DSWNA Nova Scotia Tourism Agency 2013


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DSWNA Nova Scotia Tourism Agency 2013

  1. 1. Tourism in Nova ScotiaJune 4, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Nova ScotiaTourism Agency• A Tourism Strategyfor Nova Scotia
  3. 3. Nova Scotia Tourism Agency
  4. 4. The Problem – Barriers to Growth• Industry concerns about focus and direction• Declining visitation (down 9% since 2000)• Lack of role clarity• Aging product• Outdated technology• Uncoordinated approach to major events• Fewer first-time visitors
  5. 5. Background• Nova Scotia Tourism Agency (NSTA)- Increase collaboration between industry and government- Leverage industry expertise to develop long-term tourismstrategy for next five years- More flexible and market driven- True partnership between industry and government• Toward a Long Term Tourism Strategy for Nova Scotia- How is this different or how could it be?- Joint government/industry process- Shared commitment to development of NSTA and strategy fortourism- Increased level of engagement
  6. 6. A Tourism Strategyfor Nova Scotia
  7. 7. The Strategy Process• NSTA announced September 2011• Input sought from industry, stakeholders andpartner agencies• Jurisdictional review (Canada andinternational)• Strategic framework developed April 2012• Public consultations
  8. 8. The Strategy
  9. 9. Focus on new visitors – attract more of them, andencourage them to spend more and stay longer – tobuild overall industry profitability.Strategic Goal
  10. 10. • Leadership and collaboration• Inspirational, strategicmarketing• Evidence-based decision-making• Higher-quality productand experiences• Improved access to NovaScotia and throughout theprovinceFive Pillars for Growth:
  11. 11. Outcome: Build leadership and pride in tourism so thatevery Nova Scotian understands the value of the visitoreconomy•Actionso Clarify roles and responsibilitieso Promote “One Nova Scotia”o Provide easy access to NSTA and all relevantprograms and informationo Adopt a sales-focused approach to visitor serviceLeadership and Collaboration
  12. 12. • Tacticso Work with partner organizations to ensureawareness and alignment with new direction andtheir role with tourismo Partners equipped with brando Evaluate customer satisfaction in VICso Conduct Mystery Shopso Sales and service trainingo Develop strategic partnership opportunities for VICso Use TEIM to tell compelling story of the role andsignificance of tourism in provincial economyLeadership and Collaboration
  13. 13. Outcome: Develop a compelling Nova Scotia tourismbrand that creates an emotional connection with potentialvisitors and aligns with provincial brand•Actionso Introduce a compelling tourism brand andcampaign that creates an emotional connectiono Develop a digital strategy that enables Nova Scotiato be an industry leadero Invest strategically in key target marketso Create efficiency in partner funding programsInspirational, Strategic Marketing
  14. 14. Target Audience• Stay longer• Spend more• More likely to befirst-timersOutdoorenthusiastCulturalenthusiastCulinaryenthusiast
  15. 15. • Tacticso Introduce Brand Health Indexo Develop three tiered master content strategy(Market ready products, develop assets and Matchproduct to target)o Deliver new booking engineo Delineate between psychographic markets (outdoorenthusiast) and geographic markets with highestyield potentialo Create One Nova Scotia co-operative advertisingprogram for literature, digital and campaignparticipationo Visitor Servicing strategic reviewInspirational, Strategic Marketing
  16. 16. Outcome: Capture and interpret marketing intelligenceto support evidence-based decision-making that focusesinvestment on the best opportunities for profitable growthand economic impact•Actionso Evaluate effectiveness of tourism campaignso Consult visitors to gain insightso Employ research to guide product and experiencedevelopmentEvidence-Based Decision Making
  17. 17. • Tacticso Novascotia.com conversion surveyo More comprehensive and innovative way to assessROIo Leverage technology for more accurate and costeffective measurementso Market allocation model to support investmentdecisionso NSTA online visitor panel to support decisionmakingo Evidence-based icon assessment modelEvidence-Based Decision Making
  18. 18. Outcome: Through strategic and focused investments byindustry and government, develop Nova Scotia’s mostcompetitive, differentiating tourism assets to provide highquality visitor experiences appealing to our highest yieldmarket segmentsHigher-Quality Product andExperiences
  19. 19. • Actionso Focus resources on enhancement of Nova Scotia’stourism icons that motivate visitation to theprovinceo Improve quality of iconic products and experienceso Cultural Heritage Tourismo Culinary Tourismo Experiential Development 2.0o Training and innovation for sustainable workforceo Strategic, government-wide approach to attractingand funding major eventsHigher-Quality Product andExperiences
  20. 20. • Tacticso Multi-year investment development plans toupgrade quality and market appeal of tourism iconso Enhancement of 10 premier, coastal hikingexperienceso Development of 5 coastal cycling experienceso Expand Nova Scotia Approved programo NSA Quality First Programo Improve quality and market-readiness of selectcultural heritage tourism assetso Completion of culinary strategy for Kings CountyHigher-Quality Product andExperiences
  21. 21. • Tactics (continued)o Nova Scotia Experience Programo Alignment of experiences with CTC SignatureExperiences Collectiono Work with Nova Scotia Tourism Human ResourceCouncil to support workforce developmento Tourism industry development funding programo Work with Events Nova Scotia to develop decision-making model to attract and fund major events in acoordinated wayHigher-Quality Product andExperiences
  22. 22. Outcome: Support initiatives to build access to theprovince that will bring new visitors to Nova Scotia andensure they can experience the entire province effectivelyand efficiently•Actionso Support an approach to improve provincial signageo Work with partners to maximize visitors through allmodes of transportationImproved Access to Nova Scotia andThroughout the Province
  23. 23. • Tacticso Partner in the review of provincial signageo Work with strategic stakeholders on jointmarketing initiatives to support increasedtransportation capacity to Nova ScotiaImproved Access to Nova Scotiaand Throughout the Province
  24. 24. • Grow overnight visitors by 1% per year fromcurrent levels (2M per year) to 2.1M• Increase non-resident visitor revenue by 4%annually• Maintain room nights outside HRM at 2012levels• Recognition of tourism as contributor toeconomy, community development and socialwell-being (baseline in 2013)Proposed Targets
  25. 25. Questions