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Psychological safety framework Obect123


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Psychological safety framework that works

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Psychological safety framework Obect123

  1. 1. A Psychological Safety Framework. Democratizing organizational power, as we do political power, so we can have the last say & vote.
  2. 2. Why we need psychological safety… FEAR!of Anger, Authority, Abuse, & Rejection (being fired)
  3. 3. Without psychological safety… FECKLESS
  4. 4. Read lots of psychological safety books or Employ a Psychological Safety Officer or How to get psychological safety…
  5. 5. How to get psychological safety… Or try object123. Think of it like a soccer ref’s Whistle…..Yellow Card…….Red Card
  6. 6. How to get psychological safety… & propose that the team agrees to try it….
  7. 7. We learn from the offended person’s real-time objection, as the offender acknowledges or apologizes… How to get psychological safety…
  8. 8. …Object123 ensures the objections are always less offensive than the misbehavior… How to get psychological safety… (Quite possibly most abuse, malicious gossip, aggression and anger are just poorly delivered objections)
  9. 9. …& finally, if the objection is challenged we let the team have the final say & vote. How to get psychological safety…
  10. 10. What people are saying… “ ” Very interesting point, Desmond. Democratize organizational power as we do political power, so (we) can vote people out Timothy R. Clark Founder & CEO of LeaderFactor, author, consultant, researcher, Oxford-trained social scientist
  11. 11. EGGSHELLS OBJECT123 is a step in the right direction NO MORE WALKING ON When we get psychological safety…