Mengangkat materi tentang narkoba dalam pidato bahasa inggris merupakan hal yang menarik


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Mengangkat materi tentang narkoba dalam pidato bahasa inggris merupakan hal yang menarik

  1. 1. mengangkat materi tentang narkoba dalam pidato bahasa inggris merupakan halyang menarik. karena anak-anak & remaja adalah yang paling banyak terjebakkecanduan narkoba sehingga perlu pengetahuan bahaya narkoba. Agar lancar dalampidato nantinya alangkah sempurnanya jika Anda sudah menguasai percakapanbahasa inggris yang bisa Anda pelajari dari website ini. para remajaadalah sasaran empuk bagi para penjual narkoba karena saat remaja adalah masapencarian jati diri & mereka penasaran dengan berbagai hal baru serta suka coba-coba. Agar mereka tidak terjebak dalam pergaulan yang negatif kita bisa mengajakmereka belajar bahasa inggris online.contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang narkoba sebagai berikut :Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman’s. Thank for the chance that has been given tome. My name is Tascia.. I’m representative ….. The honourable. Mar…….. …. ….And all the young generation that present here.Ladies and Gentlemen’s,Thousands of young men have wasted their lives because of illicit drugs in ourcountry, Indonesia. They were mostly victims of a ‘cruel’ environment, a broken-home family, of ignorance, of curiosity or particularly of the illegal drugs mafia. It isestimated that around 4 million people in Indonesia illicit drug users – about one inevery 50 Indonesians. In the capital city of Jakarta, it is estimated that three out of tenyoung people are users. A study by the International Labour Organization (ILO)office in Indonesia showed that around four per cent of illicit drug users in the countryare children under 17 years old. Two out of ten users are involved in illicit trafficking.Some teenagers start being involved in producing and trafficking drugs between theages of 13 and 15. Chairman of the National Narcotics Coordinating Board said thatthe country’s illicit drug users include around 7,000 junior high school students, over10,000 senior high school students and about 800 elementary school students.Ladies and Gentlemen’s
  2. 2. People usually take drugs to have fun or escape the pressures of life. Drug usersamong students are particularly worrying. It was reported that a number of traffickersoperate around schools by cheating, forcing or giving free illicit drugs to students.Once the students are addicted, they then go to the traffickers to buy the illicit drugs.If they do not have money, they steal it from their family members or others.Narkoba’ is the Indonesian term for narcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances.Psychotropic substances popularly called Ecstasy and Shabu-shabu are consideredfavourites among the middle and upper class users. However, for an increasingnumber of young people, the drug of choice is low-grade heroin, known as putaw,which is cheap, plentiful, but potentially deadly. These drugs are readily available inall major urban areas, including schools, Karaoke lounges, bars, cafes, discotheques,nightclubs, and they even spread into remote villages. Therefore it is not surprisingthat drug users continue to increase from year to year.Ladies and GentlemenThe facts above showed us how familiar “Narkoba” issues In our young generation.First we should know what’s the meaning of drugs addiction? Drug addiction is acomplex brain disease. It is characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drugcraving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of extremely negativeconsequences. Drug seeking becomes compulsive, in large part as a result of theeffects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning and, thus, on behaviour. For manypeople, drug addiction becomes chronic, with relapses possible even after longperiods of abstinence. The Definition confirm us how serious the consequences ofusing Drugs.Ladies and Gentlemen’sDrug abuse has also contributed to the increase of HIV/AIDS patients, through theusage of unitarily injections. According to a report based on an illicit drug andinjection safety study of 20 Asian countries conducted by the Centre for HarmReduction in Australia’s Burnet Institute, drug injecting is spreading to all thecountries [of Asia] and its popularity is increasing. Our Country, Indonesia have up to1 million drug injectors, and 19% of them were infected HIV/AIDS. How dangerousthe drugs abuse for us.Ladies and Gentlemen’s especially, the young GenerationThis is an extremely serious issue for us. It’s a threat that could kill an entiregeneration. One generation of this nation will be lost if we do not take action togetherand immediately. In short, we must be ready to go to war against illicit drugs and thewar must start from home.Then, what can we do as the young generation? Prevention is better than cure.AVOID the Drugs, don’t ever think to try just b’coz you curios. Because once you try,you will be trapped and later become addicted, and the addiction will finally turn youinto criminals or take your lives. We have so many examples around us, whathappened to the users. Some become crazy, Some was going to the jail, And Theothers were died. All of them loose their future. I believe we don’t want such thingshappened to ourselves.
  3. 3. The Young Generation,Now its time for us to say ‘NO’ to drugs. It’s time for us to arrange our future. It’stime for us to face the world with our ability. It’s time for us to prove that we can dosomething for our country, With The spirit of ‘Indonesian Awakening Day’.Thank you.