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  1. 1. Pathway to Excellence in Thinking, Speaking, and Writing Enter Wherever You Are! Unlike other programs which provide specific curricula for each individual grade, the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) offers teacher training along with ready-made lessons which can be used over a range of grade levels. This can make choosing a course a challenge, especially when you begin our program with an older student. Although there is no single path to follow using our materials, this chart can give you a place to start and simplify your choices for the years to come. To support your student’s progress on the pathway, check out our materials for grammar (pp. 14–15), practicing spelling (pp. 22–23), memorizing poetry & discussing literature (pp. 24–25), and studying & developing leadership skills (pp. 26–27). 6 5 Level A orChildren 2nd grade or younger: 4 Level B Theme-BasedStart here and follow this stairway. (p. 19) 3 Level A Theme-Based (p. 19) SICC-A or 2 Level A Theme-Based (p. 19) SID-A or Ancient History-Based K 1 TWSS with All Things Fun & Lessons Fascinating (p. 19) (p. 19) or Articles & Stories (p. 14) & then Geography-Based Primary Arts of Lang. Lessons (p. 19) Story Sequence Sources Reading (p. 8) (p. 14) Primary Arts of Lang. Writing (p. 9) SICC-A or All Things Fun & Fascinating (p. 19) SICC-A or Medieval History-Based Lessons (p. 19) 3 4 5 6Older children: Find their gradelevel at the base and follow the TWSID-A or TWSID-B orpath up to the stairway. TWSID-A or TWSID-A or TWSS with TWSS with TWSS with TWSS with All Things Fun & Ancient History-Based All Things Fun & All Things Fun & Fascinating (p. 19) or Lessons (p. 19) or Fascinating (p. 19) Fascinating (p. 19) Ancient History-Based Medieval History-Based Lessons (p. 19) Lessons (p. 19) 6 CALL 800.856.5815
  2. 2. GETTING STARTED LEGEND TWSS: Teaching Writing: Structure & Style (p. 10) SID: Student Writing Intensive DVD course (Levels A, B, C) (p. 11) 12 TWSID: Teaching Writing/Student Intensive Combo (Levels A, B, C) (p. 10) SICC: Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course (Levels A, B, C) (p. 13) 11 Succeeding on the AP Lit. or Lang. Exam (p. 20) 10 and/or Writing Research Economics-Based Lessons Papers (p. 20) or choose from other (p. 18) 9 SICC-C or or choose from the Level C items on pages (pp. 20–21) U.S. History-Based Lessons items below 8 Vol. 2 (p. 19) or High School Essay Life Science-Based Intensive (p. 21) with 7 Windows to the World Lessons (p. 19) The Elegant Essay (p. 25) (p. 21) with Speech Boot Camp SICC-B or (p. 21) SICC-C orLevel B Theme-Based U.S. History-Based 12 (pp. 18–19) Lessons Vol. 2 SICC-C or (p. 19) The Elegant Essay Writing Research Papers (p.21) with (p. 20) or Speech Boot Camp choose any Advanced (p. 21) or Writing (pp. 20–21) Windows to the World (p. 25) SICC-B or The Elegant Essay (p. 21) with Speech Boot Camp (p. 21) SICC-B or High School Essay High School Essay Medieval History-Based Intensive (p. 21) with Intensive (p. 21) with Lessons (p. 19) or Speech Boot Camp Speech Boot Camp U.S. History-Based (p. 21) & then (p. 21) & then Lessons Vol. 1 (p. 19) Windows to the World Windows to the World SICC-B or (p. 25) (p. 25)Ancient History-Based Lessons (p. 19) orMedieval History-Based Lessons (p. 19) 7 8 9 10 11 12 1st Half Year: TWSID-B or 1st Half Year: TWSID-B or TWSID-C with TWSS with TWSID-C with TWSS with Medieval TWSID-C with The Elegant Essay (p. 21)Medieval History-Based TWSID-C with The Elegant Essay (p. 21) History Lessons (p. 19) The Elegant Essay 2nd Half Year: Lessons (p. 19) or The Elegant Essay (p. 21) 2nd Half Year: orU.S. History-Based (p. 21) Advanced Comm. Series U.S. History-Based High School Essay Lessons Vol. 1 (p. 19) (p. 21) Lessons Vol. 1 (p. 19) Intensive (p. 21) as possible 7