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Collocation lists


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Collocation lists

  1. 1. Collocation ListsOn this page you can find a few short lists of collocations to give you more of an ideaabout them. Many good learners dictionaries show collocations associated with specificwords. There are also dictionaries of collocations, though these are more difficult tofind.Some common verbs have do makehave a bath do business make a differencehave a drink do nothing make a messhave a good time do someone a favour make a mistakehave a haircut do the cooking make a noisehave a holiday do the housework make an efforthave a problem do the shopping make furniturehave a relationship do the washing up make moneyhave a rest do your best make progresshave lunch do your hair make roomhave sympathy do your homework make trouble take break catchtake a break break a habit catch a balltake a chance break a leg catch a bustake a look break a promise catch a chilltake a rest break a record catch a coldtake a seat break a window catch a thieftake a taxi break someones heart catch firetake an exam break the ice catch sight oftake notes break the law catch someones attentiontake someones place break the news to someone catch someones eyetake someones temperature break the rules catch the flu pay save keep save electricitypay a fine keep a diary save energypay attention keep a promise save moneypay by credit card keep a secret save ones strengthpay cash keep an appointment save someone a seatpay interest keep calmpay someone a compliment save someones life keep control save something to a diskpay someone a visit keep in touch save spacepay the bill keep quiet save timepay the price keep someones place save yourself the troublepay your respects keep the change
  2. 2. come go getcome close go abroad get a jobcome complete with go astray get a shockcome direct go bad get angrycome early go bald get divorcedcome first go bankrupt get drunkcome into view go blind get frightenedcome last go crazy get homecome late go dark get lostcome on time go deaf get marriedcome prepared go fishing get nowherecome right back go mad get permissioncome second go missing get pregnantcome to a compromise go on foot get readycome to a decision go online get startedcome to an agreement go out of business get the impressioncome to an end go overseas get the messagecome to a standstill go quiet get the sackcome to terms with go sailing get upsetcome to a total of go to war get wetcome under attack go yellow get worriedMiscellaneous Time Business English Classifiersbang on time annual turnoverdead on time bear in mindearly 12th century break off negotiationsfree time cease tradingfrom dawn till dusk chair a meetinggreat deal of time close a deallate 20th century close a meeting a ball of stringmake time for come to the point a bar of chocolatenext few days dismiss an offer a bottle of waterpast few weeks draw a conclusion a bunch of carrotsright on time draw your attention to a cube of sugarrun out of time launch a new product a pack of cardssave time lay off staff a pad of paperspare time go bankruptspend some time go into partnershiptake your time make a losstell someone the time make a profittime goes by market forcestime passes sales figureswaste time take on staff