robotic units, and active 9,000 feet, over a million square yards of taxiway, paved aircraft duty Army components such as the Joint Combat Support parking ramps, thirty-nine miles of paved roads and seven miles Systems; Navy Operations Support Center (reserves); Marine of railroad track. The working population of the base is currently Wing Support Group-47 headquarters, Marine Support Squadron 450 on active duty, 820 civilian employees and 4,500 reservists 471-Det B; 1st Battalion 24th Marine Regiment; Coast Guard Air and guardsmen. Station-Detroit; US Border Patrol; Customs and Border Protection Great Lakes Air and Marine Wing. These organizations are all part of Team Selfridge, working together to make the best possible use of resources and training opportunities to enhance the readiness of all units to fill their roles in the nation’s defense. | Macomb County Michigan | 7
  8. 8. Macomb-Oakland University DC3 / Macomb Regional Business Incubator Procurement Technical Macomb Assistance Center County, Oakland The Macomb Regional Procurement Technical Assistance Center University, is one of 11 regional centers state-wide operating under the and the City of MEDC’s Defense Contract Coordinating Center. The mission of Sterling Heights these agencies is to increase the number of Michigan companies have developed winning federal contracts. a strategic plan which has lead to the designation of the Macomb Technology DC3 works proactively to increase the number of prime contracts Advancement SmartZone. As part of the SmartZone, the partner awarded to Michigan companies by promoting Michigan organizations have established the Macomb - Oakland University businesses to buyers and contractors, and creating from among Business Incubator. these companies ready supply-chain clusters. Macomb-OU INC and the Macomb Technology Advancement The Macomb SmartZone will provide the State of Michigan with an important Regional PTAC, foothold in two key industry sectors: Defense and Advanced in its role, leads Manufacturing. The business incubator will also further position all Michigan Macomb County as a leader in the state in the defense and centers in homeland security industries. successfully bringing defense Among the several leading contractors for the federal contracts government located in the county are, most notably, General to local Dynamics Land Systems, BAE Systems, and Burtek. As companies. top employers, these companies are deeply invested in the Their community, including recent investments totaling more than $53.2 procurement million reflecting retention of more than 300 jobs and up to 1,000 specialists jobs created. partner with By providing additional space for research and development qualifying activities, Macomb-OU INC offers existing companies the businesses to supplemental resources necessary to spin-out new ventures familiarize them and further advance the region as a center for new business with the details innovation. of government contracting and Oakland University and specifically, OU INC will play integral its processes, roles in the development and management of the business and help these incubator. Commercialization efforts will benefit significantly from businesses comprehensive access to OU faculty, research staff, and the to obtain and twelve existing OU centers and institutes. OU INC will extend its perform on federal, business model and most successful practices and innovations state and local to Macomb-OU INC to include the replication of a innovative contracts. decision support system known as a “collaboratory.” The Macomb The incubator will also help to retain and attract young Regional PTAC professionals. A recent press release from the Mid Michigan can assist your company throughout the entire pre-award to post- Innovation Center, a mixed-use business incubator in Midland, award procurement process, including: stated the average salary for employees within the incubator is • registering to become a government contractor $54,000, significantly higher than the current state average of $33,000. Making technology-based jobs available in population- • identifying bid opportunities dense Macomb County will help to retain these highly sought- • simplifying the bidding process after young professionals. • expediting payments through electronic invoicing This culmination of the SmartZone designation and the • assisting with post-award evaluation of your submitted operational business incubator is in line with the State of contract and/or award. Michigan’s long-term strategies for job retention and creation, and will fill the critical void that exists in Southeast Michigan - a significant driving economic force for the State. 8 | Macomb County Michigan |
  9. 9. Automation Alley Defense Center Automation Alley, Michigan’s Automation Alley also provides consultation on the Small largest technology business Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR). The SBIR association, and Macomb is a highly-competitive grant program that encourages small County have joined forces in businesses to explore their technological potential and provides a synergistic effort to promote the incentive to profit from its commercialization. defense and homeland security business opportunities In addition to the potential funds available through the SBIR in the county. Automation program, Automation Alley will be reviewing new technologies Alley’s Defense Center in specifically targeted to the defense industry. These technologies Macomb County is a one-stop may qualify for additional seed money directly from Automation resource for financing, supplier Alley. information, and consulting in the defense and homeland security sectors. Automation Alley works closely with the National Automotive Center (NAC). The NAC is the Department of Defense/U.S. Army’s focal point for collaborative ground vehicle research and development. The NAC, located at the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), is an integral part of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center. | Macomb County Michigan | 9
  10. 10. Macomb County’s 100 Leading Defense & Homeland Security Companies Based on Contract Volume From Calendar Year 2000 to 2007 Company $ Volume Defense Business Concentration Areas in Macomb County GM GDLS Defense Group, L.L.C. __________________ 7,550,118,288 GM GDLS Defense Group, L.L.C., Jv _______________ 7,173,770,011 Campbell-Ewald Company (Inc.) ___________________ 480,878,179 General Dynamics Land Systems-A _________________ 247,726,722 Xmco, Inc. ______________________________________ 77,963,302 Minowitz Manufacturing Co. ________________________ 70,299,963 General Dynamics Land Systems-B __________________ 67,271,695 Greene Metal Products, Inc. ________________________ 63,583,591 Lanzen Fabricating, Inc. ___________________________ 50,419,401 Technology Ventures, Inc. __________________________ 43,696,969 Saturn Industries, Inc. _____________________________ 37,277,323 Applied Manufacturing and Engineering, Int. Inc. ________ 31,582,944 Dan’s Excavating, Inc. _____________________________ 17,313,044 Majestic Metal Fabricating Co. ______________________ 12,134,923 The Bell Co. ____________________________________ 10,160,271 AV Technology, L.L.C. ______________________________ 8,881,380 Greg Construction Co. _____________________________ 8,795,812 General Purpose Vehicles, L.L.C. _____________________ 7,732,130 Triumph Gear Systems - Macomb, Inc. ________________ 7,682,320 Clark Brothers Instrument Company, Inc. _______________ 7,420,454 Midwest Tube Fabricators, Inc. _______________________ 6,484,433 U.S. Defense Services, Inc. _________________________ 6,285,408 Midwest Gear & Tool, Inc. ___________________________ 5,530,124 Troy Tube & Manufacturing Co. ______________________ 5,501,056 Shuert Industries Sales, Inc. _________________________ 5,362,067 Rave Computer Associates _________________________ 5,128,664 Supreme Gear Co. ________________________________ 4,666,777 North American Controls, Inc. ________________________ 4,642,340 Warner Electric Holdings, Inc. ________________________ 3,978,729 Fairlane Tool Co. __________________________________ 3,789,582 Angelo Iafrate Construction Co. ______________________ 3,783,922 Caratron Industries, Inc. ____________________________ 3,505,369 Integreted Concepts&Research Co. ___________________ 2,644,401 Gentz Industries, L.L.C. ____________________________ 2,593,462 Skyline Construction (2000), Inc. _____________________ 2,421,470 Rauhorn Electric, Inc. ______________________________ 2,407,725 Wilson-Garner Co. _________________________________ 2,112,655 Solid Defense, Inc. ________________________________ 1,984,767 A & R Hydraulic Services L.L.C. ______________________ 1,903,901 Chardam Gear Company, Inc. _______________________ 1,867,159 Bay Electronics, Inc. _______________________________ 1,724,542 RSE, Inc. ________________________________________ 1,710,708 Corporate Express Office Products ______________________ 377,110 Action Wood Technologies, Inc. ______________________ 1,675,232 Coordinated Defense Supply Systems, Inc. _______________352,182 Miba Hydramechanica Corp. ________________________ 1,590,124 Sensordata Technologies, Inc. _________________________336,465 Ti-Coating Inc. ____________________________________ 1,378,199 Little Buildings, Inc. __________________________________317,054 A.G. Davis Gage & Engineering Co. ___________________ 1,297,179 Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites ____________________________306,747 International Star Corp. _____________________________ 1,113,531 Industrial Metal Sales L.L.C. ___________________________304,910 AV Technology ____________________________________ 1,099,123 Top Craft Tool, Inc. __________________________________297,675 Schena Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. ____________________ 1,088,761 Profab Sheet Metal, Inc. ______________________________283,248 Autoexcell L.L.C. ____________________________________997,475 Cedroni Associates, Inc. ______________________________255,877 Alpha Construction & Development _____________________969,822 Motion Industries, Inc. ________________________________255,588 E & R Industrial Sales Inc. _____________________________935,845 Thread-Craft, Inc. ___________________________________251,031 Wolverine Broach ___________________________________892,609 Conner Engineering Co, Inc. ___________________________250,520 Burtek, Inc. ________________________________________859,565 B&M Machine Rebuilders, Inc. _________________________244,000 Associated Consultants of Tech ________________________856,230 Proto-Tek Mfg., Inc. __________________________________223,918 Macomb Sheet Metal, Inc. ____________________________815,299 A Plus Tree Experts, Inc. ______________________________221,036 Ancard Industries, L.L.C. _____________________________772,427 National Case Corp. _________________________________219,029 Formsprag Company _________________________________746,931 Paul W Marino Gages, Inc. ____________________________215,430 American Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Co. ________________730,974 Aero-Tech Communications, Inc. _______________________ 209,211 C Davis Roofing, Inc. ________________________________726,150 Systems Integration Specialists Company, Inc. ____________208,717 General Dynamics Land Systems-C _____________________717,444 GFC Industries, Inc.__________________________________203,844 Modulated Metals, Inc. _______________________________694,024 B & B Production L.L.C. ______________________________196,582 Al Long Ford, Inc. ___________________________________672,805 Spiritech, Inc. ______________________________________188,876 Diversified Wire & Cable, Inc. __________________________ 591,511 Quality Packaging Systems ___________________________187,328 Romeo-Rim, Inc. ____________________________________553,035 American Heller, Corp. _______________________________183,912 Gage Bilt Products Corp. _____________________________552,301 Indicon Co. ________________________________________168,817 Bernco, Inc. ________________________________________509,250 Sterling Inn, Inc. ____________________________________168,313 Jem Computers, Inc. _________________________________ 426,113 Ti Group Automotive Systems, L.L.C. ____________________159,150 Par-Kut International, Inc. _____________________________409,837 Norbert Industries Inc ________________________________152,765 B and B Machining Co. _______________________________397,610 AIS Construction Equipment Corporation _________________147,124 Michigan Rubber & Gasket Co. _________________________388,133 10 | Macomb County Michigan |
  11. 11. Quality of Life – Imagine Macomb Imagine an amazing place to live, learn, play and thrive. Imagine a “University Center” where colleges and universities from a county with 27 of the safest communities in the United States. throughout the state offer baccalaureate and masters level Imagine a county where people make their homes in family courses. Shaping our students to be global leaders in the 21st friendly suburbs, along the spectacular shoreline of Lake St. century is a key to all our curriculums. Clair, in rural villages and townships and in downtowns. Imagine a county that enjoys some of the highest home ownership rates When it comes to enjoying life, the county offers a myriad of in the country. Imagine Macomb County, Michigan. recreational opportunities. Outdoor enthusiasts have abundant opportunities to enjoy the four seasons. As the first in the state With 836,000 residents and nearly 28,000 businesses, Macomb to develop a countywide master plan for trails, a network of County offers its residents the opportunity to experience a great non-motorized travel routes is under development with 236 miles quality of life. If you are looking for an outstanding place to already in place. Our parks include some of the finest maintained raise a family and build a business, there is nowhere finer than by the Huron Clinton Metro Park Authority, and more fishing Macomb County. occurs on Lake St. Clair than anywhere else in the Midwest. The county is blessed with 31 miles of fresh-water shoreline, Macomb is one of the fastest growing and most stable counties 180 inland lakes, more than 30 spectacular golf courses and in the state. Recognized for its deep, diverse and growing 12,000 acres dedicated to recreational pursuits. economy, Macomb is one of just a few counties in the nation to earn the highest possible credit rating of from both Moody’s For those who like to spend their leisure time in less strenuous Investors Service (AAA) and Standard & Poor’s (AAA). Award- activities, our venues host internationally acclaimed entertainers, winning programs developed by county government help to our malls feature the nation’s most popular retailers and there are insure that citizens and businesses have access to innovative loads of places to eat, drink and enjoy the good life. services and programs. And, Macomb maintains one of the lowest tax rates in the state. We encourage you to learn more about Macomb County by visiting our Website at We are committed to providing some of the best educational programs in the nation. Many of our schools hold the coveted distinction of “Blue Ribbon” as designated by the Michigan Department of Education. Macomb Community College, the second largest in the state, was the first in the nation to establish | Macomb County Michigan | 11
  12. 12. Access to Capital $16 Billion Reasons to Look at The Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Macomb County, Michigan Development will help your company find potential sources of Skilled in the practical application of advanced manufacturing capital and financing. methods, processes and technologies, Macomb County has Michigan Business Tax Credit - Passed in 2008, the new emerged as a world leader in advanced manufacturing, and Defense Contracting Michigan Business Tax Credit will help the engineering and R&D that are integral to the manufacturing companies receive federal contracts from the Department process. The physical and intellectual infrastructures that of Defense, Department of Energy and the Department of exist here are a direct result of 100 years of innovation in Homeland Security. the development and production of those products that have established the Detroit region as “The Automotive Capital of the Through the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA), World” and this country’s “Arsenal of Democracy”. companies awarded federal contracts, may also be awarded a refundable tax credit against their Michigan Business Tax liability. The Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development offers services that meet the ever-changing needs Michigan Venture Capital Association – Established by of our businesses. In today’s pursuit of economic development, venture capital and private equity investors in the state, the the reality of a global economy has states, regions, and Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) is the state’s communities focusing intently on their competitive advantage. premier public policy advocate for the private equity/venture capital industry. MVCA works to promote entrepreneurship and Our competitive advantage is to align our most productive private equity investment. services, as well as those of our vast partner network, to support business expansion and attraction activities specific to the Venture Capital – In four years alone, over $694 million in Defense and Homeland Security industries. venture capital has been invested in more than 100 businesses in Michigan. For new targeted industry initiatives, the state has created the $150 million Venture Michigan Fund to catalyze investment in early-stage firms operating here. With the matching We achieve this by: requirement, this initiative will attract an additional $450 million in capital to Michigan for investment in promising new companies. • Providing direct, personalized services to our existing Defense and Homeland Security companies – both Angel Networks – Aimed at helping companies with early stage small and large - for the purpose of increasing their competitiveness and profitability seed financing, Michigan is fortunate to have three active Angel Networks: The Great Lakes Angels, The Grand Angels and The • Fostering new partnerships and cutting-edge programs to Ann Arbor Angels. address the changing needs of the industry • Attracting new and diverse businesses that will benefit Traditional and Non-Traditional Financing – Macomb County from our integrated supplier network, engineering, R&D can help companies secure SBA 504 and 7A Loans, as well and manufacturing capabilities, thus further enhancing the as Tax-Exempt Revenue Bond financing through the Macomb county’s competitive advantages County Economic Development Corporation. The Automation • Assistance in finding suitable properties – based on client Alley Technology Center, can also assist with accessing specifications – for purchase or lease non-traditional and unique sources of financing and capital. • Consultation regarding a variety of development and tax incentives that make Macomb the most cost effective choice State Incentives / Tax Credits – Michigan has a wide variety • Links to pertinent (and often cost-free) workforce screening of incentives and tax credits for qualified companies. The and training programs department provides expert assistance to eligible businesses seeking to obtain property tax abatements from local • Market entry support to help determine what type of North communities. Staff also offers consultation to those businesses American presence is right for each business qualifying for the state’s premium incentives, such as the MEGA • Business and marketing plan development for start-up and programs. established businesses • Guidance for quickly moving through state and local permitting and approval processes Contact us today for more information on the Defense and Homeland Security Industries in Macomb County, Michigan. Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development Administration Building 1 South Main Street, 7th Floor Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043 Phone Number: 586-469-5285 E-mail: Defense and Homeland Security Visit: 12 | Macomb County Michigan |