DLEDS street lights


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This doc describes briefly state of art of DLEDS street lighting products, including benefits to use LED for lighitng as big energy savings and better light quality.
For any information contact us to info@dleds.com.

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DLEDS street lights

  1. 1. LED Street lights:state of the art Dledsproducts<br />1<br />
  2. 2. The main reasons why the LED lighting is becoming an important role in the industry can be summarized with the following key factors: <br />Big energysavingreplacingexistingsystems<br />Energy saving on newsystems<br />Life of the newtechnology<br />Reductionof the maintenancecosts<br />Better light quality<br />Environmentfriendly<br />Free chooseof the color temperature<br />High electricalsafety and power-onlight immediately<br />Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />2<br />LED key points<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>Most of the lighting fixtures in our countries are outdated and obsolete.
  4. 4. The recovery of energy efficiency appears to be a major factor in the consideration of the LED source as an alternative to the existing one.
  5. 5. The use of LED technology in the municipal area can be used for street lighting fixtures but also for lighting road bike paths, walkways, gardens, parks, common areas, parking lots, etc..</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />3<br />Recoveryofenergyefficiency on existingsystems<br />City – Garda Lake<br />Obsolete lightingfixture - Brescia<br />
  6. 6. <ul><li>Whenwespeakaboutpercentageenergysavingof the LED fixtureto the standard existinglamp, wemeanhowmuch the new LED light can savegivingas a target the respectof the lighting classof the EN13201.
  7. 7. Untilfewtimes ago, the choiceofone light fixtureratherthenanotherwasmadeconsideringaesthetic and performances. Sometimesthischoiceappearsexceeded.
  8. 8. If, forexample, sphere light fixtures are replaced ( emitting on 360°) the recoveryof the energyefficientwillbeprobably the max. possible.
  9. 9. We can therefore say that the use of LED light fixtures can improve the efficiency between 30 and 70% depending on the individual case.</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />4<br />How much you can save in percentage terms by replacing the existing lighting with LED technology?<br />
  10. 10. Using LED lights on newsystems can achieveinterestingsavinglevels in considerationof the 2 followingissue: <br /><ul><li>Reductionofonelightingcategorythanksto the high colorimetricindex ( italianlaw UNI11248 )
  11. 11. Actualavailabilityof led fixtureswith “real” efficiencyof more then 70 Lm/Watt
  12. 12. Whatdoesitmean “efficiencyLm/Watt”?
  13. 13. Sincethereis no rules on which information havetoappear on the catalogof the LED streetlightmanufacturers or importers, we assist to a different and sometimesmisleading information..</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />5<br />2. Energy savings on newsystems<br />
  14. 14. The efficiencydeclared in the catalog (forexample 100lm/watt or 5500 lm/watt if the lamphas 55 Leds) isrelatedto the LED efficiency at the JCT of 25°C ( asdeclaredby the manufacturer) or to the lamp in workingconditions ? <br />Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />6<br />Making a true compare between LED streetlights<br />Extractfrom LED manufacturercatalog<br />Appearsclearas the luminousfluxisreferredto the Junctiontemperaratureof 25°C : a conditionnotreal in the actualpractice<br />
  15. 15. Hereis the graphicwhichletunderstoodwhich can reallybe the efficiencyof the “system”<br />Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />7<br />LED efficiency VS junction temperature<br /><ul><li>Therefore, the LED efficiencyisinverselyproportionalto the Junction Temperature
  16. 16. ItissurelyimportantusingLEDswith high efficiencybutitisalsoimportantthat the lampisequippedwith a goodheatsink so that the Led can keep a high levelofperformances. </li></li></ul><li>Anotherimportantfactoris the expectation in the life of the LED and alsohereitisnecessarytoclarify some importantmatters.<br />The life of the LEDsdepends on severalfactors: <br /><ul><li>Kind and Brandof the used LED. On the market are probablythousandsofmanufacturersbutonly some ofthem can guaranteereliability, performance over the time.
  17. 17. As the LED isdrivenand heatsinked. The junction temperature is the key tounderstandhow long can work the led.
  18. 18. The LED package and whichreliabilityhas the led once mounted on the printedcircuitboard.</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />8<br />3. Life timeof the LED<br />Extractfrom LED manufacturercatalog<br />
  19. 19. <ul><li>LED life can changefrom 50.000 to more then 100.000 hrsaccordingtowhichkindof led isused and from the junction temperature.
  20. 20. The life of the Led fixturedependsnotonly on the abovementionedfactorsbutalso on whichkindof led driver isused and ifadditional electronic circuit are present.
  21. 21. A led driver isreliableifitiscertified and if the MTBF isdeclared.</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />9<br />3. Conclusion<br />
  22. 22. <ul><li>The reductionofmaintenancecostsisreferredbasicallyto the life of the LED source, whichwehaveevaluated in 3-6 timesgreaterthen the traditionalsources.
  23. 23. The reductionof the maintenanceisalsogivenby the fact the the Led is a cold light, meaningthat the light goingourof the lampiscool. Forthatreasonitattractslessinsects.
  24. 24. The Led street light isan electronic device and ifitiswelldesigned and produced can last</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />10<br />4. Reductionofmaintenancecost<br />
  25. 25. Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />11<br />5. Better light quality<br />Severalstudiesarguethatthere are manyadvantagesof the LED light compared on the old light. <br />Wewillmentionfewofthemwithoutmakespecificcommentssince the technicalaspectsof the vision can bedebated. <br />The “white light” producedby the LED lightstogetherwith the high levelofuniformitymakes a bettereffect on the road. <br />Wesupportourcustomerstomake test on the roads and interview road users, pedestrianabout the newtechnology. <br /><ul><li>Reductionofglaringeffectif the lampisdesignedwithsuchfeature.
  26. 26. Betteruniformitythanksto the design of the led distribution.
  27. 27. Reductionof the reflectioneffecton the wetasphaltthanksto the betteruniformitywithout top spots.</li></li></ul><li>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />12<br />6. Environmentalfriendly<br />LED lights do notcontainsanymercury or some otherdangerouscomponent. One LED light can bedisassembled and all can berecycled<br /><ul><li>AccordingtoStandfordUniversity the mercurycontent in thissmallfluorescent light can pollute 4000 litersof water.
  28. 28. Whatabouttheselamps? </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>LED can beproducedwithseveral color coordinates.
  29. 29. Wecallit “color temperature” in °K.
  30. 30. A typicaloffer in the current LED market isabout 3000°K or less ( Warmwhite ) 4000 °K (Neutralwhite) and 5000 °K (coolwhite)</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />13<br />7. Free temperature color<br />Color temperature chart<br />
  31. 31. <ul><li>LED power-on light immediatelyare typically sold withclass 2 electricalsafety( doubleinsulation).
  32. 32. Itmeansthat in case of a single failurethereis no contactwithanydangerousvoltagesfrom the user.
  33. 33. This is usually achieved at least in part by having two layers of insulating material surrounding live parts or by using reinforced insulation.
  34. 34. Itisveryimportantthat LED light turns on immediately</li></ul>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />14<br />8. High electricalsafety and power-on light immediately<br />Exampleoffixturewithclass 2 electricalsafety<br />
  35. 35. Whowe are<br />DLEDS is the division of Detas S.p.A. which deals with LED lighting.<br />Detas group is relatively young, but experience and expertise has been passed down from generation to generation since 1896 when in Pula (Istria) was born the first company producing materials and electrical systems.<br /> Detas SpA operational headquarters is in Rezzato (Brescia) and in Nice there is the commercial subsidiary of the French group.<br />The group's brands are<br /><ul><li>DETAS (industrial automation systems)
  36. 36. REO Italy (power electronics)
  37. 37. HAAKE Italy (man-machine security systems)
  38. 38. D-POWER (devices for signaling and road safety)
  39. 39. DLEDS (LED lighting)</li></ul>Detas SpA isalso ICOTEK GmbHdistributor (fastening systems).<br />15<br />Detas SpA - DLEDS division www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />
  40. 40. Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />16<br />DETAS DLEDS outdoor & streetlights<br />Patented LED lightsfor :<br /><ul><li>Urban design
  41. 41. Streetlights
  42. 42. Bycycle & pedestrianpaths
  43. 43. Tunnels
  44. 44. Canopies
  45. 45. Parking</li></ul>Using the LED technology in residential and cityambientmeans:<br /><ul><li>Choose the future
  46. 46. Beingenvironmentallyfriendly
  47. 47. And the global sustainability
  48. 48. Reduce the light pollution</li></li></ul><li>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />17<br />Municipalitiesluminaires –some examples<br /><ul><li>Custom retrofittingavailable
  49. 49. Housingdifferent color available
  50. 50. Zero light pollution
  51. 51. Usingoneof top 3 LED manufacturers in the world
  52. 52. Low Junction temperature for long life
  53. 53. PowerFactor >0.9
  54. 54. UL approved LED driver
  55. 55. High CRI indexalsoavailable in neutralwhite
  56. 56. Unexpensivedimmable</li></ul>City <br />Quincy<br />Saturn<br />Mizar<br />
  57. 57. Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />18<br />LED Street Lights<br /><ul><li>Asymmetric or Symmetricoptics
  58. 58. Class 2 powersupply
  59. 59. IP65 lights
  60. 60. Usingoneof top 3 LED manufacturers in the world
  61. 61. Low Junction temperature
  62. 62. Zero light pollution
  63. 63. PowerFactorcorrection >0.9
  64. 64. UL approved LED driver
  65. 65. High CRI indexalsoavailable in neutralwhite</li></ul>Mark<br />Shark<br />Twister<br />Radiant 2<br />
  66. 66. Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />19<br />LED Street Lights Detas DLEDS competitive advantages<br />Photometric<br />Curves<br />In-House<br />Gonio-photometer<br />Optical Design<br />20 yearsexperience in powersupply<br />Litestar-Design<br />
  67. 67. Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />20<br />Comingsoon : STRATOS outperforming Led streetlight<br /><ul><li>Modular design
  68. 68. UsingLuxeonRebel 110 lm/W
  69. 69. Interdistance/Height=4
  70. 70. 3 YearsWarranty
  71. 71. Alsoavailablewith 4000 °K</li></li></ul><li>Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />21<br />References<br />Garda See – Mark48<br />Autoroutein Florence– Atlas PE<br />Paris– Mizar<br />
  72. 72. Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />22<br />References<br />Monaco - Twister<br />Brescia - Mark<br />Garda See - City<br />
  73. 73. DETAS SpA – divisione DLEDSHeadquartes: Via Treponti, 29 25086 Rezzato (BS)<br />web: www.dleds.comemail: info@dleds<br />T +39 030 2594120F +39 030 2792864<br />DETAS FRANCE <br />17 rue Guiglionda de Sainte Agathe - 06300 NICE<br />email: commercial@detas.fr<br />web: www.detas.fr<br />T +33 4 83 73 51 90 / 91 <br />F +33 4 93 55 24 09<br />Detas SpA - divisione DLEDS www.dleds.com info@dleds.com<br />23<br />Contacts<br />CEO<br /> Giorgio Durin<br />email: gdurin@detas.com<br />T +39 030 2594120 int. 103<br />Salesdept.<br />Grazia Barbera<br />email: gbarbera@detas.com<br />T +39 030 2594120 int. 104<br />Marketing dept.<br />Alex Rossi <br />email:arossi@detas.com<br />T +39 030 2594120 int. 126<br />