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Sogetsu Ikebana Future

  1. 1. SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURECase study on my future with SOGETSU IKEBANAby Desiree Castelijn SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 1
  2. 2. Introduction This paper is made to accomplish the Curriculum 4 of the Sogetsu Ikeba- Let’s meet: na study. It’s about Ikebana and me. • My introduction to Ikebana • What I have learned from Ikebana until now • The source of my inspiration • What I would like to learn in the future • How I see myself with Ikebana in the future. This paper is written in English. I prefer to think global and to reach out to the world. Therefore I decided in the beginning of 2012 to write my blog, website ( and Facebook page (www.facebook. Cover photo, com/ in English. That’s also the reason that I use the English Lourens Smak Language for this paper. Ikebana arrangement, Desiree Castelijn Although, because of my dyslexia, it’s tough for me to write in gener- al, especialy when I’m writing in a non-native language. I will take this disadvantage and turn it into a motivation to push myself beyond my boundries. In this paper you will find lots of images. Image for me, are like words might be for other people. It makes me express myself in a way that it feels comfortable. I hope you will appreciate my story of Ikebana. With flower love, Keep an eye on Artbubbles Sogetsu Ikebana board on Pinterest to look at the latest scoops. Desiree Castelijn2 SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE
  3. 3. Introduction to IkebanaMy mother learned me sewing my own clothes.I began to be creative and made my own pat-terns for trousers, shirts and skirts.If I remember it well, it was in the 80s that mymother took her first Ikebana lesson. I was a teen-ager and we discussed her creations. Whetherher colors were beautiful, if her container wasthe right shape and if it was big enough. Thatwas my introduction into Ikebana.Nowadays I send my mother a photo from eacharrangement I made in class. She comments onmy work and we discuss the flower combina-tions. Left: M y moth Right: e My mo r making a Ik ther te ebana aching ar rang me to e make a ment sew ing patron . “Thanks mom!” An email form my mother about my ikebana creation SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 3
  4. 4. Learned lessons Els Goos was my first Ikebana teacher. She taught me the basics. Anne-Riet Vugts is my current teacher. She taught me to be a more independent creator. She learned me to be a more independent creator. What have I learned from Ikebana until now? Ikebana taught me to: • Make a composition • See plant materiaals in an other per- spective Ikebana (2004) from branches Doepel en Strijkers, Kringloopgebouw Haka kantoor of my aunt Sybille’s Azalea • Become more creative • Mix unusual colors Mixing unusual colors Morimono (2011) Ikebana (2010) narsissus4 SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE
  5. 5. InspirationMy inspiration comes from everyday life, as wellas from lots of other things:NatureMax is my dog and we walk a lot. I walk with himregularly trough the “Mastbos”, which is a forestaround the corner. The woods are also inspiringme, for example the shape of of the branches,the wild berries and the mosses. Every seasonhas her different color and smell. I just love to bethere and are grateful to live near such a greenparadise. ARTArtMy husband Mike and I collect art and design.We collect mostly Dutch artists, in particularphotography. We are visiting lot’s of museumsand art fairs in different countries and even go Erwin Olaf, the Motherto London next Juli to join an art summer-course. The photos on this page and the next are in our Trendwatchingcollection. We bought the pieces one by one. In 2011 I accomplished a minor TrendwatchingEach photo has his own story. It’s the story from at the Fontys Academy in Tilburg. I’m scanningthe artist, the picture itself and our own story the globe for the most promising consumerwith it, that makes them interesting to us. trends, insights and related hands-on business ideas. It’s inspirational work and I use the scoopsIn the beginning we just were buying photos. also for my Ikebana.“And when does a collection begin?”, we askedourselves. After several years, we can say thatthere is a line in, the works we own. Are we real-ly collecting now? It’s still a not answered-ques-tion. Desiree Dolron, XteriorsOther flower artists Inspiration from natureI love to surf on the Internet. And scoop the hot-test flower designers of the world. They are myinspirators. SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 5
  6. 6. STUDY One of my favourite Dutch artist is the world famous Ruud Van Empel from Breda. He cuts, glues and manipu- lates to create new worlds by using his in photos, a computer as his paintbrush and not limited in any way anymore, the results are astonishing. GREEN Ruud van Empel, Paradise Portraits (left) and Study in Green (right)6 SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE
  7. 7. FLOWER artists Azuma Makoto ‘flowers and meat’Above: Lila B. http://lilabdesign.comRight: Kathy Klein, Nature-Inspired Mandalas SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 7
  8. 8. TRENDWATCHING This images are from Bellocq Tea Atelier in Brooklyn it looks like an old pharmacy. For one of my trend studies I discovered this beautiful shop. Their visuals are similar to the atmosphere from the floral artists on the previous page. Trendwatching gives me inspiration from an unexpected quarter.8 SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE
  9. 9. The inspiration for this ice cream umbrella ike-bana arrangement came from a coffee filterinstallation from Matthew Parker Events witcha saw on the internet. I found it a simple andeffective installation. It made me think about itagain and again. Could I use something like thisin Ikebana? Suddenly I came on the idea to useice cream umbrella’s and colorful flowers andthe idea for the Ikebana arrangment was born. SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 9
  10. 10. I Japan These pictures are about a sushi chef in Tokyo. This film is showing what I like about Japan, or maybe better, this Japanese attitude is what I also like about the flower art Ikebana. In the trailer of this movie, Sushi chef, Jrio says: "Even at my age I havent reach perfection...” and "...Ill continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is!". Click on the bottom left image to watch the trailer to see what I mean. Please click here to watch this trailer. “...I’ll continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is!”10 SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE
  11. 11. Learning in the future challenging containersThere are several aspects that I prefer to givean accent on: • Learning more plants by their name • Having lessons by several teachers • Practising my skills and techniques • Working with unusual flowers and flower shapes. • Using special containers • Experimentation with colors • Continuing learning to work in groups • Experimenting with flowork experiments with flowork and color Formafantasma Flowork from Sogetsu Ikebana Website SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 11
  12. 12. work with unusual flower shapes Learn more Mutato plants by project name SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE
  13. 13. My future and IkebanaHow would I like to convey Ikebana to otherpeople?I would like to investigate the possibility to mixand match my trendstudies and passion for artwith Ikebana. I believe it is very useful to makecreations to let people understand the feeling,texture and colors of trends and art. Flowers area perfect way to express this. So, I would like toresearch to possibility to intertwine these ele-ments, ‘Ikebana’, ‘arts’ and ‘trendwatching’. Itcould end in a production of a trend publica-tion but it can also result in a combination withmy already existing trendwebsite. Lace Fence by Demakersvan I regularly post flower related content on my Artbubbles trendwatching blog. Making good photographs from my Ikebana arrangements is most important and of course Making beautiful ikebana arrangements to take a photograph of. Having focus on trends creates the possibility to find new materials, containers and ways to work with. I will use the following year to figure out this idea and see if it works. Salat kleid, Sarah Illenberger SOGETSU IKEBANA FUTURE 13