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Activity linguistics apr 18th morning


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Activity linguistics apr 18th morning

  1. 1. APPLIED LINGUISTICS TEACHING PRACTICEFOREWORD:So far, we have studied many concepts focused on syntax. I need you to concentrate on what asentence, a clause and a phrase are. Remember their components: Sentence: (subject and predicate) Clause: (Subject and predicate) It can be located inside the sentence, either in the subject or the predicate. It is introduced by a relative clause (sometimes it is not. Eg. THE PLACE WHERE I ATE THE TORTA OF COCHINITA IS LOCATED IN THE SOUTH---Option 2: THE PLACE I ATE THE TORTA OF COCHINITA IS LOCATED IN THE SOUTH…[in this latter example I omitted the relative pronoun to introduce the clause. As you can see you can use it to introduce more information about nouns. Phrase. A phrase is a section of the sentence. It is something called ‘a chunk of info’. The can be adverbial, adjectival, verbal, noun phrases. Phrases are inside the sentences and clauses. Remember the process of elimination of the phrases.INSTRUCTIONS: Form groups of max. 5 students. Imagine you are teaching a class with 45 students. They are university students of Law, Anthropology, Medicine, Commercial Systems or English. Not combined. All of them are between 18 and 45 years old, 20 guys, 25 girls. Prepare ONE activity to teach them Basic English related to their majors using as a base your knowledge about the structure of sentence, clause and phrase. You decide vocabulary and language skill (two skills in the activity tops) You decide the topic but don’t lose focus on the students’ major. You will explain the activity and prepare the sample material you will use. You don’t need to hand in anything. I want a good presentation. Sample is a SAMPLE. If you are using 45 cards, you just do 1; if you are using a handout you need to show us 1. If it is audio, just mention the kind of audio you are going to use. If it is a PPT, print out the one that you consider the most important. You will have 8 min tops to present and describe your activity. My critic will be done after the class and before Estefania, Alexis and Fanny’s presentation. You can work during our class on Monday, April 16th. You have two hours, so don’t procrastinate or whine about it and join in the class to work! I will go to the classroom to see if there is someone there! If you don’t go, please don’t present BS cuz I am gonna be seriously mad about it and I will stop your presentation! I want to see Energy, enthusiasm, creativity and teaching spirit in your presentations :D YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE THE BEST!