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Six thinking hats


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Six thinking hats

  1. 1. By 5th Gradestudents ofNea KaryaPrimarySchoolA SIMPLE FORMOFIN STUDYINGOF HISTORICAL SOURCES
  2. 2. We are in 1946 when the flooding of Nestos River havedestroyed the greater part of our village.Students are the habitants that have separated in twogroups. The one that their homes have destroyed and want all tomove in new safer location and the other who want their villageto remain in the same location, because the flooding haven’taffected them.So they are to discuss and decide either to stay or tomove.HISTORICAL QUESTION
  3. 3. 4 HATS NEEDED A white hat for teacher who is to give the necessaryinformation and help the procedure of the discussion. Red hats for those who are in favor of relocation of residents. Black hats for those who are against. Blue hats for the Board of Directors that will make the finaldecision.
  4. 4. WRITING STORMINGStudents they find arguments for both red and black hatsby using the writing storming.
  5. 5. DISCUSSION UNDER BE BONO HATSStudents wear their hats and the discussion starts…