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Object123 - A Workplace Safe Space Tool

Object123 - A Workplace Safe Space Tool

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Object123 - A Workplace Safe Space Tool

  1. 1. GOSSIPPING OBSEQUIOUS …why? Why do organizations look like this? ACQUIESENCE ASSENTING to authority CONFORMITY Politically Correct Compromising SYCOPHANTS WALKING ON EGGSHELLS discomfort FAILURE to ask “dumb questions” disingenuous compliance
  2. 2. UNCERTAINTY! Eh! You can’t be serious?? 1. …when I’ve OFFENDED you? 2. …when you’ve OFFENDED me? How do we BEHAVE…
  3. 3. 1. The Offender’s Behavior Browbeating DOGMA Blaming Rhetorical Questions Volume Tone Implicit Intimidation Steamrolling MISLEADING Sulking HumiliatingIgnoring SARCASM Coercion Threatening DEADLINES When I’m angry no one has really objected to my behavior before. swearing nagging ACCUSING ______ ________
  4. 4. SNOWFLAKE Go with the flow Let SLEEPING DOGS lie Don’t ROCK the BOAT! Don’t make WAVES! Don’t upset the applecart Suck it up BUTTERCUP Have a THICK SKIN Get OVER IT! Don’t be a SNITCH! 2. The Offended’s Behavior I’m too SENSITIVE! When I’m offended I’ve let it go, thinking it’s just not worth it STICKS & STONES.. Implicit Submission______ _______
  5. 5. First: Split a disagreement in to 2 1.We disagree with the content as usual 2.We OBJECT (in real-time) to HOW we disagree (misbehavior)
  6. 6. When one feels offended simply… We use Stop-The-Line Conversations to remove misbehavior
  7. 7. When one feels offended simply… …the offender’s behavior
  8. 8. When one feels offended simply… …the offender’s behavior
  9. 9. When one feels offended simply… …the offender’s behavior
  10. 10. If still unresolved our peers decide...NOT HR! Sack him Sack her Sack him Sack him Sack him
  11. 11. Adding safety can be exhausting… or…to remember…. Too much…. reading…. workshops….
  12. 12. “Want to teach?? Don’t bother… Give them a tool… which leads to new ways of thinking” Buckminster Fuller Or use a tool to stop misbehavior!
  13. 13. What people are saying… “ ” Very interesting point, Desmond. Democratize organizational power as we do political power, so (we) can vote people out Timothy R. Clark Author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety
  14. 14. When we know how to behave… The sky’s the limit! …no more walking on eggshells