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ERP Solution Case Study - measurable results


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See how measurable results helps clients implement global solutions.

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ERP Solution Case Study - measurable results

  1. 1. measurable results We get you to “Next”. ERP Support Case Study
  2. 2. The Background • International, Fortune 500 Retailer • Complete supply chain redesign and system consolidation • 3 of 5 phases completed • Final design included – SAP – JDA Intactix – Manugistics – Flex PLM – Hyperion – Optiva • Final solution designed to impact – 2500+ associates – 1000+ vendors and partners – Business operations in 16 different countries – Entire supply chain from Ideation through product placement in stores
  3. 3. The Opportunity • Significant challenges experienced to date with – Change Management process practically non-existent leading to confusion and resistance from business – NO business process integration with technology – Initial application access mapping was incorrect, resulting in 3000+ trouble tickets in the first week after go-live – Initial associate training focused on system navigation rather than business process and job function resulting in confusion and severe disruption to business – Initial associate curriculum was assigned based on application access rather than job function resulting in wasted training dollars and confusion – Significant diversion of resources to stabilize and troubleshoot previous phase deployment of the solution – Lack of credibility with the project teams ability to deliver ROI
  4. 4. The Solution • measurable results team members designed a complete revamp of the OT / Training strategy • Sold the business and project team on a functional role design, focusing on post go-live business processes • Sold the business on a crawl-walk-run strategy to prioritize and focus training to “need to know” concepts • Aligned functional roles to training curriculum assignments AND application access, reducing work and increasing accuracy and alignment • Leveraged proprietary O.T.I.S application to track and report on individual associate mappings, curriculum assignments, training progress and security role assignments in real-time
  5. 5. The Results • Associates and business understood their role post go-live and were able to focus efforts on identifying and resolving actual application issues rather than process issues • Business process integrated with technology, associates knew what to do and how to do it in the system • Accurate security role mapping reduced application access tickets from 3000+ to less than 200 the first week of go-live • Associate training focused on doing their JOB in the system, resulting in no disruption to business • Initial associate curriculum were focused to “need to know”, saving thousands of hours of training time and reducing associate stress • Resources assigned to stabilization of the application could focus on technology issues more than process issues • Rollout was credited as one of the best in the history of the client
  6. 6. measurable results We get you to “Next”. For more information