Alfonse, Dian’s real-life tracker, attempts to teach Sigourn...
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E3 Det Gorillas In The Mist


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E3 Det Gorillas In The Mist

  1. 1. E3 LISTENING DIANE FOSSEY, GORILLAS IN THE MIST 1 DIANE FOSSEY GORILLAS IN THE MIST FROM : GORILLAS IN THE MIST, FEATURETTE, SPECIAL FEATURES Dian Fossey (January 16, 1932 – December 27, 1985) was an American Zoologist who completed an extended study of several gorilla groups. She observed them daily for years in the mountain forests of Rwanda, initially encouraged to work there by famous paleontologist Louis Leakey. Her work is somewhat similar to Jane Goodall's work with chimpanzees. 1 Narrator : In the rainforests of Central Africa Universal and Warner Brothers Motion Pictures 2 joined forces to bring the remarkable story of an American hero to the screen. ‘Gorillas in the 3 Mist’ is the true story of Dian Fossey. Dian became famous as the saviour of the mountain 4 gorilla. She died in 1985. Sigourney Weaver won the powerful and coveted leading role of 5 Dian Fossey. 6 Sigourney : I don’t really think any film has to be made, but I really wanted to make this one. 7 It’s almost as if the people making this film wanted to complete something Dian was trying to 8 finish when she was murdered so that her death isn’t a complete waste. Obviously, it isn’t, but 9 I think the film will send out her beliefs, her passion, to more people. 10 Dian Fossey (1979) : Well, I’m not here to make friends. I came here, essentially, for research 11 and I don’t believe that you can close your eyes or close your mind to the problems of 12 conservation. It’s not talking about conservation. It’s acting. 13 Narrator : She defended them with fanatic zeal, acquiring a host of enemies who she opposed 14 in her war to save the last few mountain gorillas from extinction. (…) Before her death, Dian 15 began working with Universal Motion Pictures on her life story. Now, three years later, 16 Universal and Warner Brothers return to Rwanda to begin again. These hundreds of Rwandan 17 porters will create a human lifeline to keep the cameras rolling high in the cloud forest. 18 Months of delicate negotiating with the Rwandan government resulted in a permit to film in 19 the Parc des Volcans, the sanctuary of the world’s last 260 mountain gorillas. Director Michael 20 Apted selected his crew from around the world for fitness and their willingness to endure the 21 hardships. No prima donnas here. First unit cinematographer, Australian John Seale : ‘This 22 picture is being made totally on muscle power and leg power. At the moment we’re about 23 12,000 feet, heading for just under 13,000. They don’t allow us to bring helicopters to drop us 24 at the top. The only way to get there is to walk. So, we’re not doing too badly for our ages.’ 25 Narrator : We arrive at our home away from home, a tent camp, a stone’s throw from the 26 Karisoke research station, Dian’s home for almost two decades and the place where she died. 27 Michael :The real story happened here. This is the land that Dian Fossey trod. So, when you 28 see us climbing mountains with porters carrying our equipment on their head it’s largely 29 because there are no roads, no transport, no nothing. But nonetheless, this is clearly where the 30 gorillas are and I decided from the beginning to take the movie to the gorillas. 31 Narrator : Taking it to the gorillas creates two dangers : The risk to the gorilla’s precarious 32 survival there, and the risk to Sigourney Weaver who must meet them face to face, just as 33 Dian did. Although the gorillas are normally gentle, they can be ferocious when challenged. 34
  2. 2. E3 LISTENING DIANE FOSSEY, GORILLAS IN THE MIST 2 Alfonse, Dian’s real-life tracker, attempts to teach Sigourney a few words of gorilla-ese. This 35 sound translates “I’m okay. You’re okay.” 36 Sigourney : We usually do this going down the trail. 37 Narrator : To eliminate any possible threat to the gorillas Michael Apted agreed to limit the 38 wildlife unit to six. Six; including, actors, where Hollywood typically operates with 100 or 39 more. 40 Sigourney : I sat down and pretty soon this gorilla came right up to me. I tried to make friends 41 with her, in a way. She turned out to be Maggie, an 8-year-old who had known Dian. 42 Narrator : The filming begins. 43 Sigourney : I don’t think she recognized that I was playing Dian, but she became my friend 44 (…) and holding hands with a gorilla is one of the greatest thrills I can recommend. Maggie 45 had a great personality. She was a great ham and loved being photographed. (…) Silverback is 46 so big. It’s hard to imagine. (…) When I saw him coming toward me, it happened so fast, like 47 a big wave. (…) I just turned around and sat as still as I could and hoped that I hadn’t done 48 anything to really irritate him. (…) I also kept hoping that Simon would get the shot. I wasn’t 49 sure this would happen again. 50 Narrator ; It was all bluff. Scenes like this, filmed naturally in the wild, will tell the story of 51 Dian’s work. 52 Sigourney : My only regret is that except for Sembagare I have no-one to share this with. 53 Narrator :Bob Campbell filmed Dian in the early years and helped her save the gorillas. 54 Australian Bryan Brown plays Bob Campbell in the film. 55 Bryan : Well, I was petrified of the gorillas at first because they’re awfully big. There’s no 56 way you can’t be apprehensive and I didn’t want to be the first person where they went: “Gee, 57 it’s never happened before that someone’s been killed by a gorilla.” I didn’t want to be that 58 person. 59 Sigourney : Most people love animals. It’s a very short step to loving the more exotic animals 60 and to realizing they’re equal citizens with us of the Earth. I think that’s what Dian was trying 61 to do with her work. So, I think in that sense it’s a worthwhile film. But it’s also a very 62 interesting story, against this fantastic country. It will take people to another place. 63 FOR MORE INFORMATION : BIOGRAPHY : From : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dian_Fossey SCRIPT : Subtitles DVD ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ THE DIAN FOSSEY GORILLA FUND : http://www.gorillafund.org/ GORILLA VIDEOS : http://www.gorillafund.org/gorilla_videos/#