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DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 1   7/6/08 2:01:47 PM
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 2   7/6/08 2:01:57 PM
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CoNTeNTs                                                                                                           16
LeTTer From                                                                                           sTAFF
        The Ed...
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 7   7/6/08 2:02:12 PM
th at
            Sh o es
                                o p ! !!
                              P       sto
A modern day Andy Warhol, minus the albino like               Heavily influenced by Warhol, Grier too shares a         the...
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 10   7/6/08 2:03:04 PM
True sneaker heads, will enjoy a little news about the art that they
              proudly sport on their feet. DV8 brings...
x a n i
    L if                                               uh lman
Krazy Bear
                                                           Clothing & Kicks
The Dirty Souf Yankee
        Christina Mallas
        By: Isaac kuhlman
        Sneaker freaks across America might bite ...
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 15   7/6/08 2:03:29 PM
New erAFor A
                                  by: Rahiem shabaZZ

New Generation
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 16        ...
Rap’s biggest superstars, New York
                              cultural icon Spike Lee, and your
The head apparel company taps into the youthful
                              demographics by strategically partnering wit...     19

DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 19                7/6/08 2:03:48 PM
Tentacles, Horns and Scales, oh my!                                 Growing up in a small town where
        Unique was th...
By: Rhetta Peoples Customs By: King of Sneakers Custom

      Ladies First
        Why we Love to Wear our Sneakers in ...
PF Flyers
                            fa                         ces to
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 23   7/6/08 2:03:59 PM
fetti     DV8: So, exactly what got you started in the custom sneaker
                                             PROVE THEY CAN RUN WITH THE...
Why Be Part of a Trend
        When you can Create your Own
        Casey Custom Sneakers takes designs to a whole new lev...
History for Your Feet
                                                                              One of the World’s Old...
                                                                                                Creations of    A love...
DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 29   7/6/08 2:04:25 PM
Sneaking around Town

DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 30   7/6/08 2:04:30 PM

                               ‘08    31

DV8 Sneaker Is...
DV8 - How did you get started?
              FK - I started designing sneakers in December of 2006 but since I was
           “Straight crack for sneaker fiends,” these are the five words Caszzie Gary uses to describe his cus...
SNEaker villa
        Sneaker Villa is based in Philadelphia, Pa. All of their stores are located west of
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition
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DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition is a bold publication that dares to veer from the norm. We represent the diversity that exists within the urban culture focusing on fashion, entertainment, art and lifestyle topics. DV8 serves the youth culture and anyone that appreciates the myriad subcultures that make up our American fabric.

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DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition

  1. 1. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 1 7/6/08 2:01:47 PM
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  5. 5. CoNTeNTs 16 A New erA For A New GeNerATioN 12 / Lexani Lifestyles 11 / News & Trends FeATures 13 / Krazy Bear Clothing & Kicks SeCTioNs 21 / Ladies First - Sneakers in B.E.D. 14 / The Dirty Souf Yankee 27 / Back in the Day - Chuck Taylors 22 / PF Flyers 30 / Sneaking Around Town 26 / Casey Customs 34 / Store Spotlites 37 / Vlado Footwear 44 / Hott Ish 38 / Laced Up 8 / Shoes that Pop ArTiCles 41 / All Souled Out 20 / Bwana Spoons 42 / Factory 413 25 / King of Sneaker Customs 24 / Fetti 28 / Slushie Kicks INTerviews 24 / 28 / uniQue De$igns 32 / Fly Kickz 33 / Young Talent 32 / TWay Customs 39 / Milkshake Kicks 39 / Mizzee Customs 40 / Gearex 43 / Keep Company dV8 SNeAker issue 1 SeveN SoLes DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 5 7/6/08 2:02:07 PM
  6. 6. LeTTer From sTAFF The EdiTor Publisher/EIC Desmick Perkins Contributing Editor James R. Sanders Readers, Staff Writers Ahmad Chaudhary, Shadeed Eleazer, Isaac Kuhlman, Rhetta Peoples, Matthew Stebbins, Melissa Stewart In this my very first issue as Managing Editor for DV8, I think of my very first pair of sneakers. Like everyone else, I had to have a pair of Chuck Taylors. Understand Contributing Writers that they were a basic black with white lining shoe, nothing extravagant. But it Beverly Bryan, Sandra Burciaga, Erin Guernsey, Justin McCleary, Rahiem Shabazz was the simplicity in the sneaker that convinced me that the style of Converse was undeniable. In this issue for our historical piece, a writer chronicled the story Contributors of Chuck Taylors. Everything is included from the story behind the name, to the Kimberly Claxton, Sahara Hill, Sharon A. Lavens, manufacturing, of the classic sneaker. Those self-proclaimed sneaker heads will Torian Perkins, Nikki Wells, Steve White truly enjoy this issue. Marketing/Advertising The Barter System In this issue, we are bringing together some old school flava, with the signature DV8 stamp of approval. We are bringing together, news and trends, along with Public Relations profiles and stories from every inch of the Earth. What we like to hear most, is D. Perkins that other countries love sneakers as much as we do. Our resident sneaker diva Promotions Rhetta Peoples, has written an intriguing story on sneakers and the conversion Staff into dressy-casual for the Ladies First column; and as usual, we will also be including our store section with reviews of all the stores that sneaker heads Design/Layout love. Nick Bommersbach for Eskoblah Graphics This issue you will find that we have more editorial and fashion, or as our publisher likes to call them, sneak-its. We aim to keep you interested throughout page one, up until the end of the issue. For subscription information and all other requests direct all inquiries to DV8 Magazine 1744 Alvarado Terrace I am very happy to be here, and hope to stay for a while. Atlanta, Georgia 30310 or please call (877) 605-1976 James R. Sanders DV8 Magazine Sneaker Edition is published quarterly. Reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photograph or illustration without written permission from the Publisher is strictly prohibited. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork or photographs. Printed in the United States. All rights reserved. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 6 7/6/08 2:02:09 PM
  7. 7. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 7 7/6/08 2:02:12 PM
  8. 8. th at Sh o es o p ! !! P sto ry b y: S andra bur ciaga F rom the Vans checkerboard slips that graced the feet of surfer kid, Spicoli, in the 80’s flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High, to the 90’s tennis ball like Jim Shoe by Airwalk, skate shoes have progressed into walking works of art. With durable functionality fused with iconic imagery, talented artists and designers have made such kicks a sought out collector’s item. 8 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 8 7/6/08 2:02:23 PM
  9. 9. A modern day Andy Warhol, minus the albino like Heavily influenced by Warhol, Grier too shares a the highly anticipated Adrian Lopez pro 50’s. As part features, So Cal native Carson Grier has brought a passion for music and pop culture. of C1RCA’s premiere line, C1RCA Select, the shoes new pop art into the millennium. More widely known “I wanted to revolutionize what he did. I wanted to are set to hit the shelves in the spring of 2009. You can for his insane micrography, a Jewish art developed in modernize it and put my name out on something that expect some detailed designs depicting the lifestyle and the 9th century, he is one of the first American artists to no one else was doing.” says Grier. persona of famed skater Adrian Lopez. To complement successfully experiment with this intricate style. Instead During his time with Los Angeles Pop Art LLC, he these fresh kicks, matching apparel from sweatshirts, of using various lines and strokes, the formation of created a powerful scene from Oliver Stone’s classic hats and more will complete this ensemble. minuscule script brings the picture to life. Integrating film, Scarface. Composed entirely of the original With the possibility of a future collaboration to compose this legendary art form with his love for pop art, Grier 300-word screenplay, it took a poppin 467 hours to an entire custom line, Grier is currently experimenting captures the essence of renowned musicians, famous complete. With his work inducted into the Reagan on four more shoes with C1RCA. From vibrant hand politicians and cinematic figures through the very words Library and the Fender Guitar Museum, he has also painted pop icons, loud metallic prints and detailed that made them who they are today. worked with celebrity clients Alice Cooper, Tommy Lee, micrography, the possibilities are endless with this hot Blessed with an eye for aesthetics, Grier is the epitome Joss Stone, and Halle Berry just to name a few. new duo. Hope for the best, expect the best and sport of raw talent at its best. No formal training, or fancy art Now check this! Grier has taken his innovative pop nothing but the best. school on his resume, just 30 years of solid experience imagery and micrography skills to footwear. Hooked Interested in getting your own custom artwork or kicks? spawned from an artistic lineage. The man was born up with skateboard industry heavy hitters, C1RCA You can holler at Grier andcheck out more of his work with it! footwear, Grier will be designing all the art work on via myspace. “They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy warhol 9 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 9 7/6/08 2:02:28 PM
  10. 10. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 10 7/6/08 2:03:04 PM
  11. 11. True sneaker heads, will enjoy a little news about the art that they proudly sport on their feet. DV8 brings to you the news that matters about the sneakers that matter to you. The sneaker brand, NIKE is sponsoring a video contest for the true sneaker fiends. The “Show us your better” contest is open to almost E anyone. For official rules, those interested should TH TS visit the NIKE website. Adidas has taken a voyage into the past, Winners receive the with their newest summer line, which ultimate SPARQ Training N EE features, Converse-like shoes with the Dream Package. O R classic Adidas array of colors. The line is available, at select Adidas stores, including Major. !! Adidas Fall/Winter line is promising to be T O N! its greatest yet, with their teaming with S O Diesel for the collection which is currently in stores, according to a recent press release by the folks at Adidas. The two new product themes Craftsmanship and Tech rave will S be exclusively available in Adidas Originals stores worldwide. Both categories offer men’s and women’s styles combining footwear, apparel and accessories, according to Adidas official website. New blood will be heading up PUMA this year with a major change in management. Giorgio Belloli (33) has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the London- based fashion firm Hussein Chalayan, a subsidiary of Sportlifestyle company PUMA. He will take up his role on May 19, 2008. In this newly created position, he will be responsible for securing short and long-term growth, profitability and desirability of the fashion brand Hussein Chalayan, according to a PUMA release. PUMA also recently participated in a Boston boat race, in which they released a PUMA-themed boat which was endorsed by actress Salma Hayek. by: James R. Sanders DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 11 7/6/08 2:03:09 PM
  12. 12. x a n i Leestyle L if uh lman : Is aac K Up next is the Cali Canvas which, along with the Blockstars, may have shades of a Chuck Taylor All- by Star and a Nike Blazer but have their own style. Oddly enough the upper of the Cali Canvas reminds me of the Michelan Man’s stomach. Other classic styles go into this same category, but decline to be bold so they can sophisticated and “street” are just a few adjectives to appeal to everyone. That being said, look to the Cali describe these shoes without seeing them. Canvas and Blockstars to give you that extra push that The swagga seems to jump out immediately with its more mainstream shoes can not give. multiple fabrics and classic clean look. It is almost like The 760s and 880s are a runner in the same concept an Air Force 1 that has been pre-customized. Obviously, of the Nike Cortez. Obviously, the Cortez is an icon the Forces have their own culture, and Lexani is not trying (and the first shoe Nike ever made), but at the same If you know anything about Lexani, it is probably that to copy or take away from that image; but at the same time, it is limited in what it can offer for style. they make super shiny chrome rims where you can see time, how can an urban footwear company not start The LMS shoes, on the other hand, look like a freak the reflection of your shoes. Now they have launched with a style that is so widely popular for the tweaking combination of the 760/880 Runners and the Shine. their own footwear and apparel line. Lexani Lifestyle is process to begin? The snake-skin looking panels, the Taking a little bit from here and a little bit there a smooth a new way to see independent enterprises. With so mesh panels, the multiple color combinations and the middle ground seems be made. much support for the Lexani (and side-company Asanti) smooth full-grain leather uppers make this sheik shoe a I could sit here all day and talk shoes, but really the only wheels, it was not hard to start getting into fashion. sure success. In fact, the black and Kelly-green model way to get to know these shoes is to check them out. The swagga, the shine, the Cali Canvas, the LMS- graces the cover of this issue. Available at, these shoes may 001 and LMS-002, along with the Blockstar Hi and It has a lot of the same materials and color combos of give that extra kick in the pants (terrible pun intended) Low and the 760 and 880 Runners; make up all nine the swagga, but with a little “country club” feel to it. to go out and cruise the streets on the straight chrome of the Lexani shoes. Diverse, unique, classic, stylish, Think beefy street look meets the swanky social look. 22s Lexani molded for the trip. 12 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 12 7/6/08 2:03:12 PM
  13. 13. Krazy Bear Clothing & Kicks By: Melissa Stewart What do you expect from a guy with over sixty pair of kicks? A die hard sneaker fiend is what you get and Edgar Herrera is prepping to tear up the bay area with his creative hand designed shoes. Only two years into the sneaker hustle, banging out a few custom kicks a week is already bringing a steady clientele. Named after his toddler son Jayden ‘Bear’ Herrera, Krazy Bear Kicks, is Herera’s way of paying homage to the love of his life and the grind behind his hustle. “Being successful for my kid is why I keep doing this.” Edgar says. “When I was in school, everybody was wearing the same thing. I didn’t want to be like everyone else. That is boring. So when I started painting my shoes, kids were offering me money for my shoes, so I started making them for other people.” Coming from an artistic background, Edgar’s dad and brothers all have an eye for artistic expression. Drawing was something that was an inherent trait. “My older brother actually went to school to study art and I even took art classes when I was younger.” recalls Edgar. So what do you get with Krazy Bear Kicks? Wild bright colors that stand out and make a statement. For more information about Krazy Bear Kicks, visit:, or email Herrera at: 13 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 13 7/6/08 2:03:17 PM
  14. 14. The Dirty Souf Yankee Christina Mallas By: Isaac kuhlman Sneaker freaks across America might bite their tongues after saying it, but they should all say a little “thanks” in their head to the VH1 music channel. That’s right, VH1. Without their Hip-Hop Honors week, there might not be a designer like Christina Mallas. In October of 2006, there happened to be a custom shoe design contest that she decided to enter. “They said all materials were being provided, including sneakers, so I was like ‘Why not?” said Mallas. She won in the category of “Best Color.” This boost of confidence spring- boarded her decision to go on and start her own career as a designer, photographer, and promoter. She decided to start designing from then on. Since then, she has put her DSY (Dirty Souf Yankee) stamp on just about everything that can be painted. She puts a female’s touch on her designs as well. Not afraid to give anything a try, Mallas is customizing everything from sneakers to shirts to hats to high heels—yes ladies, heels. With so many custom shoe designers out there, it is hard to stick out, and Mallas is looking to make a big splash with both genders. Mallas makes everything unique by using the pop-est of color combinations, and the graffiti-like artwork is street essential. Or to quote her personal adage, “You can’t get fresh until you get dirty.” Mallas works with many underground artists/rappers/singers (especially out of New York) including Darq, Saigon, Young Hot Rod, Shauna Danielle, and Steph Jones to name a few. She attends many local hip-hop and fashion shows, and makes appearances at other events that incorporate fashion, music and culture. Of course, all of this does not keep Mallas busy enough as she also does her own photography and models her own designs. She is always busy promoting her line as well. In fact, DSY is a one-woman production. Pictures available on her website, prove that Mallas is a very talented artist. Fixing up shoes like Reebok Classics, Air Force 1’s, Chuck Taylor’s, or what is known to some in the business as the “standards” is just the beginning of the road. As one travels further through the site, snapshots of trucker hats, which are graphically enhanced to the point they may actually blow the mind that is beneath the cap, begin to surface. Jewelry, bras, boots, hoodies, pants, and even the s h o e b ox e s g e t c u s t o m i z e d . Wh a t m o r e c a n a p e r s o n ask of a designer? Mallas can literally be found “in da club” rocking her fashions. To get an itinerary of any public appearances she might make just check her website. Mallas has been involved with other companies such as Amount Entertainment, S. Vision Entertainment, and What’s Poppin through her photography and promotional abilities. She is quickly solidifying herself in the urban culture scene of various genres, and it all started with a quirky little contest on a corporate television network. Who would have guessed? 14 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 14 7/6/08 2:03:24 PM
  15. 15. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 15 7/6/08 2:03:29 PM
  16. 16. A New erAFor A by: Rahiem shabaZZ New Generation DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 16 7/6/08 2:03:36 PM
  17. 17. Rap’s biggest superstars, New York cultural icon Spike Lee, and your favorite comic book super heroes l have join forces in the New Era evolution. Hip-hop icons such as Ludacris, Fabolous and Greek hip- hop star Nivo, were all chosen as candidates to customize their own headwear to be retailed by their adorning fans. Recognized by its signature logo on the left hand side of its uniquely designed hats, it is the leading headwear manufacturer in the industry. Not only is New Era the official on-field cap of Major League, where fitted hat enthusiast can purchase the one-color selection of their favorite team, they can also fit themselves in a matching shirt DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 17 7/6/08 2:03:39 PM
  18. 18. The head apparel company taps into the youthful demographics by strategically partnering with DC Shoes. The New Era 20/94 series matches the different colorways of each DC Shoe. Mostly known for its skate, snow and surf gear, DC Shoes’ recognition as a collaborative product of New Era continues to drive consumers to its flagship stores. While New Era understands the market and is utilizing the virtual world to stay connected, New Era campaign, the customized designs of their limited edition items continues its dominance in music videos as well as the runways of Paris with its street-smart solution to urban style. Although New Era is known for its urban fashion flair it also makes upscale headwear such as the classics Gatsby and the more fashionable Fedora for the sophisticated looking men. The elegant collection is prominently displayed at its newest flagship store in downtown Atlanta with its most popular fitted New Era 59Fifty. The Atlanta store is stocked with an array of Atlanta inspired hats, which line the walls as the décor for the store, which is neatly fitted in the center of downtown. 18 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 18 7/6/08 2:03:43 PM
  19. 19. 19 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 19 7/6/08 2:03:48 PM
  20. 20. Tentacles, Horns and Scales, oh my! Growing up in a small town where Unique was the title of his latest show no one really knew much about in the innovatively hip land of Tokyo, skateboarding, Bwana grew up Japan. Urban folk artist Bwana Spoons, skating. In total dismay of the pressure won’t be showing any “ass plastic” up and dependencies of team sports, in this joint. But the fortunate will be he enjoyed the independence and able to view some of his latest works fun that derived from skating. It is of art coming at you in shape shifting no surprise that he has worked with forms of toys, paintings and of course so many skate related companies. some colorfully delicious Dekline Cheerfully modest, Bwana claims he sneaks. was not too great of an artist when he Working with Dekline now for a first started out professionally. consecutive four seasons, Bwana “I sucked for a long time. Back has designed some fantasy like then when I would’ve been going kicks. Whether rainbowlicious, shiny to school, I was doing boards for metallics or mossy like an enchanted Dogtown and I got to say man, that forest, each shoe is out this world was Dogtown’s darkest years,” Bwana unique. said with a laugh. “There was a lot of “There are piles of footwear companies bad graphics. And a lot of those bad that hire artists to slap a print on a graphics, they were my graphics.” shoe, but working with Dekline is like Hard to believe, with a resume as family now,” said Bwana. “They work shiny as the reflective, glow in the with me to get the most out of what dark embroidery on his “Bwana Night we do together.” Time” models, part of Dekline’s limited His work has graced the panels of “Top Shelf” series. Living in the Now such Dekline models as the Captain, Aside from working with Dekline Aristo, Sixer, and more. You can find and creating some insane toys with tiny little creatures embossed on some Japanese toy makers, Gargamel. of Bwana’s creations. A known few to Bwana has more projects in the be lurking on these kicks are “Steven makes; he has a skateboard deck with Bwana Spoons that bat” and “Killer the whalegator.” series coming out in the fall with the Raised in the woods, his family is just infamous Foundation skateboards. as creative as he is. His mom is a Synonymous to all his work, the series crafter, while pops held it down as an is highly anticipated and sure to grab electrician with keen woodwork skills. Since Bwana didn’t get an art school by: Sandy Burciaga your attention. Not to mention, all the little creatures that dwell with in the education, you can say his detailed textiles of some of his shoes with renderings of all his favorite Star Wars Dekline, you will soon be able to own. figures he did as a child definitely paid “A toy company called StrangeCo is off. trying the whole series of characters,” “No, I didn’t go to school,” said Bwana. said Bwana. “It’s taking a while. “I went to City College to take general We’ve been working on it for a year, studies for a little less than a year. I but before it hits the shelves it will be was on my way to the Bart banks in another year. It takes a while to do toys San Francisco. I was like, ‘I think I’m on a larger scale.” Soon enough, fans just going to skate the Bart banks.’ from all over will have the chance to That was the last time I never went adorn their living quarters with these back to school.” quirky little species. College education or not, Bwana Can’t wait for all these goodies? has proven himself a unique and You can check much of Bwana’s talented artist, bringing everything he work at the super cool Grass Hut. renders to life. From zines, comics, Based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, paintings, silk-screened prints, toys, it’s a gallery boutique of some fine and footwear, he’s worked with some handmade goods. If you’re lucky, you notable companies. His illustration just might meet him. work clientele includes but certainly is not limited to Nike 6.0, Nickelodeon, Monsieur T, Dogtown skateboards, Vans, Converse, and of course Dekline. 20 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 20 7/6/08 2:03:50 PM
  21. 21. By: Rhetta Peoples Customs By: King of Sneakers Custom Ladies First Why we Love to Wear our Sneakers in B.E.D. When I was about 10-years old, my mother and my oldest sister, Rhea, brought me Fashion designer and model, Kimora Lee Simmons has allowed women to simply a comic strip about a little girl who wouldn’t take off her sneakers to wear any other ooze sex in all of her hot Baby Phat fashions. She has also designed some of the type of shoe. I remember my mom handing me the comic strip saying, “Here, Rhetta, sexiest sneakers on the market today and coupled with the hottest clothing, her this is you all the way!” I posted that comic strip on the fridge to remind everyone that designs redefine what women look like in non-traditional footwear and clothing in to love me, was to accept me and my sneakers. general. There’s no tiptoeing around the fact that Kimora’s designs are meant to Ever since I can remember, my favorite footwear has been a pair of sneakers. Now catch the eye of the opposite sex as well as boost the appearance of the hot mama that I’m…um, GROWN, my favorite footwear remains the same. Not just because that’s sporting her styles. they are generally comfortable, but because they can be extremely sexy. Fox (riders) has dedicated a line of clothing and sneakers to women. What’s hot There was once a time when we could only wear sneakers to certain places. Now I about these sneakers is that they seem to represent a strong feminine quality that wear sneakers to bed and guys love it! I can’t begin to tell you how many compliments is undeniably sexy to guys. It’s like “that hot girl sitting on the back of her guy’s I get wearing them there. “That’s right, I said it. My work in bed, calls for a good pair motorcycle” look. of sneakers. So, I guess you can call me a sneaker freak.” Many designers are making it more acceptable to wear your sneakers in B.E.D. But Oh, did I mention that my bed is an acronym for my Basic Everyday Duties? in comparison, let’s get one thing straight. I don’t think that we can compare how we I’ve done the corporate dress code thing and wore shoes that killed my feet, ones feel in a sexy pair of sneakers to how we feel when we put on our favorite pair of high that shifted discs in my back and how can I ever forget those that made me taller than heels. Maybe that is a great example of the varying degrees of sexiness. However, any other man on God’s green earth? But now I wear sneakers to B.E.D. And today, there’s more variety today for women when it comes to sexy shoe choices than just more and more women are doing the same. the standard high heel. What’s funny is that men seem to admire the same varying Naturally, sneakers are not widely accepted in corporate America, whether we find degrees of sexiness that we do. them sexy or not. So I admit that I sell out from time to time and even I have to bow Spencer Tukes, a marketing expert in the Atlanta area said, “Sneakers on a woman down to the almighty corporate dress code every now and then, but I do it only when are definitely sexy. I like to see a woman in clean sneakers. There is nothing more of it’s completely necessary. a turnoff than seeing a woman in dirty shoes. Because if your sneakers are dirty, my My best girlfriend, Tiffany, is a white collar, corporate America, computer-programming thinking is, more than likely other things on you are dirty as well. A woman’s sneakers specialist. She will only purchase a pair of sneakers simply for comfort, style and are just as important as any other piece of clothing. They play a role in your sex whether or not they are easy to clean. Tiffany’s favorite childhood sneakers were a appeal just like anything else.” good old pair of Chuck Taylor’s. When I asked Tiffany about her feelings on wearing After that conversation, I ran out to the store to buy a box of Tide and some Shout. sneakers in corporate America Tiffany said, “Women get tired of wearing heels every Sneakers are no longer only for that wonderful female track star or the hoopster from day to fit the model of corporate America. Allowing women to wear sneakers to work around the way. Their transformation over time has become sexy and that has made on a casual day is a blessing to their feet.” Tiffany adds, “My work ethic is not going to sneakers a “must have” for us women. Wearing them to B.E.D. is liberating and as change if I’m wearing sneakers. You never know, my work ethic just might improve!” some men would put it, even “stimulating”. I bet that’s the mindset of many women in corporate America today. As for me, being in B.E.D. with my sexiest sneakers is hot. And, as opposed to Karen Fray, a die-hard sneaker lover, believes sneakers are sexy and appealing to the my corporate attire, my husband seems to appreciate my exciting liberation from opposite sex because it gives women an athletic look. Karen adds, “I love my classic the white collar. In short, mediocre, simple, functional sneakers are out…Sexy; hot, Pumas with the white and pink laces. They could be worn with or without socks.” trendy sneakers are in! Karen adds, “However, my favorite brand is Nike. I have a pair that is 5 years old and I am looking all over for another pair just like it.” 21 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 21 7/6/08 2:03:53 PM
  22. 22. PF Flyers Resur fa ces to haba zz Claim it’s Po S ah iem By: R The indelible branding of PF Flyers began over 70 years ago and has reached a new height sition with the signature Bob Cousy sneaker. The legendary Ex-Boston Celtic player fondly called “the Cooz” by fans and sports enthusiasts became basketball’s first point guard. Throughout, the 50’s and 60’s, the company was in its most popular state of being. However, between the 70’s-90’s, things changed due to a buyout by Converse in 1972. In 2001, it seemed to be an optimistic year when New Balance purchased the brand however it remained dormant for another two years The acronym for PF is Posture Foundation, which is before it reemerged with the popular canvas-duck sneaker. a technology used in the making of the sneaker. According to its manufacturer, the wedge-like insert helps move the weight to the outside of the sneaker, providing comfort while reducing leg strains; this being the reason it became popular in the sports arena. Currently, a sneaker is being designed for legendary rocker Johnny Marr (Modest Mouse and The Smiths) which is expected to bring newfound popularity to today’s generation to new heights. Seven decades later, P and F still holds fast to its originality and namesake. Utilizing innovation coupled with their customized approach to fashion and style, the highly respected apparel company was able to stay on the cutting edge by offering a variety of selections such as: PF Flyers Glide, “The Boom Box”, PF-Flyers Center Hi Sandlot, PF Flyers Center Hi Re-issue, PF Flyers Derby and PF Flyers Number 5 sneakers. The company, once known as a fashionable active footwear manufacture, has extended its reach into the apparel industry, specializing in men and women fashion. The sun-weathered color of their women’s line is turning heads on runways throughout the United States and Overseas. 22 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 22 7/6/08 2:03:57 PM
  23. 23. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 23 7/6/08 2:03:59 PM
  24. 24. fetti DV8: So, exactly what got you started in the custom sneaker business? Fetti: Well, I started when I was very young drawing on sneakers and jeans. As a teenager I decided to stop doing silly things with my God given talent and put it to use. DV8: Where did your inspiration for your designs originate? Fetti: My inspirations drew from various areas such as hip-hop, graffiti, and my brother who is also an artist. I’d also have to say Crayola because I loved the box of 64 crayons because of the different colors DV8: How did you get involved in custom sneaker designs? besides the primaries! KOJO: I have been in the fashion game since 97. I started with a DV8: How would you describe your style and technique to someone T-shirt line called “Shadytimes” in Florida. I was also a buyer and who might not be familiar with custom designed sneakers? manager for Atlanta’s “Mack Cab” clothing company, and I was also Fetti: My style is unorthodox; I can do basic but with crazy color a sales rep. for “School of Hard Knocks” and “Palis”. patterns that people never thought of. I also add beautiful fabrics DV8: So, what inspired you to get involved in fashion and custom to compliment the original colors of the sneakers, and I can do sneaker designing? characters and letters to my client’s preference. KOJO: Life and change is what inspires me to push the envelope and DV8: What would you say makes your creations unique in comparison be wild with customizing. I know that in this game you have constantly to other custom sneaker designers? allow yourself and your creativity to evolve, you got to be 3000! Fetti: My designs are unique because I tend to do extra ordinary DV8: How would you describe your style and technique? designs. A perfect example would be last year when I did a design KOJO: I would have to say that my style is Classic, Clean and my where the checks on the AF1’s had mirrors! Another favorite were technique is 100% laser, which allows for some pretty flawless the Bacardi Adicolors I did during the launch of the series. Those creations. I believe cleanliness and detail are key ingredients in sneakers had real Bacardi in the stripes! When I step out in my customizing. It’s not just about your image but the application along designs some people admire from afar, while the majority ask where I with substance. got them. Once I give them my card and let them know that I actually DV8: What kind of response have you received since launching your designed them, you can see the shock written all over their faces! I line? don’t know if it’s because I’m a female or the design is too crazy for KOJO: Overwhelming, due to such high demand THESNKRBOX. them to comprehend, or both! NET is relaunching, this site will allow people to sit in the driver’s You can find this designers work at: or seat of this laser technology. They’ll be able to create their very own custom kicks by uploading designs. We’ll put the designs on the sneakers using laser technology. This is revolutionary for a designer by: Justin McCleary to allow customers to create their own designs. DV8: What can we expect to see from you in the future? KOJO: Along with THESNKRBOX - ETCHADECK.COM, PRIMEBRIM.COM, and WOODALLIONS.COM will be launching that allow for custom lasering on skate decks, caps, and wooden medalions respectively. Also, as we speak wrapping up work for Jack Daniels, Nike, and Moet & Chandon, among others for some pretty exclusive product. Shout out to the crew, Hesk Co., Phase 9 Media, Sophia Baphomet, and many others. Come to table, it’s time to eat! You can find items from this designer at: THESNKRBOX.NET by: Justin McCleary 24 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 24 7/6/08 2:04:02 PM
  25. 25. THE GIRLS BEHIND KING OF SNEAKERS CUSTOM FOOTWEAR PROVE THEY CAN RUN WITH THE BIG BOYS KING OF BY: ERIN GUERNSEY SNEAKERS The girls who created King of Sneakers Custom Footwear are determined to change the stereotype that men are the dominating force behind the custom CUSTOM sneaker industry. Adriana Gutierrez and Sarai Morales began taking an interest in sneakers back in the 1980s and in 2002 they decided to form King of Sneakers Custom Footwear. The girls handle every aspect of the business from painting the sneakers to marketing and public relations. According to Gutierrez, King of Sneakers Custom Footwear designs “urban art fashion for the hip-hop nation.” All of the custom sneakers the girls produce are hand painted with detailed designs over the front of the shoe. They are able to use any color requested even though Gutierrez admits red and yellow tend to be the most difficult to work with. In the past they have customized sneakers with everything from portraits to corporate products. Their most popular designs include “UGK PIMP-C Forever Sneakers” and “The Kanye West Sneaker.” “We are not limited by opinions of what is in season or a trend,” said Gutierrez when asked what she liked most about designing. “Instead of being in a gallery it is walking art that can be enjoyed by the masses.” In the future the girls will begin making collectors series sneakers including a “Rip Collection” that will feature sneaker designs of such artists as Tupac, Eazy E and Big Pun. They will also move into customizing clothing as well as women’s shoes, which will include heels and boots. Celebrities such as Wyclef Jean, Bun B, Bishop Lamont and Too Short as well as many underground artists have all purchased sneakers from King of Sneakers Custom Footwear. To purchase your own pair of customized sneakers from the girls that are rocking the industry visit their website at www. or 25 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 25 7/6/08 2:04:05 PM
  26. 26. Why Be Part of a Trend When you can Create your Own Casey Custom Sneakers takes designs to a whole new level by: James R. Sanders Pat Casey of Casey Custom Sneakers was never one to run with the pack. His appearances, attend sneaker or fashion events and he does not pay to advertise interest in designing custom sneakers came from the fact that he couldn’t find a pair his sneakers. Casey has designed sneakers for music artists, athletes, models, he liked in any store. Casey felt all of today’s major sneaker designers were running producers and DJs. Some of his well-known clientele include Kimbo Slice, Pitbull, on the same track and producing similar products. Everlast and Dannyboy of La Coka Nostra, Torch, DJ Freddy Fred and Bill Brown as “I started selling hard to find or rare looking sneakers that were not sold in stores,” well as The Game and his Blackwall Street Family. said Casey. “The thing that grabbed my attention was the reaction people had when The starting price for a pair of custom sneakers by Casey is $100. The price goes they had a rare product in front of them.” up depending on the style and detail involved in the design. “I try to make the price Casey Custom Sneakers, which is based in Philadelphia, Pa., started almost a as affordable as possible,” said Casey. “I hear a lot of people say quality depends year ago and caught fire simply by word of mouth. At first Casey kept quiet about on the price a person pays. Well, I don’t believe in that! I think quality is judged on a his sneaker designs just to see peoples’ reactions, but he finally owned up to his reputation and the individual behind the product that is being made.” creations once he noticed all the attention the shoes were getting. As for future projects Casey claims to always be doing something new. Every week “Not only am I customizing for people in the United States, but I am customizing he adds photos of four new sneakers that he has created for clients to his Myspace sneakers for people in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany and Canada,” page. This spring he will launch the Casey Custom Sneakers online store at www. said Casey. “It’s just amazing to me how people can spread a word so fast.” Casey does not like to sit and chat about his future Casey draws much of his inspiration from his life and surroundings. His designs have projects … he would rather be out working on them. a dark, raw and hard look. He is not into bright colors and glossy shine. His style is “Trust me … Casey Custom Sneakers is going to offer a lot more than just custom extremely unique and customers are guaranteed to receive a one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers,” said Casey. “Clothing would be something I would definitely be interested sneakers as Casey refuses to make the same sneaker twice. In the past Casey’s work in putting a twist to, but I am waiting for someone to come with an offer in a direction has ranged from simple bandana layouts on accent panels to elaborate airbrushed I could see.” designs of a client’s favorite sports team or music artist on the entire shoe. To purchase customized sneakers from Casey visit “My style is like no other,” said Casey. “I can do anything to a sneaker. I am so far pccustomsneakers, or call 610-883-3773. Casey’s sneakers can above and beyond just painting and airbrushing that people have put me in my own also be found at 264 Customs located at 7303 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA category.” 90046. Even with business booming Casey claims to be a low-key person and wants to keep his sneaker customization business the same. He does not make personal 26 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 26 7/6/08 2:04:09 PM
  27. 27. History for Your Feet One of the World’s Oldest Sneakers Still Looks Fresh While the appeal of most sought after sneakers is the armed forces. After the war, the ankle patch took on Converse factory in Lumberton, North Carolina closed innovative style, rarity or high performance features, the its current look. its assembly line that year. Nike, however, snapped up Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s cache derives from its In the early 1960s the low-cut “oxford” chucks were the brand in 2003 making it a subsidiary. So, it was not unchanging nature. introduced and in 1966 seven more colors are to be the end of the All Star but it was the end of the The Chuck Taylor has achieved the status of elder introduced. It’s funny to think this caused a stir at the Made in America patch the heel once bore. statesman among athletic shoes in part because of its time when today chucks are available in a mind-altering In the capable hands of Nike’s marketing staff the shoe place in history. The century-old sneaker could have array of colors, materials and patterns. One wonders has reached a mature stage of self-knowledge, reflection become a relic and, while there is a pair of Converse what early ball players would think of chucks with double and even giving back — in the case of Converse’s on display at the Smithsonian, the shoe weathered the tongues, double uppers or the knee-high model. The participation in the Product (Red) campaign. To decades and never left the streets. ever-multiplying designs of the Chuck Taylor certainly celebrate the brand’s 100-year anniversary, Converse Up until the 1970s the canvas and vulcanized rubber helped keep it alive long after Puma, Adidas, Nike and has commissioned 100 sneaker collaborations with Chuck Taylor was king on the American basketball Reebok took over on the basketball court. musicians, graphic and graffiti artists worldwide, court. Consequently, they were the shoes kids dreamed In Where’d You Get Those, his retrospective of New contributing a portion of sales to the HIV/AIDS fight about at night. Pricier than other brands, chucks were York City sneaker culture, Bobbito Garcia wrote, “There in Africa. the Air Force Ones of their day. was a ball player I had gym class with in ’80-’81 at Much is being made of Converse reaching the hundred- “If you were caught in any other brand, you were a Brooklyn Tech. He was the only crusader still wearing year mark. Converse’s new campaign features a series total twerp,” sports writer Frank Deford recalled in his canvas on his feet, but I had to give it up to him. His red of shoes reflecting on the history the All Star has column. Chucks were always fresh out the box, laces always witnessed — literally from the street level. A lot of this was thanks to their namesake semi-pro b-boy neat, and he always wore red t-shirts to dip them In 2003, Converse signed 83-year-old John Isaacs, ball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor, who made some out. That’s when I knew Chucks had staying power, the only living member of the New York Rens in a suggestions to improve the design of the All Star. The even at a point in functionally they paled in comparison celebration of this history. The Harlem Renaissance first converse all stars, produced in 1917, were brown to the cushioning that leather sneakers were providing. AKA The Rens, founded in 1923, was one of the early with black trim had no ventilation eyelets. Taylor got They just looked to def to be forgotten.” barnstorming black fives. In the early days of basketball his first pair in 1918. In 1921 he joined Converse to By the late ’70s everyone from b-boys and punk rockers teams were called fives and, like all sports, it was become what may have been America’s first player in New York, to skaters on the west coast were adopting racially segregated. Touring the country through 1949 endorser. Taylor started teaching basketball clinics and and adapting the former king of the basketball court to the Rens changed the way the game was played and publishing the Converse Basketball Yearbook making their own purposes. At the same time companies such won the first World’s Championship in 1939, and they a name for himself and the shoe. Taylor’s name was as Nike were coming up from behind and changing the did it in Converses. added to the ankle patch in the 1930s making them way shoes were made and sold. The Converse Black Fives series commemorates among the first shoes to bear a player’s name. Other Converse sneakers such as the One Star, Dr. Js three eras of basketball with three shoes in distressed Taylor hit the road for 35 years hosting basketball clinics and the Weapon enjoyed some popularity but ultimately leather and vintage details. According to Converse all over the world and always traveled with a trunk full of both the business and the technology had gotten away spokesperson Jason Thome, the Black Fives Rens 1933 his shoes. The All Star was soon considered the only from Converse. In 1996, Converse came out with All Star is modeled stitch-by-stitch after an original pair thing for a serious athlete to wear. the Converse All Star 2000, a leather performance the company found on eBay. It’s like owning a piece of Little has changed about chucks since then. Ventilation basketball shoe bearing the classic Chuck Taylor sports history — without that tell-tale “historic” aroma. eyelets appeared on the outer sole in 1946 and insignia but it also looked more like an identity crisis eventually moved up onto the canvas. During World than an update. by: Beverly Bryan War II, modified chucks were worn for basic training in The former leader declared bankruptcy in 2001 and the 27 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 27 7/6/08 2:04:12 PM
  28. 28. The Creations of A love of art and passion for sneakers came at an early age for the man who simply goes by the name of “uniQue.” one Young This name embodies who he is as a person which is why uniQue decided to name his company uniQue de$igns In September 2005, four men walked into a boutique in Atlanta and found themselves perusing the custom sneaker selection. As the lack of appeal became evident, they decided that they could create something better than Designer when it opened in 2006. It all started back in high school when Add a what was currently being sold. After speaking with the owner, he gave uniQue decided he wanted to be them an opportunity to create their own. Coincidentally, rapper Big Boi was different from everyone else. If other playing a show a few days later and happened to pick up the pair fresh off kids were wearing a certain shoe or the wall. Soon after, the owner ran to the back room, grabbed 7 pairs of Air clothing item, he was not interested. uniQue Force 1’s, let them do their thing; the rest is history. Also during this time uniQue watched a graffiti documentary that included Today, Slushie’s considers itself a type of “wearable art” that is created a segment on designing shoes. This through painstakingly detailed use of acrylic paint with each pair taking documentary is what ignited his interest about 4-7 hours. Using precise details and an incredible use of dots and color ways reminiscent of A Bathing Ape’s Nigo, these young men are creating a brand and style that is unparalleled in the scene. Twist to the in becoming a shoe designer. The first pair he created and decided to test out at school was customized with Marvin World of the Martian. After such a huge reaction, The abilities of the consumer to work directly with the artist’s to help create uniQue started customizing shoes for a conglomeration of minds and an amalgamation of ideas helps Slushie’s his classmates. Sneaker define their unique style. Not only is Slushie’s creating art for your feet but they have also brought their works to the canvas. “I’m still growing each day and can’t believe I made it this far in the sneaker Customization Currently working on some large scale (4’x6’!) pieces, Slushie’s is attacking game,” said uniQue. “I learned so much the art world from all directions. With the talent and drive of these young from customizing. It’s more of a passion men combined with their current clientele such as Lebron James and Big than anything else.” Boi, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more from them in the near future. To purchase and customize your own pair of Slushie’s, To design his sneakers uniQue pulls visit inspiration from his family, the hip-hop culture, DJs, break dancers and his by: Matthew Stebbins two favorite artists, Picasso and Andy Warhol. UniQue describes his style as original. He will create anything that he finds interesting and will always put a twist or theme into the shoe design. In the past uniQue’s sneaker designs have included cartoons (Sponge Bob and Pink Panther), comic book characters (Spider-man), sports teams (New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers) and special edition sneakers featuring portraits of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. In the future expect to see more celebrity portraits, splatter paint and possibly some Japanese influenced artwork in uniQue’s creations. To purchase a pair of sneakers from uniQue de$igns visit or www. by: Erin Guernsey 28 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 28 7/6/08 2:04:22 PM
  29. 29. DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 29 7/6/08 2:04:25 PM
  30. 30. Sneaking around Town DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 30 7/6/08 2:04:30 PM
  31. 31. aTL Summer ‘08 31 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 31 7/6/08 2:04:34 PM
  32. 32. DV8 - How did you get started? FK - I started designing sneakers in December of 2006 but since I was a kid I’ve always had a passion for art whether it was music, painting, or DV8 - How did you get started? just writing down my thoughts. Although I never really drew, I’ve always TWay - It started from being a money-fatigued college freshman that had to been able to use different types of canvas to express my style. Designing choose buying books over sneakers. To counter that, I used a few markers sneakers offers me an outlet to do that; I get a chance to create walking and tried making my own. I guess the rest is as they say – history. pieces of art. DV8 - What were some of your inspirations? DV8 - What were some of your inspirations? TWay - Inspiration comes from anything at anytime; sometimes on my FK - My husband and my family definitely inspire me to push it to the limit commute, in class, during church, or at the ball games. and continue to be creative. Every art, writing and music teacher I’ve ever DV8 - Describe your style/technique? had has definitely inspired me in more ways than one. I guess you can say TWay - All of the shoes are done by hand without stencils or tape so that that I am inspired by art as a whole whether it’s a Vincent van Gogh painting each and every shoe of its kind. They’re more than just sneakers, rather or a crazy piece of graffiti on a wall. original pieces of art. DV8 - Describe your style/technique? DV8 - What makes your designs unique? FK - I like to create styles and designs that haven’t been done before. If it TWay - The fact that it’s all done by hand and the designs have not already has been done, I try to figure out ways I could do it better. It all starts with a been used on another sneaker, gives them that extra uniqueness. simple idea, a cool canvas and I just build from there. DV8 - What has the response been to your line since you’ve started? DV8 - What makes your designs unique? TWay - At first not many people (except for some close friends) saw what FK - I try not to do what’s been done before; from color combinations to I envisioned and its future, so there were some mixed responses. Once I patterns, I try to change it up. I want Flykickz to be that company that can completed sneakers for some of the Pistons players and Worldwide Wes, get women who wear shoes everyday to change up there style and slide those people finally came around. into a custom pair of sneakers by FlyKickz. DV8 - Aside from your own personal work, what other designers do you DV8 - What has the response been to your line since you’ve started? admire? FK - I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from people willing to tell me what TWay - I’m a fan of C2, SoleJunkie, and my man from Big3Customs. they think about my work and how I can make my work better. It’s been DV8 - Can we expect any future projects? cool. TWay - Definitely. Some more projects with other pro athletes, and we are DV8 - Aside from your own personal work, what other designers do you also currently developing a clothing line…much more to come from the admire? T.WayCustoms brand. FK - I admire designers who are creative, continue to do their own thing and DV8 - Where can we find your merchandise? How to order? are motivated by the work that they create. TWay - Visit,, & DV8 - What can we expect to see from you/any future projects? our profile listed under “T.WayCustoms” to purchase the FK - More colors, more patterns and definitely more concepts. clothing & accessory items, check previous sneaker projects, & to keep up DV8 - Where can we find your merchandise? How to order? with the numerous future endeavors. FK - You can check out my work and place orders Online at www. myspace. com/flykickz_designs or email me@ . 32 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 32 7/6/08 2:04:37 PM
  33. 33. YoungTalent “Straight crack for sneaker fiends,” these are the five words Caszzie Gary uses to describe his custom kicks. Gary is a designer originally from the Chicago area and now lives in South Bend, Indiana. He has been working on his designs for about two years, and he picked up the passion because he also wanted to be original. “In high school I always had the newest kicks when they came out. Then everyone started to get the same shoes. So I had to think of a different way to stand out,” Gary says. Gary has been working with a clientele that he has built mostly from the computer age via networks such as Myspace. His customers include Young Hot Rod and JR Writer, a couple of young artists who Gary hopes to propel into further success. Looking into the future, Gary looks to have enough success through his work to eventually take care of his family, and though he knows it is difficult work, he looks forward to all the benefits that his hard work can provide. He does work with other canvases (not just shoes). As of now, his website ( does not contain any photos or links to his other work, but he does work with hats, purses, shirts, wallets, and basically anything he can get his hands on. On the same website you can see his work with some excellent footwear including some Nike Air Max 90’s, Air Jordan 8’s, Nike Air Force 1’s, Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars, and some Adidas’ Superstars as well. The designs range from just a few brush-up highlights to accentuate the already-great footwear to the full-on graphic to make the shoes one-of-a-kind and original. Of all the shoes he has worn or designed, Gary’s favorite shoes are the Air Jordan VIII’s and the Air Jordan XII’s. These are obvious classics in the sneaker world, and a huge part of a lot of young people’s lives over the last 15 years. Look for this young designer to really step up to the next level. With luck, his shoes may end up on feet all across America. by: Matthew Stebbins 33 DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 33 7/6/08 2:04:42 PM
  34. 34. SNEaker villa Sneaker Villa is based in Philadelphia, Pa. All of their stores are located west of Pennsylvania state capitol, Harrisburg, with the exception of the Wilmington Del., site All CiTy kiCks which provides easy access to customers based in Maryland, and the Virginia area. For those of you in Western Michigan, All City Kicks in Grand Rapids, is there to Sneaker Villa is not only a place to satisfy your discriminating urban fashion tastes, make sure your feet stay hot and bakery fresh, even during those freezing Midwestern but also a place for the community gather, featuring store events including open mic winters with brands like Nike, Clae, Creative Recreation, New Balance Tier 1, contests as well as The Take a Chance school tour in an effort to bring the positive Lacoste Stealth, Clark’s Wallabees, Adidas, Alife as well as clothing lines Lemar and aspects of urban culture to the youth. And bring the celebs on they do, as Reverend Dauley, Crooks and Castles, Acapulco Gold, Rocksmith Tokyo, LRG, Triko and King Run of Run DMC fame, and lately, from Run Athletics made an appearance at the Stampede featuring enough colors to make sunglasses necessary when entering Reading, Pa. location on March 18th to promote his latest, the Run Athletics Icon. their location! They also stock coveted New Era hats in hard to find styles. Even Boxing legend Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather also made an appearance at the Broad better news to sneakerheads not in the vicinity of All City, is that they ship out orders St, Philadelphia Location on April 3rd! and even accept Paypal which all of us should be familiar from constant Ebay hunting for that special pair! For those of you willing to make the drive, All City is about three hours from Detroit, Chicago and only an hour from Lansing! SoCial STudy Located in Frederick, Md., Social Study was founded by April Reardon in 2003. Not only specializing in exclusive Nike products, her boutique also carries Creative Recreation, Good Bully, Hellz Bellz, Lemar & Dauley, LRG, Mama, Orchard Street, Penny Candy and Upper Playground to name a few. Of particular note is Penny Candy, which is owned by area local AJ Naylor who is also known as DJ Twoteks. Additionally, Social Study is also socially active by hosting biannual charity benefit fashion shows/parties. Most recently, on March 20th, their show titled BECAUSE raised over $2000 for the women of Congo via the website of Women for Women International. Friends to those downtrodden and friendly to the simple cat looking for an out of the ordinary pair of sneakers, Social Study also has sister stores that include Velvet Lounge, a women’s shop, as well as Pit Crew Skateboards. Since all three are located next to each other you might as well bring your significant other and see what each has to offer if you ever make a trip to Social Study! Frederick, MD is a short venture from the Baltimore/Washington area as well as Philadelphia! SNEaker hub These days, shoe collecting is not limited strictly to urban culture and has hybridized with the likes of skating culture. One of the most popular results of this crossover, the Nike Dunk was originally a basketball shoe that became the basis for the Air Jordan I. That said, if you are looking for a shop that is more than a sneaker shop and need to fill your jonesing for more than just kicks and need trucks, a deck, grip tape or even want that whole board built, Sneaker Hub in South Hackensack, N.J. maybe the store for you. Family owned and operated for over 30 years just next door from the original location, the store also carries your favorite brands like Nike Quickstrike and Tier 45 to DC, Supra, Clae, Puma, Reebok, Fila, hoodies, jeans, tees and sweaters and more for men, women and kids. They even have a side for the “grown man”, featuring dress clothes, shoes and boots according Natalie Velez, the granddaughter of the founder and present proprietor. Not just limited to helping you look and perform you best while out on the town or on the ramp, Sneaker Hub is committed to helping the community by donating to charities and interestingly, with the help of the mayor and town officials, the construction of a skate park! “Currently we are one store. But maybe someday I would like to Open a few more is enough for me. I can’t be greedy. I grew up around my customers and their families...I don’t want to abandon them,” says Velez. 34 DV8 Magazine DV8 Sneaker Issue 1.indd 34 7/6/08 2:04:46 PM