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Online reputation management and making the most of TripAdvisor


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In this session we will looked at the true essence of customer service in 2016 as we delve into online reputation management and making the most of Trip Advisor. key learning outcomes for participants during our time together included:

- Introduction to Trip Advisor
- Online reputation strategies
- Power of Trip Advisor email marketing & the trip Advisor impact on organic search
- Trip advisor reviews and how to respond to positive and negative ones
- How to use Trip advisor tools to get more reviews


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Online reputation management and making the most of TripAdvisor

  1. 1. What we will cover: - Why does this matter?
  2. 2. What we will cover: - Why does this matter? - Online reputation strategies
  3. 3. What we will cover: - Why does this matter? - Online reputation strategies - Power of Trip Advisor email marketing & the trip Advisor impact on organic search
  4. 4. What we will cover: - Why does this matter? - Online reputation strategies - Power of Trip Advisor email marketing & the trip Advisor impact on organic search - Trip advisor reviews and how to respond to them?
  5. 5. What we will cover: • Why does this matter? • Online reputation strategies • Power of Trip Advisor email marketing & the trip Advisor impact on organic search • Trip advisor reviews and how to respond to them? • What other review sites should we pay attention too?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Benefits of joining Tourism Tribe: • Part of a community of over 300 tourism busin • 24/7 access to digital marketing resources, training and experts • Participate in online training sessions exclusive to members • Opportunities to network and collaborate
  8. 8. WHY?
  9. 9. 96% of travellers start their planning with a search online Source: 2012 Google Study
  10. 10. Travellers more likely to see what others say about your hotel before what you have to say about your hotel
  11. 11. Your reviews and online reputation is one of the upmost criteria for making a final decision
  12. 12. Higher ratings means you have a good reputation automatically driving demand
  13. 13. According to TripAdvisor, 93% of people find reviews important when choosing hotels
  14. 14. 53% would not book a hotel without having a guest opinion
  15. 15. Your online reputation needs to become an essential part of your marketing mix
  16. 16. Online Reputation Management 22
  17. 17. • “Sensis Social Media Report revealed 74% of social media users read online reviews before making a purchase.” 23
  18. 18. Trust is in the consumer 24
  19. 19. Best way to get reviews 25
  20. 20. 26
  21. 21. Do you know what people are saying about you online? “No longer acceptable to have a few great reviews on one platform and expect everyone will read there.” 27
  22. 22. Monitor your feedback 28
  23. 23. Let’s take a look at Cambridge Hotel
  24. 24. How to monitor your feedback • 1. Enter terms “if more than 2 words” 2. Confirm your email 3. Will be delivered to your email 30
  25. 25. How can I assess and respond? 1. Who – Who responds, who reviewed 2. What – What was it about? What are we going to do about it 3. Where – Which medium did it appear? 4. When – Posted, found, responded to 5. How – How will we respond 31
  26. 26. FAQs 1. Shall I respond to every review? 2. I have received a negative review which wasn’t justified, can I remove it? 3. Can I pay or reward people who leave reviews? 4. Do I have to pay to be listed on online reviews? 32
  27. 27. Honesty, Integrity, Excellence 33 ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: ACCC WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Online Reviews-a guide for business and review platforms
  28. 28. 34
  29. 29. Key Learning Outcomes:  What TripAdvisor is and how it can benefit your tourism business  Why you can’t afford to ignore it  How to make the most of your listing  How to deal with negative reviews  How to encourage reviews, particularly positive ones 35
  30. 30. What is TripAdvisor? 36 TripAdvisor is a website that contains advice, opinions, reviews and information on travel destinations and related products and services worldwide.
  31. 31. Some Facts & Stats 37  320 Million review globally  6.2 million businesses across 128k destinations  More than 53 Mil candid traveller photos  200 New contributions posted per minute  More than 85% of questions are replied to by other travellers
  32. 32. TripAdvisor Mobile 38  Users have downloaded the app more than 290 Million times  Nearly 50% of users visited TA via tablet or phone
  33. 33. TripAdvisor Mobile Innovation 39  “Near Me Now” find nearby restaurants, attractions and hotels on the go  “Offline Feature” Allows travellers to download TA reviews, photos and city maps  “Neighbourhoods” Allows TA users to discover and explore neighbourhoods within popular tourist destinations
  34. 34. How does TripAdvisor work?  Built on user-generated content  Reviews and tips posted by registered users  Registered business owners can respond to reviews  Used as a resource by travellers to inform their decisions 40
  35. 35. TripAdvisor Features  Instant booking via global partners including Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity,,  Hotel comparison allowing for real-time hotel room prices and availability  Tours feature presented with up to 3 tour options via Viator  Forums enables members to ask for and share their experience 41
  36. 36. How does TripAdvisor work?  Ranks destinations, restaurants, hotels and other travel related products  Products/services ranked on the site within their category and location based on the number of overall positive reviews 42
  37. 37. Is it valuable? 43
  38. 38. 44 LakeCrackenback Resort & Spa
  39. 39. Why does TripAdvisor work?  People place an enormous value on customer reviews and like to see them before they purchase  Increasingly we trust peer reviews more than traditional forms of advertising  TripAdvisor facilitates this sharing of experiences 45
  40. 40. Reputation Management 46
  41. 41. Management Centre 47
  42. 42. Management Centre 48
  43. 43. Benefits of TripAdvisor  Exposure on one of the largest travel review websites  Connect to the 60 million visitors per month who use the site  Free to use (unless you sign up for a paid listing)  User-friendly and quick to set up 49
  44. 44. Benefits of TripAdvisor  Registered business owners can respond to reviews of their product  A business listing with regular positive reviews is a cost effective, efficient and credible way to reach potential customers  Feedback helps to identify any improvements that could be made 50
  45. 45. You can’t ignore it!  Even if you have not registered your business on TripAdvisor, anyone can request that a listing be created for your business so they can review it.  It makes sense to at least monitor reviews of your business and respond where appropriate. 51
  46. 46. TripAdvisor on your website  Have TripAdvisor reviews appear on your own site to:  keep potential customers on your site  give them confidence to book with you  Embed (place) the content using a ‘widget’, a small application. 52
  47. 47. TripAdvisor on your website  The content will then appear twice: on TripAdvisor and on your website.  To do this you will need access to your files or use your content management system (CMS). 53
  48. 48. Dealing with Negative Reviews  Average reviewer not average customer  More likely to review if very happy or dissatisfied although reviewing is becoming more mainstream  Users are most interested in a ‘typical’ experience rather than the odd negative review 54
  49. 49. Dealing with Negative Reviews  Most interested in how you handle a complaint rather than what one unhappy customer has said.  Negative reviews should be responded to promptly, following the social media protocols you hopefully have in place. 55
  50. 50. 56
  51. 51. Dealing with Negative Reviews  Remain courteous and professional  Stick to the facts - don’t get personal  Thank the reviewer for providing feedback  Explain what is being done to rectify the issue  Responses must meet TripAdvisor policy or they won’t be published 57
  52. 52. More reviews lead to higher ratings 58
  53. 53. Reviews are mostly positive 59
  54. 54. Be proactive “Minimise the impact of negative reviews by showing your product in a very positive light – use photos, videos and descriptions as part of your listing.” 60
  55. 55. New Feature – review express 61
  56. 56. Management responses matter 62
  57. 57. Management responses matter 63
  58. 58. 64
  59. 59. Dealing with Negative Reviews  Potential for reviews that are unfair or exaggerated – no different from a visitor book but these are very public!  You can ask TripAdvisor to investigate and remove reviews if they are defamatory. 65
  60. 60. Encouraging more reviews  More reviews = more accurate overall picture of your business.  Ask customers to write a review for you as a matter of course: • when checking out • follow-up email to them including a link to your listing on TripAdvisor 66
  61. 61. Encouraging more reviews  Ensure your listing is easy to find - check your details are correct and add photos, videos and descriptions.  Offering money or inducements for reviews is against TripAdvisor policy.  DON’T FORGET YOUR WEBSITE 67
  62. 62. Visual love into your listing 68
  63. 63. More positive reviews  Maximise likelihood of positive reviews through exceeding customer expectations.  Give your customers the opportunity to bring any negative feedback to your attention during their visit.  Resolve issues before they share online. 69
  64. 64. Trip Advisors Algorithm Trip Advisor only discloses 3 key ingredients to the algorithm: 1. The quality 2. The recency 3. Quantity of reviews 70
  65. 65. Summary 71  TripAdvisor is the most popular reputation management tool for tourism businesses - allows both sides of the story to be told.  You don’t have to register your business on TripAdvisor to already have a profile – you can’t avoid participation!  Responding to negative reviews promptly is vital
  66. 66. QUESTIONS?
  67. 67. Did you love this session “If you never ask the answer will always be NO”
  68. 68. Don’t forget your FREE membership