On target for 2013 team conference call for jan 6, 13


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On target for 2013 team conference call for jan 6, 13

  1. 1. ON TARGET for 2013 Authorized Distributors of FABulous Transformations Presenter: Princess Campbell
  2. 2. ON TARGET Agenda Tonight we will cover… New Products New Comp Plan & Pricing Events & Parties Marketing & Promotion Navigating Your Sites Building Your Business
  3. 3. ON TARGET Signature Skinny & Beyond! NEW PRODUCTS
  4. 4. ON TARGET Signature Skinny Expands Customers are always looking for the latest & greatest items on the market! New ReVamped Signature Skinny Edge Signature Skinny Evolve Sigature Skinny Ampd Gold Signature Skinny Insane Assimilate Signature Skinny Indigo Signature Skinny Detox Foot Pads
  5. 5. ON TARGET More Financial Opportunities! NEW COMP PLAN & PRICING
  6. 6. ON TARGET Ways to get paid Retail Sales Team Commissions + Bonus Incentives These sales are generated from your own personal These are the aspects of the comp plan that are customers. Your job is to get them sold on our 90 Days currently active: to Skinny Weight Loss System. This helps create a life long customer. New Partner Signing Bonus They pay you directly $4 per Affiliate You can purchase products at your discounted rates $25 per Authorized Distributor and resale them at the set retail price. You make the purchase using the ditributor portal. Enter your information in the billing Anchor Bonus address and your customers information in the $100 per leg that is completely filled shipping address. They pay the company directly Leadership Bonus You can have your customers orders drop shipped. $100 per completely filled Business Model This usually happens when the customer uses a card and the distributor does not have their own Team Sales Bonus processing system available. You make the purchase as regular customer, using your customer url website $25 for each team member if all members his a address. You will be able to log into your own PV of 250 within one month account, however enter the customers information into the billing and shipping address. You will receive the set commission amount of your position on a monthly Team Commission Payout basis. Earn a percentage of your lesser leg based on the position you have in the company. Must You can make things easy to keep up with by always meet TCV monthly threshold. completing an order form for each of your customers order. This will help you keep track of your customer information for follow up.
  7. 7. ON TARGET Explore Your Community! EVENTS & PARTIES
  9. 9. ON TARGET Top 3 Ways to Market & Advertise You r Business Networking & Events Repeat Customers = Internet & Social Referrals Media Use eventbrite or meetup to Offer incentives to your find business networking currently clients if they refer All social media platforms their friends or family events in your area. Or other members to you. [Facebook, Twitter, YouTub beauty related events and use e, Pinterest, Instagram, Link the opportunity to promote Use the online site to give edIn] your business. (ie, pass out them store credit towards business cards) purchases each time Write A Blog someone uses their referral link. [Blogger, Wordpress, Tumbl Host as many parties as you r] can within one month. Try to Offer incentives to clients to do one each weekend and bring the most guest to a Sales Based Sites watch your business grow. party or event. Give their guests special offers as [Craigslist, SalesSpider, Ma The key is to do them right well. [No freebies] nta, Angies List] and generate referrals.
  11. 11. ON TARGET Thrive, Grow, Prosper BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS
  12. 12. ON TARGET Building Your Business Build Your Clientele • Start with yourself. You are your best customer and walking billboard. It’s very important that you believe in what you are selling, this means you must use the products yourselves in order to share in the experiences of your customers. Build Leadership Skills • Host parties to build your knowledge on the program and products and to develop good speaking skills as it relates to your business. By coaching & motivating your clients you will develop the skills to coach and motivate other business owners. This will also give you more opportunities to grow your retail sales. Fill Your Business Model • Once you’ve got the nature of handling your business down pat, begin to learn how to offer the business opportunity to others. Use the tools available to you to host small business presentations and express how you’ve developed in the business yourself. You must be able to show others how profitable the health and wellness industry can be. With a complete business model, your financial opportunities expand with cash bonuses and commission payouts.
  13. 13. ON TARGET www.DetoxForBeauty.com 4319 High Point Rd. Suite #104 Greensboro NC 27407 (888) 406-5402 Questions? We are happy to help you!