On your way to heaven


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What is the perpose of going to church every sunday?
The answer is when you received JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR you start a new life that is your way to heaven so you need in this way have eat spiritual meat that is the Word of GOD and a new family who is your fellow Christian!
So here there are what can helps you!

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On your way to heaven

  1. 1. On your way to heaven . THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST
  2. 2. THE NEW LIFE IN CHRISTThe new covenant he old covenant was about the law that we might do, but we didn’t and we areT responsible of not doing them unless we believe in the gift of GOD; where he gave JESUS CHRIST his son and he paid for all sins and that GOD will sanctifiesus!John3:18;1:12The new covenant is based on the HOLY SPIRIT ,where GOD uses the HOLY SPIRIT togives us the promise of righteousness that comes by faith!So how do we receive THE HOLY SPIRIT?We receive the HOLY SPIRIT by the grace of GOD only by believing in JESUS CHRISTand his gospel! That why we can says the new covenant mean that people are justified freelynot by the work for the good thing we do is from the holy SPIRIT who is in us!So after the HOLY SPIRIT is in us what will we do!When you receive The HOLY SPIRIT you start the activity of borning again is an activitythat is done by GOD but by your approval. And you approve by asking GOD to change yourlife every day it well known as a way to heaven to mean everyday you reach to a level ,arevelation ...something new!It is that enough?For the part of GOD is enough but as a human in this world you have to stay together withyou fellow Christian for you will know the sin truth the word of GOD and nobody know allwe know partially that why you need to be with others to know what GOD has reveled tothem!Why borning again?We need to born again to change the way we was thinking ,to believe in GOD for a mistake isto think know GOD mean to believe in GOD!A question I can ask is do you believe that you dont have to worry about everything! This is abig things in our life because everybody cares about his life so it is a huge things. What GODDO IN YOUR LIFE IS TO TEACH YOU TO TRUST HIM IN YOUR WAY TO THEKINGDOM OF HEAVEN .
  3. 3. A full ChristianA Christian is a warrior in the war of good and evil he must be prepared !But amazingly our war belong to GOD he send us but he goes before us !Armor of GODHelmet of salvation=put always in mind that we are saved by faith in JESUS Christ not bygood thing we have done!The breastplate of righteousness=We have always to live a holy life! None can says that hewas saved by Christ and still the same! A Christian is being transformed by THE HOLYSPIRIT in his daily life!The belt of the truth=we have to attach ourselves to the truth!…..I have to stay here because it is here that we make mistake a lot of time!Temptationas you are going to heaven ,the devil is your enemy he doesn’t want you to be saved you haveto know that he will tempt you but always remember all things do good for those who arecalled by god and you are too!The new family(The church) .The church Jesus built is a group of people that Jesus represent as his body, his bride,…Jesussaid in Matthiew 16:18a (ESV) And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build mychurch, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The church of God has persecutionsbut God protect them!In Mt 16:18, we read where Jesus spoke of His church... a. In which He promises "I will build my church” b. In which not even the "gates of Hades" (i.e., death) shall prevail against it, either by tryingto: 1) Prevent its establishment (death did not prevent Jesus from building His church) 2) Destroy the church (killing Christians does not destroy the church)!
  4. 4. The efficiency of the church!It is not uncommon today to hear people disparage the church: I have heard people say ineffect, "Christ, yes; the church, no «Others, Professing they love Jesus, desiring even tofollow Him, they have little use for "the church"1. Christ is "head over all things to the church" - Ep 1:22 a. That Christ is head over all things is clear enough, butwhat is meant by the phrase "to the church"? b. Perhaps that Christ exercises His authority over all things"in the interest" of the church (Hendriksen); i.e., the ruleof Christ is for the benefit of His church! c. Does this not say something about the Lords estimation ofHis church?2. The church "is His body" - Ep 1:23 a. The body of Christ! b. It is His spiritual body, of which He is the head!3. The church is "the fullness of Him who fills all in all" - Ep 1:23 a. Christ fills all in all; what fills Him? b. The church constitutes His fullness! c. If one is to be in Christ, by implication he or she must bein the church!4. The church is part of Gods "eternal purpose" - Ep 3:10-11 a. The manifold wisdom of God is made known through the church b. In keeping with Gods eternal purpose; i.e., His plan whichHe had from eternity!5. To God be "glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages" - Ep 3:21 a. Certainly God is worthy of all glory
  5. 5. b. In the church and by Jesus Christ, God will be glorifiedforever!6. "Christ is the head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body" - Ep 5:23 a. His authority over the church is again emphasized; also thatit is His body b. But here we note that Christ is the Savior, not of all men,but of His body, the church! c. Again the implication is clear; to be saved, we must be inHis body, the church!7. Christ "loved the church and gave Himself for it" - Ep 5:25 a. Jesus loves His church, even as husband is to love his wife b. His death on the cross had His church in view; He was dyingfor the church!8. Jesus design is to present it as "a glorious church" - Ep 5:26-27 a. He seeks to "sanctify and cleanse it with the washing ofwater by the word" b. He desires for it to not have spot or wrinkle, but to "beholy and without blemish"!9. Jesus nourishes and cherishes the church - Ep 5:29-30 a. Even as you care for your own body b. So Jesus has the same concern for His body, the church! c. All because "we are members of His body"!
  6. 6. Who is in the church! his question is very important who is in the church ,a member ,a supporter,…Here we areT going to see who is in the church.The church that Jesus build is people : Jesus said soon people will be worshipping in spiritand the bible say we are the temple of the Holy Spirit!How do our body become the temple ?The bible says also the body is of the people who are baptized in the Holy Spirit “For throughthe baptism of the one Spirit we were all formed into one body, Jews or Greeks, servants orfree men, and were all made full of the same Spirit.”1corithians12:13And Romans8:9b says “But if any man has not the Spirit of Christ he is not one of his.”The purpose of the Holy Spirit is: I. to build you up in the body of Christ to the glory of God. II. And A. He regenerates (John 3:3-5). B. He indwells (Rom. 8:11). C. He anoints (1 John 2:27). D. He baptizes (Acts 2:17-41). E. He empowers (Micah 3:8). F. He sanctifies (Rom. 15:16). G. He comforts (John 14:16-26). H. He gives joy (Rom. 14:17). I. He gives discernment (1 Cor. 2:10-16). J. He bears fruit (Gal. 5:22-23). K. He gives gifts 1 Cor. 12:3-11). 3. Conclusion Surrender your body to the Lord. Glorify God in your daily life.We have to seek a relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT for he is what we have as a guide intothe kingdom of heaven!
  7. 7. The author.Muhire Desire, I am a young Christian,when I was younger I started to thinkwhy is there a controversial of faithsome say this others that and both theuses the same bible! Then GODshowed me some through the bible andother way and I put them into twobook this and another one which iscalled “The grace of GOD”!I am a born again Christian, filled withthe HOLY SPIRIT!God bless you!