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Team conference call for nov 25, 12


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Presentation for team call on 11/25/12

Published in: Business
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Team conference call for nov 25, 12

  1. 1. Team Conference CallNov 25, 2012Hosted by: Adria Odom | ED
  2. 2. Agenda Nov Bonus Buy Holiday Sales Planning New Pricing Formats New Sales Tools New Product
  3. 3. Nov Bonus Buy Active Dates| 11/18/12 - 11/25/12  10 bottles $17  20 bottles for $16  25+ bottles for $15 Simply place your order and in the order comments section enter DISTRIBUTOR BONUS BUY. Submit your order but do not pay. Your sponsor will edit the pricing for you and contact you with the updated final price via email.
  4. 4. Winter Sales Trend Fall is here! With cold weather can come cold sales... this is a time of year where sales slow down as clients are more focused on preparation for the holiday season. Focus will be on saving money for gifts, parties, dinners ect... Instead of our bodies being more exposed, we are more covered up to protect ourselves from cold weather. However, DONT let that be a hindrance to your business. Its this time that we have to market even harder in order to remind clients that focusing on your health is a year round lifestyle change and not just during the summer. Suggestions for a sales boost during down time:  Host more parties  Attend several networking events  Run specials such as  Buy one, Get one 1/2 off  Buy one, Get one free samples  Holiday Specials  Breast Cancer Month Specials  New Client Specials  Friends & Family Discounts  Refer A Friend Discounts Just think of new, creative ways to drive new customers to your business. On last Sundays call we talked about the benefits of promoting the Auto-Ship program to create residual income and automatically make profit each month.
  5. 5. How to promote Auto Ship Keep all retail pricing at $45 to promote the incentive of Auto Ship. Pricing as follow:  3 months = $40  6 months = $35  12 months = $30 Select their time frame based on new program formatting:  0-20 lbs = 3 months  25-50 lbs = 6 months  50+ lbs = 12 months
  6. 6. The Beginner’s Kit | $65Contents include:  Slim Beauty Tea for Cleanse  Vtox Vitamin  Signature Skinny Evolve or Indigo depending on their program  Tracking Chart  Measuring Tape  Guide Book for SuccessYour price | $45
  7. 7. New Sales Tools Intranet Site; Use temp url below  Guide Book for Success Product Catalog Distributor Interest & Sign Up FormsAll items are currently in print. Each distributor willreceive several starter items of each tool. Items will beavailable for purchase separately. They will also comefree with each new purchase you make.
  8. 8. Guide Book for Success
  9. 9. Product Catalog
  10. 10. Signature Skinny Edge Step # 12 Basic Info  Fat/Carbohydrate Blocker  60 capsules per bottle  12 capsules per sample  400 mgs per capsule  Take 2 per day
  11. 11. Edge Product Guide