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  • Over 50% of visitors to Nova Scotia are from Atlantic Canada
  • Fundy Shore is showing an increase to the end of October, while South Shore is showing a decrease by about 3%
  • Shelburne County had a few months of not having enough properties reporting and this would affect the rooms night sold total. Approximately 900 rooms difference between the previous year
  • Shelburne County had a few months of not having enough properties reporting and this would affect the rooms night sold total.
  • Based on Visitors Counselled – as you can see majority of our visitors are from Atlantic Canada with Ontario being the second largest market between May - October 2012
  • Provided contesting to capture names and evaluate the show. Handed out material for the region, etc
  • Introduction
  • 2013-2014 Business Plan. How?
  • Agm 2013 presentation

    1. 1. Destination Southwest Nova AssociationAnnual General MeetingTuesday, June 4, 2013Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa
    2. 2. 106310094800455800143900166600691002012Atlantic CanadaQuebecOntarioWestern CanadaUSOverseas
    3. 3. 02000004000006000008000001000000120000020122011
    4. 4. 24000 05369001073500020000040000060000080000010000001200000140000020122011
    5. 5. 27370 24474109550020000400006000080000100000120000Bay of Fundy &Annapolis ValleyYarmouth &Acadian ShoresSouth Shore201220112010
    6. 6. 21%18%23%17%8%12%0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%Less than two weeks2-4 weeks1-2 months3-4 months5-6 monthsMore than 6 monthsHow Far in Advance Decision is Made to Visit NSHow Far in Advance Decision is Made toVisit NSSource – 2010 NS VES
    7. 7. 340000 380000 420000Rooms Night Sold2010-20112011-20122012-2013
    8. 8. 0200004000060000800001000001200002012-20132011-20122010-2011
    9. 9. 359801389252069707155279058May – October 2012Atlantic CanadaOntarioQuebecWestern CanadaUSAOveseas
    10. 10. 020004000600080001000012000140002012201120102009
    11. 11. 01000200030004000500060007000Clare Yarmouth2012201120102009
    12. 12. 05000100001500020000250002012201120102009
    13. 13. • 80% of people use the internet for their trip decision-making Re-developed regional website – launched in August 2012 Features include◦ Focus on experiences and icons/lures◦ Destination Spotlight/Locals Know◦ Interactive Map◦ Festivals & Events (better format)◦ Enhance website listings for members – includes socialmedia, google map placement,◦ Photo Gallery◦ Videos
    14. 14. •Members areidentified by pins onthe interactive map•You can search byregion or category orboth•When you highlightand click one of thepins, it will providea brief overview ofthe business and alink to the website ormore details
    15. 15. ContactDescriptionSocial Media Image(s)Google Map
    16. 16.  In 2012, developed a Page onthe regional websitehighlighting the UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites◦ Old Town Lunenburg◦ Landscape of Grand Pre◦ Southwest Nova BiosphereReserve In 2012, inpartnership, developed 9 videosfrom the UNESCO Biosphere(focussing on experiences)which are highlighted on thepage
    17. 17.  Business Travellers make up 35%of the market in Nova Scotia Outside of HRM, the region hoststhe largest number of facilitiesthat can accommodate meetings& events Developed a page on the website(◦ Facilities Chart developed (8key partners)In 2013:DSWNA, in partnership will continue to build more content on thepage and highlight experiences to attract potential meetings & eventsIdentify how we can better feature our region in the provincialpublication – Meet Nova Scotia
    18. 18.  In 2012,◦ Facebook Page (Industry) – stay up to date on What’s Happening inthe region◦ Twitter (industry)◦ Blog◦ Pintrest◦ Linked In – Company Profile◦ YouTubeIn 2013:DSWNA will increase facebook industry members by 10%from 425 to 468DSWNA will create a consumer/visitor facebook page andtwitter feed highlighting the regions
    19. 19.  In 2012, we communicated with over 8,100 (increased 35%over 2011) Gathered at trade shows, contesting and websiteIn 2013:DSWNA will increase travel club by 5% from 8,137 to 8,543DSWNA will communicate with Travel Club at least 8times/year
    20. 20. 79%15%6%Overall Visitation to websiteCanadaUSOtherTop 5 Canadianprovinces were:Nova ScotiaOntarioQuebecAlbertaNew BrunswickTop 5 US states were:MassachusettsNew YorkCaliforniaFloridaPennsylvania
    21. 21. 47942463775200053054420004400046000480005000052000540002009 2010 2011 2012Unique Visitorswww.novascotiabackyard.com49.7847.7752.4150.894446485052542009 2010 2011 2012Bounce Rate (%)
    22. 22. In 2012, we were able to reduce the bounce rate slightly and increasethe number of unique visitors to the site; however we did not achieveour goal set last year, which was to increase visits by 10% and reducebounce by 7%Total UniqueVisitsBounce Duration2012 53,054 50.89% 2:402011 52,000 52.41% 2:27Difference +2.03% -2.91% +8.69%
    23. 23. January 1-May31Total UniqueVisitsBounce Duration2013 21,904 48.59% 2:572012 19,714 53.85% 2:27Difference +11.11% -9.76% +20.88%In 2013:DSWNA will reduce bounce rate by 2% from 50.89% to 49.5%DSWNA will increase unique visits by 2% from 53,054 to54,200
    24. 24.  Hosted several Travel Media in 2012◦ Jeremy Bradley, Radio Personality◦ Jeannie Buckley, Boston Globe◦ Michelle Newman, Independent Travel Writer◦ Other in partnerships with NSTA & Destination Halifax Go Media Fam, in partnership with Destination HalifaxAs a result, one of the French writers cameback to Southwest Nova Scotia and wrote a14-page article on the region – valued atover $160,000
    25. 25.  A strong partnership was formed with Bay Ferries,Discover Saint John, Irving and the Nova Scotia TourismAgency for the 2013 season marketing the Ultimate Bayof Fundy Road Trip. Focuses on one night in Saint John and at least 3 nights inSouthwest Nova Scotia 6 accommodation providers partnered on this initiative(Old Orchard Inn, White Point, Brier Island Lodge,Admiral Digby Inn, Digby Pines, Ye Old Argyler Lodge) Being marketed in New England, Ontario and Bay Ferriesmarkets, contact Lists, etc Product Awareness for Bay Ferries Call Centre (on-going)
    26. 26.  61% learned of an event, activity or area of the province they were notaware of currently 34% took part in an event or activity as a result of their visit 31% visited a different area of the province as a result of their visit 4% extended their stay DSWNA assists in the co-management of 25 VICs in our region fromWindsor to Chester In early 2013, the VIS Task Force reviewed the funding/investmentformula for the VICs in the region A further review will occur this summer in preparation for the VISStrategic Plan in 2014.In 2013:DSWNA will train a staff person to be a facilitator for thenew WorldHost Program.DSWNA will re-vamp the Recommend the SouthwestProgram!
    27. 27.  Bi-Lingual – partnership with Yarmouth & Acadian ShoresTourism Association Gather research on visitors to the region – what motivatesthem to travel to Southwest Nova Scotia and are we meetingtheir expectations? On-Line Survey-
    28. 28.  In 2012, creation of an industry facebook page (over 400) Circulate newsletters and marketing opportunities (over 900 industry) Created an industry twitter (200 followers) since January Hosted 2 cafes/region in 2012-2013 and an Annual General Meeting in Spring and aSemi-Annual Meeting in Fall In 2013:DSWNA will increase distribution list by 2% from 974 to 993DSWNA will develop a new newsletter template – Southwest ConnectionsDSWNA will develop a new industry portal (will not require log-in formembers)DSWNA will host at least three (3) industry café(s) for stakeholders ineach regionDSWNA will develop a survey to gauge and assess the new industrycommunications
    29. 29. 01020304050607080Bay of Fundy &Annapolis Valley Yarmouth & AcadianShores South ShoreOther6623767201320122011
    30. 30.  In 2012, the association reviewed the membership program anddeveloped a more concise and clear package outlining the benefitsof being a member Pays an annual fee ($50.00) which includes an enhanced listing onthe website, access to social media feeds, member pricing onmarketing opportunities and industry updates, etc.. New this year, the municipal units that invest in DSWNA willreceive a full membership listing for all of the non-for-profits withintheir municipal unit. DSWNA will spend time engaging members in the region in 2013.In 2013:DSWNA will increase membership by 10% from 172 to 189
    31. 31.  As mentioned previously, we engaged in a newpartnership with Bay Ferries Ltd and Discover SaintJohn and the NSTA using the Bay of Fundy as the link In 2013:In partnership with Nova Scotia Tourism,ACOA, YASTA, Region of Queens, ShelburneCounty Tourism Association and BluenoseCoast will welcome Roger Brooks from DestinationDevelopment Inc to the region for opportunityassessments.
    32. 32. Tourism brings in over 4 million in direct tourism receipts in theregionFair and mutually beneficial programLeverage industry, municipal and marketing dollarsLeverage marketing dollars necessary to meet long and short termgoals20 out of 29 participated in 2012-2013In 2013:DSWNA will review and update the Municipal InvestmentProgram in 2013DSWNA will establish a Municipal Committee to assist with the newprogram for 2014 and beyond
    33. 33.  Moved into a new head office location◦ Strategic Partnership with Town ofBridgewater and Municipality of theDistrict of Lunenburg◦ Adjacent to a VIC off of the 100 serieshighway◦ Moved into the location May 1, 2013 Partnered with La Societe Acadien topromote Acadian tourism product inNew Brunswick & Quebec
    34. 34.  Ottawa Travel & Vacation Show◦ Partnered with Nova ScotiaTourism Agency◦ 20,000 attendance Saltscapes East Coast Expo –April 2012◦ 31 booths◦ 28,000 attendance Saltscapes Expo – July 2012(Toronto)◦ Partnered with Nova ScotiaTourism Agency, Saltscapes andPartners◦ 78,000 attendance
    35. 35.  Optimyz Health Expo – January 2013 Centre Stage activities/demonstrations/talks A lot of interest in outdoor activities and the region Atlantic Motorcycle & ATV ShowFebruary 2013 Over 9,400 attendees AAA Travel Marketplace – MAMarch 2013 USA Market 17,000 attendees Sports & RV Show – March 2013 10,000 attendees
    36. 36.  New Brunswick Bundle◦ Telegraph Journal and HERE Magazine Summer Vacation Guide◦ Telegraph Journal/Chronicle Herald/TheGuardian Chronicle Herald Travel Guides to Canada◦ 41,000 consumer editions Saltscapes Food & Travel◦ 250,000 copies printed Golf & Resorts Issue (Progress)◦ 30,000 copies in Atlantic Canada Summerscapes & Winterscapes Calendar◦ 399,500 copies Saltscapes (July-Aug) & (Sept-Oct)◦ Approx 292,000 readers
    37. 37.  Billboards◦ 3 billboards (4weeks/billboard◦ Landing page for eachbillboard Webcams◦ Monthly leaderboards◦ Top referral site to DSWNAwebsite◦ 28 webcams in region Halifax Kiosk(Waterfront)◦ Partnered with See Dee’s onthe waterfront in 2012
    38. 38. 2013-2014 Media
    39. 39. Our Goal• A 1% Increase in Rooms Sold
    40. 40. The Challenging Marketplace• Declining visits to Nova Scotia• Transportation• Industry in Transition• Shifting Marketplace• Tourism as an Economic Driver
    41. 41. The Opportunity
    42. 42. The Opportunity• NSTA 5 year Strategy• Southwest Tourism Task Team• Leverage & Collaborate our Marketing efforts• Tourism accounts for 2% of all economicactivity in Nova Scotia• Website Growth
    43. 43. Our Focus
    44. 44. Our Focus• Showcasing the experience in acost effective way that delivers thetraveller to members virtualdoorstep• The Right Marketing Mix
    45. 45. The Right Marketing Mix
    46. 46. The Marketing Mix• Online• Inserts• Newspaper• Saltscapes• Billboards• Tradeshows• Travel Media & Concierge Programs
    48. 48. Marketing Opportunities
    49. 49. Marketing Opportunities• Online- focus on a mix of programs and networks with allimpressions geo targeted• Inserts-offer more creative flexibility for one or morepartners. We can finely target . Repurpose creative.• Newspapers-we have packages with New Brunswick (invarious combinations) and Nova Scotia the Chronicle Herald• Saltscapes Printed• Billboards-in partnership with members• Tradeshows• Travel Media & Concierge Programs
    50. 50. Online• Pre roll a tool to raise awareness- 15 second preroll video (video that runs before news of orentertainment video content)• Leaderboard special rates & packages• Big box special rates & packages• Geo-targeted to our target market in whateverratio is required by tactics and partners• Webcams-one of five top referral sites forDSWNA
    51. 51. Inserts• Offer creative flexibility• Targeted to households most receptive• Repurpose creative
    52. 52. Newspapers• Telegraph Journal Bundle• Chronicle Herald
    53. 53. Even More Marketing Opportunities• Saltscapes Printed• Billboards• Tradeshows• Travel Media & Concierge Training
    54. 54. Already in Market• Summerscapes 2013• Bay Ferries The Ultimate Bay of Fundy RoadTrip• Summer Vacation & Golf Guide• La Societé Acadien• Travel Media
    55. 55. Monica