Nawbo Social Networking Practical Applications


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A presentation developed for NAWBO/Birmingham leadership conference.

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Nawbo Social Networking Practical Applications

  1. 1. Building Blocks for Your Success Leadership Development Forum for Women 1
  2. 2. Social Networking: practical applications
  3. 3. What to Expect • creating content • cost effective media technologies • leverage the viral nature of new media
  4. 4. Cate Indiano
  5. 5. Survey Says... • how do you currently market your organization? • what channels do you traditionally turn to?
  6. 6. Channels Print & Broadcast Events & Tradeshows Web Blogging, Forums, Microblogging Social Media & Networks
  7. 7. Let’s start with Content What is it? pre and post web 2.0
  8. 8. • let’s take a “story” • how do you tell your story? • you gather content • words, photos, video, audio, widget, data • what else today should be included in the story? • related sites (links), keywords, tags, contact info 8
  9. 9. Getting Someone’s Attention • Style Guide: What’s inside? Q&A
  10. 10. distribute your story • help them tell the story, make it easy • -- submit your story idea and matches up with a reporter that needs a story • partner organizations, leverage contacts, request external links
  11. 11. a few more thoughts • the social media release or SMR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESS RELEASE TEMPLATE, VERSION 1.0 • CONTACT Client contact Spokesperson Agency contact INFORMATION: Phone #/skype Phone #/skype Phone #/skype Email Email Email IM address IM address IM address Web site Blog/relevant post Web site NEWS RELEASE HEADLINE Subhead • definitive-guide-to-social-media CORE NEWS FACTS ! Bullet-points preferable LINK & RSS FEED TO PURPOSE-BUILT DEL.ICIO.US PAGE The purpose-built page offers hyperlinks (and PR annotation in “notes” fields) to relevant historical, trend, market, product & competitive • sample of an SMR content sources, providing context as-needed, and, on-going updates. MP3 FILE OR GRAPHIC VIDEO PHOTO PODCAST LINK e.g., product e.g., brief e.g., product e.g., sound bytes schematic; product demo picture, exec by various market size by in-house headshot, etc. stakeholders graphs; logos expert MORE MULTIMEDIA AVAILABLE BY REQUEST e.g., “download white paper” PRE-APPROVED QUOTES FROM CORPORATE EXECUTIVES, ANALYSTS, CUSTOMERS AND/OR PARTNERS Recommendation: no more than 2 quotes 5.3" per contact. The PR agency should have additional quotes at-the-ready, “upon request,” for journalists who desire exclusive content. This provides opportunity for Agency to add further value to interested media. LINKS TO RELEVANT COVERAGE TO-DATE (OPTIONAL) This empowers journalist to “take a different angle,” etc. These links would also be cross-posted to the custom site. BOILERPLATE STATEMENTS RSS FEED TO CLIENT’S NEWS RELEASES “ADD TO DEL.ICIO.US” Allows readers to use the release as a standalone portal to this news TECHNORATI TAGS/“DIGG THIS”
  12. 12. your website • where does social networking occur? • on the web • how comfortable are you, creating content for web? • what platforms are available at no cost: blog-style: wordpress, typepad, blogger cms: joomla, drupal, plone, opencms, nukedit, type3, zope social networks: ning
  13. 13. blogging • what is a blog? the beginning of the conversation... • blogs rank higher • they come pre-packaged for tags, keywords, etc. • blogs are constantly changing • easy to use • blogging policy, front & center • shall we take a quick peek at one?
  14. 14. seo for your website, seo for your social networking presence • the difference between findability & stickiness • choose your DOMAIN for optimum findability • consider your title (site & posts) • develop and use keyword list • local and regional seo options • external links count for more, always ask for them from your partners
  15. 15. Social Media expanded the Conversation! how many already have a presence in social media?
  16. 16. Social Networking Categories • Profile-based services (eg Facebook, • Content-focused services (eg Flickr, YouTube) • White-label networks (build your own social network with • Multi-User Virtual Environments (secondlife) • Microblogging/Presence update services (twitter, loopt) • Mobile services (facebook, twitter, youtube)
  17. 17. • by harnessing the viral-ness of the social media, word of mouth strategies offer great potential • become a fan features on facebook • newsletter referrals via email • sign-ups via your website • twitter following • sms & mms forwards • event notifications on social networks • social media badges in email newsletters and white papers
  18. 18. leverage content services • create a youtube channel and encourage the members to post videos • add meta data and link them back to your site • create a flickr account with the same idea • post your presentations on and link them as above • promote your blog to technorati or news to digg • use connectors like “share this”
  19. 19. analyze your results • useful metrics • rss aggregation • traffic: google analytics, viralheat, trucast, omniture (adobe just purchased), haveamint • fans or members • trending topics, mentions, retweets • ranking: google, technorati • url shorteners track links 20
  20. 20. want to learn more? The Marketing Technology Training Certificate Program 104 hours of New Media training delivered onsite or online 7 college credits final project: a marketing proposal complete with ROI fantastic student kit of books and a flip video camera need to upgrade your skill set but can’t afford to? check with your state’s incumbent worker training fund!
  21. 21. cate brosseau indiano marketing technologies consulting and training certified technical trainer, adobe certified instructor the marketing technology training certificate author, InDesign@Work, wbe, member astd 317.955.9300 linkedin: delicious: marketing technology bookmarks skype: desktopmedia twitter: desktopmedia network: 22